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Find out what is the first impression you give thanks to your zodiac sign.

Each person when he meets others tends to leave a first impression which, many times, can make a difference in the type of relationship that can be created. While aware that first impressions can often turn out to be inaccurate, hardly anyone manages to remain impartial and, for better or worse, we tend to register each new person within a series of positive or negative characteristics. Obviously, the same modus operandi is also applied to us who, even if we don’t want to, we will end up giving an impression that is sometimes different from what we would like. Well, here too the stars have their share of responsibility, making some characteristics prevail over others. If after seeing you are curious to find out what is the first opinion that others have of you, read on.

What is the first impression you give?

Aries – The self-confident person
The first impression you give is that of a strongly self-confident person, who knows what he wants from life, always has clear ideas and is not afraid to say what he thinks. Some may even find themselves in awe of so much exuberance while those who love strong people will immediately find themselves captivated by your way of being. A good first impression and fairly faithful to what you try to prove to others.

Taurus – The solid person
Despite your insecurities, the first impression you leave on others is that of a solid person, who goes straight in life in life and who hardly tends to bend or compromise. Your being sociable then does the rest, making you appear as a pleasant person that almost everyone will want to continue dating in the future.

Gemini – The nice one
Who sees you for the first time will immediately feel overwhelmed by your exuberance, finding you nice, cheerful and sociable. A very positive first impression that in the future could create some problems for you, especially when, due to your often moody being, you will find yourself living those days when you prefer solitude to the company of other people. However, a problem that can be easily solved because in the long run even acquaintances learn to discover and accept the strangest parts of your character.

Cancer – The shy person
Your shyness and your way of studying others makes you look like a shy person and not very accustomed to making new friends. This way of being of yours can lead others to feel in awe or to turn their attention elsewhere so as not to disturb you. If you want to make new friends, then, you will have to be careful to control this almost instinctive side of yours, trying to study others without closing yourself in your shell but making an effort to talk to them.

Leo – The detached person
Your being strong and often very focused on yourself risks making you appear detached and not interested in making new friends. Although you are jovial, your ways always seem to want to communicate some kind of detachment, as if you don’t need anyone else but yourself. An aspect that socially speaking you should try to retouch in order to let your sensitive side be grasped too.

Virgo – The critical person
Those who see you for the first time tend to feel your critical gaze on them, feeling the sensation of being under scrutiny. This can make establishing new relationships a bit of a climb unless you can put your shyness aside to indulge in the gab that sets you apart when you feel comfortable. An aspect that would welcome much more consensus.

Libra – The Reliable Person
Your courteous and affable ways make you appear as the perfect friend with whom to interact and confide. For this reason, from the very first meeting you tend to attract people’s attention as well as their affection. A feature that makes making friends very easy. Even if the important part comes later or in keeping them. There, your rigidity towards others could play tricks on you. But, hey, we’re talking about first impressions here, right? And on those you don’t seem to have any kind of problem, quite the contrary!

Scorpio – The mysterious
Needless to say, the first impression you give and which hardly tends to vanish is that of a person full of mysteries to be discovered. This detail makes you fascinating in the eyes of others who will tend very easily to ask you questions or to observe you in an attempt to study you and at least partially understand the reason for your magnetism. Perhaps a strange way to establish a first approach but you are used to things out of the ordinary, aren’t you?

Sagittarius – The social person
To others you appear exactly as you are, a social person and with a great desire to know and be known. The first impression you leave is therefore very positive and in line with your person. For this reason, it is difficult for someone to change their minds by changing their opinion about you.

Capricorn – The serious
Your way of being rather reserved risks making you appear more serious than you are, prompting any new interlocutors to try to understand you or avoid you in order to focus on apparently more open and available people. A real shame, as once unlocked you are a great company for anyone.

Aquarius – The extrovert
Anyone who meets you for the first time tends to feel attracted to your way of being and communicating. At first glance he appears in fact as a self-confident person and always ready to express what he thinks. In addition, your life anecdotes always have a certain success. For this reason, making friends will not be difficult at all.

Pisces – The Empath
Your kindness and the way you deal with others makes you a pleasant person. The first impression you give is therefore very positive especially for your empathy that allows you to immediately get in tune with the most sensitive people. That same empathy, however, in the long run, risks making you appear intrusive. For this reason, you should learn to dose and manage it, in order to understand how far to go.

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