The stars reveal to us which sign collects less praise. Many find it irritating and it often has a bad reputation.

When asked what sign there is a grimace on the face of his interlocutor. Anyone who believes or understands astrology knows that this is the sign with the worst reputation in the entire zodiac. But why are his defects in him more noticeable than his merits so as to make him award this record?

Our astrological affiliation confers on us distinctive character traits , qualities and related defects. Each sign has a dominant trait, that trait that is thought of as soon as the sign of belonging is pronounced. In this regard , here’s what makes you unique based on your zodiac sign. The hallmark of today’s sign? For many it is a manipulative and unfaithful sign . A particularly bad reputation.

Scorpio is the most irritating sign of the zodiac

We cannot be sympathetic to everyone. Each of us likes someone and someone else doesn’t. What is certain is that in astrology certain signs attract more sympathy than others and among these there is certainly not Scorpio. This sign owes its bad reputation to one of its peculiar characteristics: its being introverted. Being a sign that comes out shortly, often the ncute suspects and is judged false. 

Scorpio is a water sign and as such has a hard time keeping its tongue at bay. He always loudly says what he thinks even if what he has to say will not please the listener. Her impulsiveness of him is the result of the influence of Mars , the planet of dynamism and action and Pluto , the planet that symbolizes a rebirth, an end that leads to a regeneration. The destructive tendency of Scorpio in fact is intended to bring a new beginning and an improvement.

Not all natives of Scorpio are the same, of course, in addition to the characteristics of the sign, his life experiences also define his personality as an adult but in general it is typical of this sign not to love to feel hurt and it is in this case that he manifests his side. worst, vengeful and poisonous.

These are the reasons why Scorpio is a feared sign but it is not the only one. A second sign has the same reputation as a treacherous sign and is Gemini . Those born between May 21 and June 21 would be characterized by a strong dualism. A double face that leads them to be judged as bad, fake and manipulative.

This dualism of Gemini leads him to adapt to the people in front of him, like a chameleon, this attitude does not inspire confidence, on the contrary it makes him appear hypocritical.

It cannot be denied that Gemini is a sign that knows how to use words well and knows how to be a great persuader , if there is a sign that is able to convince someone to do something it is Gemini. Being an air sign , the element that favors communication, dominated by the planet of Mercury , a symbol of exchange, reciprocity and use of language, how could it not possess the gift of verbal fluidity? An ace in the hole that this sign uses on occasion to “manipulate” those who want them to do what they want or who are convinced that they are right.

Finally, Ai Gemini is sensitive to praise and compliments for this reason he boasts of being also among the less faithful signs in a couple.


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