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4 Signs That Cannot Bear to Be Contradicted

Contradictory discussions are inevitable. Sometimes they can be constructive, other times they do nothing but lead to real conflicts.

And problems often arise when people who contradict each other fail to make some compromises, see things from the other’s perspective, and find a common denominator.

Astrology can give us some clues about the reasons why some people seem prone to always reach the same difficult point of misunderstanding. Some signs are recognized for their stubbornness, others for never giving up, and other signs do not accept to be contradicted in any way.

Here are the four zodiac signs that hate to be contradicted and go all the way to the white canvas to prove their point of view:


Aquarius is, by far, in first place at the top of the signs that do not easily accept being contradicted. People born in this fixed air sign often consider that they hold the ultimate truth and that their point of view is also correct.

Besides the fact that they react quite unpleasantly when they are contradicted, Aquarians simply do not give in, so they can make even the calmest people jump.


The Virgo sign’s attention to detail, its obsession with perfection, and its love for impeccable organization are recognized. And all those who do not live up to these high standards will have to deal with the not-so-gentle criticisms and comments of these natives.

Virgos are convinced that they are always right and even get angry when they are contradicted. Not only do they not easily accept different points of view, but at the same time they come to hate those who often contradict them.


A fixed earth sign, Taurus is one of the most stubborn signs. Their legendary stubbornness is precisely the reason why these natives do not react very well when they are contradicted. Even if most Taurus people keep calm in stressful situations, they lose their temper quite easily when they are persistently contradicted.

At the base of this reaction is the Taurus’s difficulty in accepting other points of view. Because they are reluctant to change, people born under this sign hate being contradicted, especially when it comes to matters that lead to changing their beliefs.


Leo is a fixed, fiery sign, ruled by the Sun. The natives of this sign are born leaders, so when someone contradicts them they feel threatened. They want to be the ones who have the last word every time, and if a person does not agree with their decisions, they will consider it as undermining their authority. Also, Leo does not readily admit his mistakes and will react with even more stubbornness if he is contradicted.

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