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Weekend Horoscope August 12-13: Perseid Star Rain Brings Hope. Three Zodiac Signs Live A Unique Experience In Life

The Perseid shower, a spectacular cosmic event, will affect each sign in different ways this weekend. Expect inner transformations, revelations, and magical moments.

Weekend horoscope: the phenomenon that occurs only once a year, the Perseid star rain will reach its maximum intensity on the night of August 12 to 13, that is, at the end of the week.

The Perseid meteor shower is, by far, the most popular and well-known meteor shower of the entire year. It takes place annually, when the trajectory of the Earth intersects with that of the dust from Comet Swift-Tuttle, usually between July 17 and August 24, being extremely visible on August 12 and 13.

Astrologically, a meteor shower – similar to a full moon – represents liberation. Just as the comet sheds its excess as it traverses the solar system, we are reminded that we must get rid of what no longer serves us as we journey through life.

Each zodiac sign is influenced, more or less, by the astrological phenomenon, so let’s see what this weekend’s horoscope says for each native.


The rain of stars brings you an explosion of creative energy and passion. Use this weekend to explore new hobbies or express your ideas. It is a beneficial moment to make changes in your life and to take the initiative in a situation that has been bothering you for a long time.


You will feel the need to focus on home and family. The rain of stars brings you a deeper perspective on your relationships with your loved ones. Take advantage of this weekend to express your affection and strengthen bonds. You are one of the signs that feel the effects of the Perseids most strongly, so it is recommended to get more in touch with your emotions and feelings.


And you are among the signs directly influenced by this astrological phenomenon, so it is an optimal time to free yourself from any bad habits, relationships, or circumstances that block your power. You can now leave the past behind and look to the future with confidence. This weekend you will make plans and share your ideas with the world. The end of the week is favorable for communication and social relations. The rain of stars amplifies your communication skills, making you more charismatic.


The rain of stars urges you to connect with your inner self and put your personal needs first. It’s time to take care of yourself and reflect on your direction in life. Listen to your intuition. Careful! It is not recommended to make too drastic changes without thinking them through.


You will have the biggest problems in adapting to the energy of this meteor shower because change can come a little harder. This weekend will feel monotonous to you, maybe even boring and it will shake you up quite a bit. You want to stand out in front of others, but nothing comes out the way you want. Maybe it’s time to take a break and take advantage of this respite to rest.


The rain of stars allows you to relax and recharge your batteries. You are in a favorable moment for self-reflection and meditation. Take advantage of this period to find your inner balance. It is possible to receive surprising news, which comes as a personal challenge. Enjoy this opportunity that the stars offer you.


Relationships are in the foreground during this shower of stars. Whether it is personal or professional relationships, you will feel the need to balance them and build authentic bonds. During the weekend, certain doubts about your strength may arise in your mind. Look for ways to encourage yourself and (re)discover your true value, because it is inside you.


You will feel drawn to mystery and deep discoveries. The shower of stars increases your interest in spirituality and helps you explore the deeper aspects of life. Saturdays and Sundays are perfect for you to ask yourself questions, to try to discover yourself better and manifest the desires that you carry deep in your soul. Spend more time alone this weekend and let your hopes float towards the universe, to be fulfilled.


You get a lot of energy from the Perseids. This period brings a strong desire for adventure and expansion. You may feel the need to travel or explore your mental horizons. Take calculated risks and explore new horizons.


You become a real leader this weekend and you will be put in a position to make important decisions. The rain of stars encourages you to focus on your plans and achieve your goals. It can be a good time to implement your plans and build your foundation for success.


This shower of stars amplifies social connections and group activities. You will feel the desire to collaborate with others, so you could join a competition or play all kinds of board games with your friends. Make sure you are surrounded by crowds this weekend because you will get energy from these activities.


According to the weekend horoscope, you are among the signs that receive deep energy from the Perseid star shower. You will discover that the changes are easier to integrate and you will have more courage. If you were planning to redecorate or make an important purchase, this weekend is ideal to act.

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