Some zodiac signs prefer to travel abroad rather than to their own country. It is a matter of taste. Are you among them?

Summer will soon arrive and many people will finally leave for the holidays . After a year of work and, above all, after two years of restrictions, this could be the first ‘normal’ summer of the last two years. It is very likely that, right now, many workers are planning their vacation plan and have in mind the half to reach during the summer.

But how do you decide which destination to choose for your summer holidays? There are those who prefer to stay in Italy and enjoy the local beauties and those who love to travel abroad , in search of exotic beaches or capitals to visit. Everyone has their own tastes and the stars can help us interpret them. In fact, based on the zodiac sign they belong to, it is possible to understand if a person will travel to Italy or go abroad this summer.

Here is the ranking of the zodiac signs who love to travel abroad when they go on vacation. This is the podium, do you think your sign is in the top three in the standings?

The zodiac signs who love holidays abroad

Aries : in third place in the ranking we find the sign of Aries. This sign of the zodiac loves to travel and prefers to go abroad because he loves to know different cultures. The favorite destination for this sign is a seaside place that also gives the possibility of organizing guided tours in a museum or in a historic center. Aries plans vacations in advance to save on flying because they know the journey could be long.

Virgo : in second place is the sign of Virgo. We have already seen that this sign is very fond of driving . The ideal Virgo holiday is by car, perhaps to rent on site to explore all the places recommended by the map. Those born under this sign of the zodiac dream of a holiday in the American continent, perhaps passing from the United States to South America. By car of course!

Taurus : the first place in the ranking is occupied by the sign of Taurus. Those born under this sign of the zodiac love to study and are very attracted to more distant cultures. The Taurus dreams of a vacation in Africa or Oceania, to visit a country different from his own for uses and customs. The ideal holiday of the sign of Taurus is in the company of those who have the same passion and the same hunger for knowledge.


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