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Horoscope For The Week Of February 12-18, 2024

This year, Valentine’s Day will be more than ever under the influence of Aquarius. The planet Mars enters this sign on February 13, followed by Venus, the star of love, on February 16.

Both will form a conjunction with Pluto, the planet of transformation, which is already in the sign of Aquarius. Also this week, Mercury forms a quadrature with Uranus, the planet of radical changes, so we can expect a real reversal of the situation.

Discover the horoscope for the week of February 12-18 for your zodiac sign:


Whether you’re single or have a partner, this week you’re more interested in celebrating your friends and the group you’re part of than any other relationship. Your social life has transformed and developed rapidly in the past few weeks as you have made changes in your life that support a bigger picture. Even if you feel that you are unlucky in love, this week offers you many opportunities on a sentimental level.


Learn to set limits and assert your point of view this week. Not only in your career and public life but also in the roles you have in your personal life. Whether you are alone or have a partner, you try to define the connection with others in new ways and adopt roles that seemed impossible to you six months ago. Learn to accept change.


It is time to accept that in life you are not only a student, but you can also adopt the role of a teacher. Develop a new relationship with your wisdom. It is no longer something you want to hide, but something you want to accept and embrace. In the face of unexpected criticism, which could come with some harsh words on February 16, you must find out how you can assert yourself and demonstrate your knowledge.


You learn slowly but surely that you cannot do everything by yourself. Both personally and professionally, your ideas about collaboration are turned upside down. This week you have to notice in which situations you feel comfortable and which are the ones that exhaust you. Accepting help, financial or emotional, may seem difficult at the moment, but it will pay off in the long run.


In a time when everyone is thinking about relationships, you think about these aspects more than everyone else. You discover that in some of your partnerships, the rules need to be completely rethought. Certain connections are overwhelming and drain you of energy, while others give you a state of joy and hope. These extremes are temporary, but change is necessary in your relationships.


This week you learn that you cannot carry all the weight in every relationship in your life. Although in the past you did a lot for others when they needed help, it is time for the responsibilities to be shared. It is not your job to solve all your partner’s problems. You will be surprised by some generous gestures this week, which will delight you.


Your creativity and desires will be in the foreground this week. You learn that it’s okay to want what you want and that it’s even better to want something you’ve never dreamed of before. There will be moments this week when you feel like you have become obsessed with something specific. You have to discover if it is just a distraction or something that deserves your full attention.


It is necessary to dedicate yourself to introspection this week, and if you do not allow yourself to slow down and spend time only with yourself, your other plans will have interruptions or obstacles anyway. You and the closest people in your life are going through major changes right now. It is not easy to radically transform your life. Sometimes all you can do is rest and write in a journal instead of forcing yourself to move forward at all costs.


There are strong changes this month, but they affect you at the level of your daily routine. For example, who would have thought that going to the gym in the morning before work, instead of working out in the evening, could have such a powerful effect? This week you discover that big transformations happen when you dedicate yourself to small everyday changes.


Some people are happy to treat their loved one to a romantic dinner, but you want to make a big gesture on Valentine’s Day this year. In the last few weeks, you have made important gains, and this week you want to share this abundance with your loved one. But before you make a significant purchase, think about whether it is a good decision or you are simply trying to compensate for some emotional lack.


Whether you have a life partner or not, this week you discover that self-love is the most important. You don’t need someone to give you all the attention you dream of, because the first step is to give yourself all your attention and love yourself. When Venus forms an aspect with Pluto in your sign, on February 17, you will want a radical change of look.


This week the sun, Venus, Mars, and Pluto will be in your sector of the subconscious and you will end up questioning everything, that happens in your life. It’s time for introspection and time dedicated only to you. Don’t be afraid to ask for the attention you deserve, especially from your loved ones and your significant other.

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