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Are you one of the soft-hearted zodiac signs? Let’s find out now thanks to our horoscope ranking today: here are the top positions!

How many times have you thought of someone who was … much more tender than you thought?
Being tender is not just a matter of being cute and nice at first sight but something much deeper!
There are tons of people who hide their tender hearts behind a rather gruff appearance.

How to unmask them? Simple! Thanks to our ranking of today’s horoscope: what do you say, is it worth checking if you are in the ranking of tender hearts? Let’s find out now!

The soft-hearted zodiac signs: here is today’s horoscope ranking

Okay, okay: we know that the gruff person who hides a tender heart is a real cliché. But, just like the places common, even that of the bleeding hearts … well, it’s true!

Some people hide their goodness behind a decidedly angular appearance and who we would never expect to be able to make kind or loving gestures. This is certainly not a fault: we, however, have decided that we want to “unmask” all the tender hearts of the horoscope.

How will we do it? But simply with the help of stars and planets who will draw up today’s zodiac ranking for us.
So: do you think you are on the list of the cutest zodiac signs?

Cancer: fifth place

It will seem strange to you to see those born under the sign of Cancer in this ranking, right? This is a sign that he has a reputation as a loving person but often proves to be much edgier than one might think.

Cancer is a sign that almost always leads to much rancor, and who is not afraid to tell others in your face what he thinks. (And often he doesn’t think very nice things).
Underneath, however, those born under the sign of Cancer hide a tender heart that melts at the first blow! Simply ask excuse, be repentant seriously, or simply a nice gesture to gain its due!

Pisces: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Pisces are among the most tender-hearted people in the zodiac. This certainly shouldn’t come as a surprise to so many of you!
The Fish, however, are people who love with all your heart, too: often end up tangled in situations complicated and also to hurt the feelings of others.

One thing, however, we can assure you: Pisces are among the signs of the zodiac that suffer the most from seeing others suffer.
They truly have a tender heart and are always ready to bleed! For them there is nothing worse than get the pain to others: are people shy and reserved, best not to overdo it with them!

Capricorn: third place

Everyone believes that there is only room for Capricorn to work, to be precise and edgy, and not to love anyone.
Nothing more wrong, of course, than this! The Capricorn is a sign that has a real heart tender, which hides under a very attitude crabby.

Those born under the sign of Capricorn are very independent people, used to looking after themselves and not being afraid of anything.
For this reason, therefore, the Capricorn is one of those signs that appear as hard, cold, and just loving.
Especially with the people he cares about, Capricorn can truly be a heart of cream! Those born under this sign melt for the cuteness and can be truly affectionate: seeing is believing!

Scorpio: second place

Even the Scorpio is one of those signs that is always seen as very aggressive, focused primarily on the work, and not at all able to express his emotions.
We don’t want to lie to you: Scorpio can be like this (and even worse!).

This sign, however, also hides a truly tender heart under multiple layers. In short, do not you simply certainly make a small gesture to get to his heart, or to find out how to be kind and gentle one Scorpio!
Certainly, however, Scorpio is one of those signs capable of bestowing boundless affection on others, if only the time and modality are allowed. They are people who hide their feelings because they often find themselves confused in the face of emotions and do not know-how
face them.

The Scorpio, however, has one of the hearts more tender and gentle of all the horoscope: you just have to know how to wait, have a lot of patience, and work hard with him.
We know it is not easy but we can assure you that the effort is definitely worth the pain!

Leo: first place in the ranking of soft-hearted zodiac signs

We have to admit it: at the top of our ranking of today’s soft-hearted signs is Leo.
No one is more tender-hearted than those born under the sign of Leo: we can put our hand on the fire!

Easy to anger, downright direct, and brutal when he wants to, Leo is often accused of being arrogant or unloving.
The reality, of course, is quite another! Leone has a heart tender which, however, is struggling to show others. The reasons are varied: perhaps Leo is afraid to show what he is because he does not want to be hurt or, simply, does not open his heart to others.

Whatever the reason, know that if you ever need a hand, help, or support, Leo will always be there for you.
It truly has one of the tenderest hearts in the zodiac: all you need to do is find the right opportunity to see how to lend a hand to it, it is the most preferred in the world.
You can always count on Leo and his tender heart!

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