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Find the best pet for you based on your zodiac sign.

That the stars influence our days and ways of doing is now a well-known thing. Being born at a certain time of year can determine part of our temperament, some nuances of behavior and even preferences in terms of food or TV series to watch. For this reason, it is always interesting to try to get to know each other better based on the advice that the stars give on certain topics. We have already seen which type of sushi is best suited to each zodiac sign and which type of car is best suited to each of us but how do we put it with the choice of a small pet? Sometimes, if you are undecided about how to orient yourself, reading can at least give you an idea of ​​what you really like or better. So why not try to find out Which animal does each sign best match with ? It could also be a pretext to find out what to give to a loved one, it being understood that in this case, as in others already seen in the past, the ascendant could have an even greater weight than that of the zodiac sign.

Let’s find out which pet is most suitable for each zodiac sign

Aries – The hamster
A pet perfect for your character? The hamster. Just like you, he never stands still and loves to wander around his cage or house, should you choose to keep him free every now and then to let him explore where you live. It also requires less attention than other animals and this is perfect for you who are always around and who do not like to feel caged. After all, having to choose, it is better to opt for a pet that is tailor-made for you and which you would be able to take care of, right?

Taurus – The Rabbit
Traditionalist as you are you could get along well with any pet, from dog to goldfish. The rabbit, however, seems to be really in your ropes, calm and affectionate when needed, it is an animal able to not give you too big constraints but at the same time it can fill that sense of emptiness that a home without the beauty of a pet, sooner or later, it would end up giving you. Obviously, a pair of dwarf rabbits would be ideal, to give you the certainty that your furry friend won’t feel alone when you are away.

Gemini – The budgie
For you who need something always new, a parrot can make the difference. With its little voice and the phrases you can teach it, it undoubtedly represents a company that can entertain you in a different way and that will be pleasant to share with friends. All without burdening too much on your constant need for freedom and changes but also making you feel in company in those moments when you feel the sudden need to have someone next to you.

Cancer – The dwarf pig
For a romantic sign like yours, what is better than an all-pink pet? The dwarf pig can be your ideal pet, as long as you have space and time to devote to it. With its tenderness it will make your days more precious, giving you the love you always need and making you feel at the center of attention. Although not yet widespread, dwarf pigs are real pets that also get along well with dogs. The only caveat, sometimes even those who are not are sold as dwarfs and the risk is that they grow a lot. For this reason, before taking one, you need to make all the necessary checks and be sure you have enough space in case the newcomer grows more than it should.

Leo – The tropical fish
Surprising others and being the center of attention is one of the most important things for you. For this reason, more than a pet you are suited to take care of some strange tropical fish, to keep in a large aquarium and to show your guests to brag about the strangest species you could find. A way like any other to grab attention and lead the conversation. Something you love to do and that you do quite well.

Virgo – The little bird
For you who are always precise in everything you do, a good pet can be a little bird to always keep with you and to cuddle without this greatly changing your commitments. Furthermore, his song will delight you in moments of solitude, not to mention that having a small creature to take care of is always something pleasant and good for the heart, giving that feeling of well-being that only those who have a pet know.

Libra – The Goldfish
Your need for beauty is also evident when it comes to pets. In your case, rather than a creature, perhaps it is better to take some fish to swim in a large colorful aquarium full of all the options to make it aesthetically perfect. This will also act as an embellishment for your home and make you feel beautifully good. The feeling of having to take care of the little fishes will also satisfy your need to take care of someone without weighing down your days which, at least for the moment, are fine.

Scorpio – The cat
Perhaps it is an all too obvious stereotype but the cat, with its mysterious air and its independent character, is the animal that suits you best. A creature that according to many seems almost cold but who instead knows how to give love if he intends to do so. Just like you who don’t love because you feel obliged to do it but when you do it you put your whole self into it, giving unique emotions to those who will be able to awaken such feelings in you.

Sagittarius – The guinea pig
For a travel lover you need a pet that smells of exotic, that is able to keep company but also not very demanding so that you can leave it without too many problems to friends and relatives. In fact, being always on the road, it would be much more difficult to get a dog or a cat. The guinea pig, then, has character characteristics that perfectly match your way of being and understanding a small pet. Together you are therefore destined to get along.

Capricorn – The Tortoise
Your need for certainty and something safe will make you appreciate a pet like the tortoise. A little friend, perhaps too silent but who is there and will remain for a long time in your life and who with his slow ways will end up conquering you, showing you how you can feel good by taking things calmly and giving you that sense of relaxation you yearn for for a long time without being able to really find.

Aquarius – The squirrel
Having a pet for you is not essential but if it really has to be there it will have to have something special. A squirrel, however alternative, could really end up liking you, conquering you with its sweetness and extremely tender ways. Keeping it will not be very difficult and will give you much more satisfaction than chores. Seeing is believing!

Pisces – The little dog
For a sentimental and empathetic person like you, the little dog is the perfect pet. Together you will immediately get in tune, understanding each other with a single glance. The love of him, then, knows how to be so absolute as to be able to sweep away the many moments of loneliness that grip you. Having him around will do you more good than him and will make him your greatest friend over time. The one to trust everything with and with which to share precious moments that will always remain safe in the hearts of both.

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