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The stars explain to us the reason behind why we tend to always choose a person belonging to a specific sign as a partner.

You start dating a person, you like him, you decide you want to deepen your relationship than discovering his zodiac sign. What a coincidence! has the same sign as your ex, and the boyfriend you dated before your ex.

Do you think this is a coincidence? Choosing people to enter into a relationship and discovering that they always belong to the same sign is too special an event to be a coincidence. The stars confirm that behind this casual choice lies a deep desire of ours. Here’s what it means if you always choose the same sign as your partner. Your wishes change according to the chosen signs.

Do your partners always belong to the same sign? It’s not a casuality

Is your partner’s zodiac sign a constant? If your current partner has the same sign as your ex and a lot of the guys you’ve been dating, it’s no accident at all. According to the stars we are faced with a particular situation in which you make specific requests to the Universe.

Here’s what it means if you regularly meet an Aries, a Taurus, a Gemini, and so on.


If you meet Aries regularly, it means that you are fascinated by their strength and determination. You know that life is short and you would like to be just as good at living it as intensely as this sign does. A recurring encounter with Aries indicates that you are not fighting as you should in this life for what you want. You are too passive.


If your partner is Taurus, it usually means that you can’t have self-control and let others guide you and push you in the direction they want. The recurring encounter with this sign indicates that you need to have more determination.


If you always meet a Gemini it is because you admire his being hardworking. You often feel like you’re not getting anything done or like you’re always going in the same direction in your life. Gemini teaches you to overturn that unproductive phase in which you end up falling and shows you how to be more productive.


Frequently meeting a Cancer on a sentimental level means that deep down you would like to solidify your roots and be more present for your family. Cancer is a sign that loves family life very much and does a lot for their family. Furthermore, Cancer is a positive and very stimulating sign. This sign manages to subvert every difficulty and find a way to transform it into action, into the solution through logical plans elaborated methodically.


If the sign of Leo is the recurring sign of your partners it means that you need movement, change, novelty. Leo is an eccentric, vital sign, loves challenges, and is admired. He craves success and knows how to get it. Meeting a Leo frequently means wanting to learn to enjoy life and benefit from its beauty.


Virgo is a precise, rigorous sign, she takes great care of herself. If your partners have this sign it is clear why you need to smile. This sign can be a lot of fun and his plans make him very wise, you feel safe with him.


Recurring encounters with Libra serve to teach you to be kinder. Contact with this sign stimulates you to get out of your sentimental and non-sentimental lethargy, and to persevere to achieve your goals.


Frequent encounters with Scorpios mean that you need to put a stop and ahead in your life. There always comes a time when the thing you need most of all is peace, and this sign can teach you how to be kinder to yourself.


Do you often meet a Sagittarius? Do you know that this is the freest and most wandering sign of all? If it happens often in your life it’s because you need to have fun. It’s time to do something that makes you happy, you do a lot for others but you never think about yourself. It’s time to change everything.


Capricorn is a sign that goes a long way. Professionally, no one is as committed as he is. The Work ennobles his soul. Always productive and motivated, if you always meet this sign it is because now and then you get lost and you need to find yourself and get back on track.


Aquarius is a sign that is always looking forward. It is always at the forefront of the future and never turns to the past. This is a risky choice, the past is well known while the future is very unpredictable. If you always meet an Aquarius it is because you need to break your chains and turn the page and not be influenced by the past.


If you keep meeting a Pisces it is because the Universe is sending you a specific message: you need to spend more time with family and friends and enjoy the kind of reassurance that only a relationship with a loved one can offer.

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