Find out what mistake you make in love based on your zodiac sign. And what you should do to make things better.

When you love, it is often difficult to think clearly. The strength of the feeling one feels is such as to prevent the use of reason. Most of the time we tend to follow instinct and, of course, the heart. And this means that any errors are not noticed immediately, leading to reiterate them over time, until you feel bad. Each of us tends to act differently and this leads to making mistakes of different kinds.

Some are related to experiences, others to some sides of the character, and still others to the influence that the stars have on each of us. For this reason, today we will try to understand what is the mistake that each zodiac sign makes in love, trying to understand how to avoid it. A way to get to know each other a little more and to better understand those around us.

The mistake you make in love based on your zodiac sign

Aries – You throw yourself headlong into things without thinking
that you are an instinctive person and always ready to throw yourself into everything you do is something you know well too. As a native of the astrological sign of Aries, after all, living things instinctively and with all the energy you have in your body is part of you. This, however, can be a problem in love. Especially when you throw yourself headlong into the relationship, and all without first understanding how much you love and how much you are willing to give. Learning to live things more calmly and exposing yourself only after having thoroughly analyzed the situation is certainly something to learn. In this way, you would be able to not make promises that you cannot keep and not to create unnecessary tension with partners who would prefer to proceed more calmly. Not to mention, that burning everything too fast is often just what gets you through the infatuation all of a sudden. The reason why learning to be calmer will certainly be positive.

Taurus – You get too jealous
Love is an extremely important feeling for you and, as such, you tend to invest in it as much energy as possible. This prompts you to take everything very seriously and to study your partner in every little attitude. While there is nothing wrong with that, you have to pay attention to jealousy which sometimes risks becoming too strong, wreaking havoc. Taking it for the little things without giving explanations is a way of doing that tends to alienate the person next to you. Especially if you don’t explain that certain claims are due to a need for confirmation that you can’t help but listen to. Clarity is always the best way forward and in this case, things don’t change much. For this reason, working on how you stand will certainly help your relationship,

Gemini – You abstain too much
Your mistake in love? When something doesn’t go your way, instead of facing it head-on, you tend to abstract yourself. A way of doing that helps you to ease the tension but that is usually misunderstood or experienced badly by the partner. Taking your distance is the first step towards the risk of a breakup. Which by the way you don’t want either. So why not focus on who is next to you, exposing every possible problem? Whether it’s a need for freedom, boring moments to liven up, or any other kind of problem, talking about it is what you should do. Keeping everything to yourself and moving away emotionally from what you are experiencing only leads you to make those around you suffer. And this risks making the continuation of the story much more difficult. That, in the long run, would still lead you to face the problem. Better, therefore, to do it in time, right?

Cancer – You demand too much
As a romantic you are, you believe that love is strong enough to take any jolt. While this is true, much depends on the magnitude and frequency of what arrives. The fact that you often put it to the test is not, for example, a good thing. Those who love you, however willing to do everything for you, may end up feeling pressured and come to reconsider your story together. Which has probably happened to you a few times before. Your biggest mistake in love, therefore, is to never consider that on the other side there could be fragility and from pretending to always be able to put love and loved one under test. Loving each other, however, is also something else. And it will be only by experiencing what comes that you will truly understand the power of feeling,

Leo – You want too much attention
It is true, whoever decides to stay with you should know well what they are facing. And for this reason, you never think about limiting yourself or showing yourself different from who you are. A more than fair thing as long as this does not become an excuse to always and in any case expect the attention of those around you. When you live a love story you must remember that, first of all, there are two of you. The partner will therefore also need his dose of attention. And this means that you will have to divide them equally. Otherwise, the risk is to set aside someone who in the long run could be affected by looking around for confirmation. To better enjoy your love story, you should therefore remain yourself, enjoy the attention you receive but never forget to reserve it for the other person as well.

Virgo – You demand too much
That you are a demanding person is a fact that cannot be changed. However, being one does not mean taking the chair and judging your partner for everything he does. Loving each other should be a constant and reciprocal giving and taking. A relationship in which the two walk hand in hand towards a common goal. And whenever you end up forgetting this particular, you risk damaging your love story. If on the one hand, it is right to help those you love to grow and improve, on the other hand, it is very important to be able to understand that first of all empathy should be put in the way. Expressing unsolicited judgments, in the long run, can debase even the strongest feelings and, conversely, is what you tend to go wrong in love. Working on it will surely be a good way to make the most of your story.

Libra – You are too cold
Although you are a person who can understand others and always make them feel welcomed and loved, in love you tend to always be a little too cold. This is a problem that you struggle to realize and that in the long run can create a lot of problems for you. However, you tend to fall for it a little too often. Whether it is self-defense, wanting to take it slow, or simply a fundamental difficulty in expressing what you feel, you should try to find a different way of carrying it out. Appearing cold is a limiting aspect and that, in the long run, can lead those who love you to feel little involved and in turn distance themselves. A problem that you can avoid first by working on yourself and, immediately after, by trying to expose your way of being.

Scorpio – You have no limits
Your way of loving, as a native of the zodiac sign of Scorpio, is total and absolute. Sometimes, however, this aspect can lead you to make some mistakes. Giving yourself too much and fully immersing yourself in your love story leads you to do not understand where to stop. So sometimes you risk being ahead of the times or pressing too hard on the accelerator. Learning to find your balance is what you need most. An aspect that will help you both to live better and to experience a more balanced and, certainly, more functional form of love. To do this, you just need to work a little on yourself. Time will give you reasons for this. It will be enough to find alternative ways to learn to love in a more controlled way without losing sight of yourself. A goal that will lead you to feel better than you think and to experience feelings more peacefully and completely.

Sagittarius – You are a little too selfish
Your problem in love? Often and willingly you show yourself too selfish and taken by yourself. This happens when you need your space to travel and explore the world, when you need time to be with friends and when you need more space to dedicate to yourself. Your constant search for yourself pushes you to rarely have the right time to dedicate to those you love. And this, in the long run, can create important bills for your relationship. If this happens, the risk is to come to a breakup that you do not want at first but that over time you may find to consider but then regret it. Since you’ve probably been through similar situations before, the solution would be to learn how to manage your stuff differently. You could, for example, include your partner, make him feel involved and at the same time, learn to choose people you want by your side. In this way, living love will certainly be easier and less prone to the risk of making further mistakes.

Capricorn – You have too many secrets
True, even if it doesn’t seem like it, you are a highly private person. In the long run, however, this leads to problems of various kinds, especially in love. If on the one hand, you want to know everything about the life of the person you love, on the other you never pay back with the same coin. You’re being reserved then becomes a problem. In addition to appearing as a person with too many secrets, you often end up being incomprehensible. This can lead to misunderstandings which, in the long run, end up ruining everything. A problem that you could solve simply by being more sincere and speaking more spontaneously about yourself. In this way, you would be able to bridge the distances and everything without making those who just want to know you better and have the feeling of being with an intimate person, not light-years away feel uncomfortable.

Aquarius – You are too detached
It’s true, privacy is everything to you, and those who know you know it. However, this does not mean having to expect it always and in any case. If we talk about mistakes in love, yours is that of always wanting to have time for yourself. And all even with the risk of sacrificing what you should instead reserve for your partner. This problem is the one that often creates the most problems of all. And all because you persist in wanting to live between two worlds that are well separated from them. The right solution would be to find someone you want to include in your world. Someone to feel at home with. This way your need for space would be reduced allowing you to be able to offer what is expected of you. And taking your relationship to a whole new level. One thing is that, found the right way will not weigh that much.

Pisces – Projects too much
As the dreamer that you are, as a native of the zodiac sign of Pisces, you often make plans for the future. This also happens in love. And while doing them is good in itself, you often make the mistake of being sick if any of the many you do fail. However, love is a feeling in constant evolution. And for this reason, things can change even before they are realized. For this reason, even if making plans is a beautiful thing, you should learn to make rubber bands that can change over time. In this way, you will not encounter disappointments that risk making you sad or bringing tension within the couple. It is an extra step to take to better live. Something that won’t weigh you down that much and for which you may even find yourself reaching. Seeing is believing.

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