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The stars warn 3 zodiac signs. For them there are troubles in sight until April 12th. Better keep your eyes open.

They say “April sweet sleep” but this saying does not apply to everyone. Even if the arrival of Spring makes us sleepy, these 3 signs of the zodiac must absolutely remain vigilant until April 12 , for them there are difficulties ahead.

If you are among those who believe in astrological predictions, heed this warning. According to astrologers, this period is not a better omen for 3 zodiac signs to which they advise not to let your guard down. If you are one of these signs, you risk getting in trouble.

These 3 signs risk problems until April 12th

Life is never a long and peaceful river, on the contrary it is unpredictable and complications always arise at the best. Astrologers have predicted a cataclysm for some signs in the coming weeks. If you are among the signs in the ranking, pay close attention:


Aries is a dynamic and impulsive sign. This impulsiveness is often a source of trouble for him. Unfortunately, he is unable to dominate his impulses as a sign of fire. The Aries has a strong and fearless character, this is the reason why he is not afraid of any kind of risk, even the most obvious ones and he insists on making some mistakes. This sign reacts very badly to routine and always needs to embrace novelty, otherwise they experience periods of frustration. From this week until April 12, Aries will have to make an effort to be careful because his plans will be continually thwarted and he will find it more difficult than usual to keep calm at bay. As if that were not enough, his finances are also at risk, so much so that astrologers advise them not to invest in risky projects.


The Capricorn native is always loyal to his duty. Unstoppable and very well organized, he always ponders decisions before making them and thus avoids unpleasant surprises. In fact, Capricorn does not tolerate surprises and unexpected events, he prefers to lead a linear existence. Their wisdom makes them great advisors. Good advice and the ability not to judge make them highly regarded by their friends. Unfortunately for them, according to astrologers, Capricorns are going through a troubled time. These difficulties affect the very sector in which they give the best of themselves, work. If they are not careful they will miss out on great job opportunities and may even get at loggerheads with their bosses. Until April 12, clear your head and do not succumb to stress.


Gemini natives are talkative, cheerful and know how to make themselves loved. They always love to meet new people and quench their curiosity by making new experiences. Even if it is a sign that always finds a solution to everything until April 12, according to the astrologers they will have to try not to get into trouble because for that type of situation there may be no remedy. They risk arguing with a relative or colleague or several people at the same time and their behavior will not be forgiven. Significant losses are also expected in terms of finances. Better to put pride aside and be very cautious.

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