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Horoscope: find out if you really have a good relationship with yourself.

One of the prerogatives of every woman is to be often strict with herself. No matter how hard you try to always be at your best, it is difficult not to recognize defects both from a physical and character point of view. At times this involves great insecurity, at other times a form of bravado with which she tends to hide what are considered shortcomings. Who among us, after all, has never been on a diet, hasn’t searched in vain for the right dress or hasn’t despaired about a bad haircut or a different make-up than we imagined it would be? Enjoying yourself is often more difficult than you think and, as you can imagine, it can depend at least in part on the influence that the stars have on each of us. Today, therefore, after seeing if we can trust our partner and if we have chosen the right friend with whom to share joys and sorrows, we will find out if we have a good relationship with ourselves.

Do you have a good relationship with yourself? Find out based on your zodiac sign

Aries – A good relationship
Your way of life leads you to try to constantly improve yourself in order to always be the first in all or at least be able to aspire to be. This leads you to have a good relationship with yourself both in terms of your way of being and the aesthetic side that you like to take care of in order to make it better and better. In a nutshell you are an excellent friend of yourself, with a good self-esteem that for the small insecurities you have you know how to manage by showing yourself casual and more confident than you really are. A strategy that works great as no one ever notices the deception.

Taurus – A very good relationship
For you, life itself is like a school where you continuously practice to improve yourself. What you do regularly trying to always be as you would like and working on yourself from a character and physical point of view. If you don’t like yourself, you immediately start dieting or joining the gym and if you think you have some aspect of your character that needs improving, try to work on that too. Yours is a winning approach that makes you serene and that never represents an obsession because in the end you don’t demand so much from yourself, aspiring to a relaxing life and able to make you feel satisfied.

Gemini – A Good Enough Relationship
Although your frequent mood swings may make you think of something else, the relationship you have with yourself is pretty good even if it is constantly evolving. With the active life you lead and all the things you do to escape boredom, it is normal that your way of being is never the same. Just as it is normal that even the physical appearance conforms to your needs of the moment. Your multifaceted being therefore makes you difficult to frame for others but able to live at your best and always with a good awareness of yourself that, after all, you know yourself more than others can imagine.

Cancer – An Ambivalent Relationship
Understanding your relationship with yourself is difficult, especially for you. The truth is that if on the one hand you tend to love yourself and accept yourself as you are, on the other hand you feel a lot of competition and the fear of not living up to the expectations of others is like a trap from which it is really difficult for you to escape. This means that if on the one hand you tend to blame your shortcomings on life or on the people around you, on the other you need to have the right gratifications at least for what concerns your appearance that you tend to take care of sometimes in a way obsessive and use as a yardstick to understand how much you are worth to others. A wrong reasoning that often leads to losing sight of what really matters and can make you happy.

Leo – A wonderful relationship
The confidence you have in yourself is total to the point of making you a person proud and happy to be in the world. If on the one hand you approve of every single conquest made in life, on the other you tend to like yourself also aesthetically, even working hard to see the image you think you deserve in the mirror. Of course, sometimes this confidence makes you appear cold and not very empathetic towards others. A defect that even if you don’t know you have is there and that leads you to lose the human contact that would instead help you to be the best version of yourself. So every now and then try to look at others too and convey a little of your confidence and happiness. It is something you will find that you succeed better than you think.

Virgo – A very critical relationship
The truth is that your being a hypercritical person is also unleashed against you. Aware of your mistakes, you tend to be strict with yourself or, even worse, always in a bad mood. The thing is, you don’t like knowing that you have something wrong but for some strange reason you put up so much resistance that you can’t work with it as well as you could. This is true both for aesthetics but above all for your character which at times should be softened and rounded in the corners in order to make you more jovial with others and more aware of your means which are not as few as you think.

Libra – A peaceful relationship
In life you like that everything is in place and that everything shines with its own light showing its natural beauty. The thing, of course, also applies to you that every day you aim to give your best and show your best side to everyone around you. This continuous improvement and taking care of yourself leads you to have a good relationship with your image and, all in all, with your character. Of course, as with everything there are aspects of you that you don’t particularly love but you are more used to focusing on others, accepting that perfection, as beautiful as it would be, just doesn’t exist.

Scorpio – A fluctuating relationship
The relationship you have with yourself varies according to the circumstances and how you live in the moment. Basically you are a person who knows how to recognize their strengths as well as defects and who always aims to improve in life. On the other hand, you are also a born perfectionist and this often pushes you to be a little more strict than you should when instead you could forgive yourself for any shortcomings and look more at the things you can do. In short, the relationship you have with yourself is discreet but it could certainly be better. Working on it would therefore be a great way to get better with yourself and among others.

Sagittarius – A sparkling relationship
Your life is a swing of sensations that you love to live in full swing and that give you little room to judge yourself. That said, the relationship you have with yourself is very positive and often full of enthusiasm. You like yourself regardless because you like to feel alive and this is the most important aspect of all for you. Obviously, you do not disdain a pinch of vanity that pushes you to take care of your physical appearance. As for character, on the other hand, you tend to accept yourself with strengths and weaknesses, making them strengths not to hide but to live fully because they are an integral part of your way of being.

Capricorn – An average
relationship The relationship you have with yourself is devoid of ups and downs, walking a straight and continuous line made of calm acceptance. Of course, improving yourself is an aspect on which you count a lot but you always manage to do it without too much pressure, living everything with serenity and without expectations that are difficult to satisfy. In this way, any goal achieved will help you feel good about yourself and avoid unnecessary moments of discouragement. After all, your life is already too busy to even put that into it.

Aquarius – A pretty stable relationship
For better or worse, living quietly is the thing you care about the most. This leads you to not worry too much about how you appear to others or what you could do to improve yourself. You are who you are and you know you have positive and negative sides like everyone else and if you can tolerate others, the rest of the world can do the same to you, can’t they? And then, let’s face it, deep down you have a self-esteem that can always make you feel one step higher, which, in many cases, definitely works in your favor.

Pisces – A very emotional relationship
Your life is full of emotions so strong that it also affects the way you perceive yourself. For this reason, your acceptance of yourself mostly depends on what you are experiencing at the moment. If you’re in a great mood, you tend to look good, find yourself pretty, and even notice strengths. When things go wrong, however, you tend to throw yourself down and see only your flaws. An attitude that leads you too often not to be objective and to risk devaluing yourself. This is why you should try to work on yourself, on your self-esteem and above all on the ability not to be influenced by feelings. Being a little rational can make a difference at times.

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