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The Deep Wound You Inflict on Yourself, Depending on Your Zodiac Sign

Each zodiac sign self-sabotages in a certain way, depending on its defining traits. Find out how you block your only chance at happiness.

Perhaps the hardest thing to accept in life is the fact that we stand in the way of our happiness. Often, the failed relationships, strangulation, and frustrations we experience have nothing to do with other people, but with our limitations. How do you self-sabotage daily? Becoming aware of the patterns that make you fall into the same painful traps will help you improve all aspects of your life.

Here is the wound you inflict on yourself, depending on your zodiac sign:


You are not able to forgive yourself.

Your impulsive nature pushes you to make mistakes from time to time. When these mistakes affect the people you care about the most, you are not able to forgive yourself. You go on with your life, but you never get rid of the guilt.


You try too hard to change things that are out of your control.

It’s hard for you to accept that you can’t control everything and you accumulate a lot of frustrations. You are always haunted by what could go wrong.


You strive to please everyone and forget to please yourself.

You want to be pleasant and not bother anyone. You try to make those around you feel as good as possible in your presence, but you forget that you should be nice to yourself first. When you get home and are alone, you feel betrayed by yourself.


You don’t learn from the mistakes you made in the past.

You repeatedly make the same mistake. You don’t learn from the pain and suffering you’ve felt so many times and you willingly enter the same fire.


You are too proud to show your true feelings.

Your exaggerated pride prevents you from being truly free. If you are not able to show your true feelings, you will become their prisoner and you will lose important people for you.


You try endlessly to fix something that will never work.

Your perfectionist nature makes you get stuck in people and situations that cannot be repaired. Instead of moving on, you torture yourself trying to find solutions and waste precious energy.


You never put yourself first.

You make everyone else smile and feel better about themselves, but you never think about yourself. You are in last place on your list and that hurts, no matter how much appreciation you get from others.


You go back to something that hurts you.

Even though you know you have to move on, you can’t help but enter the dark cave of pain again and again. Something draws you there because you are a little masochist. You become addicted to the pain.


You are never happy with what you have.

You want the moon and the stars in the sky, but even if you got them, you would still want more. Your imagination has no limits, but that prevents you from enjoying what you have now.


You can’t let go of past mistakes.

The mistakes you made in the past still haunt you. Every step you take is influenced by what happened to you in the past, and that sabotages you most of the time.


Don’t let anyone help you in the hardest moments.

You think you don’t need anyone and you can’t let others get close in your most vulnerable moments. You are unable to recognize your vulnerability, and this affects your relationship with people.


You care too much about people who give you nothing in return.

The fact that you care and have so much to offer is not wrong; the problem is that you channel your energy toward people who don’t deserve this effort.

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