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Your zodiac sign reveals why you end up staying in a relationship that makes you unhappy

Sometimes we are no longer happy in love. We realize that the person is not living up to what was expected of them or that the relationship is not moving in the right direction. However, we continue to suffer while remaining anchored to this situation, for various reasons … habit, fear, or even need …

If two people continue to be together even as their relationship gets worse by the day, it’s time for them to ask themselves questions.

Why do we stay in a relationship that doesn’t satisfy us? Why indulge in a situation that doesn’t deserve to exist?

Each sign of the zodiac remains in the wrong relationship for a reason that is unique. Through stellar analysis, astrology scientists have provided some answers to this dynamic.

1. Aries: the challenge

Aries is a passionate being who craves adventure. The native of this sign continually challenges himself and does his best to accommodate you. However, Aries tends to get tired of the people they hang out with, they need to be constantly stimulated. Unconsciously, Aries regards his mate as prey that he must keep in his net.

2. Taurus: fear of the unknown

Taurus is a reasonable person in general. He rarely decides on a whim. He is constantly looking for stability in his life. He has a lot of trouble changing his habits. He will tend to remain in an unsatisfactory relationship just because he feels safe in his misfortune or simply because he is afraid of the unknown.

3. Gemini: indecision

Geminis are curious and can become very intrusive in each other’s life. Sometimes he is too possessive and tends to ask too many questions. He is aware of his flaws in him and their impact on the relationship. Even if he is doing badly, he doesn’t dare to abandon his partner. He is very hesitant and continually marvels at his inherent desires for him.

4. Cancer: love

Very emotional, this sign engages in a relationship only to give his whole heart to another. If he has already imagined spending his life with half of him he will not be able to take a break. Even if he sees that something is wrong with his relationship, he will never be ready. He will be too blinded by love to realize that he has come to an end.

5. Leo: stubbornness

Leo is a sign of pride and stubbornness. He likes to be admired and is jealous. The native of this sign even if he is not happy in love, will not admit it. He will try to drown his sentence in other occupations so as not to admit that he made the wrong choice.

6. Virgo: guilt

The sign of Virgo is very critical of itself. He tries to control her actions and gestures and adopts this behavior in her romantic relationships. When the native of this sign realizes that his relationship is weakening, he will think it is his fault and will impose an overwhelming question.

7. Libra: false hopes

Libra constantly seeks balance and harmony in their life. He can’t stand arguments and headaches. When something goes wrong in her life, she tends to run away with hope. It is said that time will probably fix things and that everything will be as before.

8. Scorpio: the thirst for the forbidden

Scorpio has an innate gift for seducing. Very mysterious, he attracts like a magnet. The native of this sign is very determined and once he gets the object of desire, he goes hunting again. The problem with this sign is that it collects toxic relationships. He is unstable and always wants more than he has.

9. Sagittarius: the positive attitude

Very optimistic, Sagittarius is empathetic and generous. Although he is very independent, he cannot bear to hurt. If he goes wrong with his partner, the native of this sign will try to see the bright side of things, its advantages, and the positive points of the relationship.

10. Capricorn: the return on investment

A hard worker, Capricorn is very involved in his relationships. He invests his time and builds the foundations for a common future. If the relationship becomes unsatisfactory for one or the other, he will refuse to accept it. He can’t bear to waste his time without getting a concrete result.

11. Aquarius: memories

Aquarius is quite wary of others and has a hard time revealing themselves fully. If he has managed to do it with a partner, there’s a good chance he won’t let him go. He will rethink all the shared secrets, the moments of two people, and will cling to these memories.

12. Pisces: the need for security

Romantic, Pisces is sensitive. In his relationships, he is very dedicated and makes deep bonds with his / her / his spouse. Even if the relationship becomes heavy, he will rethink all these shared emotions and console himself in the dream and in the hope of recovering this lost complicity.

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