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Find out which are the most generous zodiac signs in love and which are not at all.

When we love each other we say that the extent of the feeling is rarely the same on both sides and that one of the two is almost always more in love, involved, or involved with the other person. This is a difficult aspect to establish because each person has within himself a complex world made up of actions but also of thoughts that often it is difficult to externalize.
Establishing who loves more than the other is, therefore, something very difficult (unless there is a clear difference within the couple) and that can vary according to the point of view from which you see. It is possible, however, to consider an aspect that is simpler and that in some way can be part of the way of externalizing feelings and it is about generosity. Each person has a different way of showing it and when it comes to love, it is probably more evident and easier to recognize. So today, after seeing how the various signs of the zodiac react to jealousy and which zodiac signs are made for lasting stories, we will find out which are the most generous zodiac signs in love. and which are the ones who, on the other hand, are not at all. Since this is something that has to do with the way of feeling things, the advice is to check the profile of the ascendant to better understand the various signs.

Horoscope: the zodiac signs generous in love and those who are little

Aries – Not so generous
Those born under the sign of Aries are people who love to spend themselves in love but who don’t particularly stand out for their generosity. When they appear easy-going or particularly kind, it is because they like to feel superior in their way. It is therefore a moment of vanity to which they like to give in from time to time. In general, however, they are particularly selfish and more inclined to please themselves than to make others happy and this is a detail that is close to them all too well to the point that they hardly notice it anymore.

Taurus – Generous at the right point
The natives of Taurus take a while to let go but when they are sincerely in love and blindly trust their partner they tend to open up, showing a generosity that is impossible to miss. In love with love, they delight in making the people they love happy and this is expressed more with their partner, especially if they have already fantasized about the possibility of building a life for two that can last over time. Being with them means living a relationship made of pampering and pleasant moments in which to be lulled and carried away by the sea of ​​feelings.

Gemini – Generous only when they feel like it
Those born under the sign of Gemini are fickle people and often fluctuate in their ways of doing. Their way of being generous is therefore also dependent on their emotional state and the type of relationship that binds them to others. In love, for example, they tend to give each other if they are in an excellent mood or if they have a relationship not only in love but also in friendship with their partner. Otherwise, as easy as possible and as available as possible, they never manage to give themselves completely, swinging moments of extreme generosity to others of total self-centeredness.

Cancer – Generous if they feel loved
The generosity of Cancerians is linked to the type of relationship they live. When they feel loved and know that they are the center of the world of the person they are with, they instinctively tend to be generous and offer what they can to their other half. Cuddles, moments of tenderness, and gestures aimed at transmitting love are what he does best, especially thanks to the romanticism they feed on every day. If the other person fails to give them what they want, however, they will have the bare minimum and a sort of deaf resentment that over time will create an insurmountable distance.

Leo – Generous if happy
Those born under the sign of Leo live to be happy and to feel fulfilled. For them, life is based on giving and take and they will be ready to show their generosity only if some steps have been taken on the other side. Reciprocating an important feeling is something that they particularly like and when they choose to do so, their well-being is such as to push them to continue. If they do not feel happy, however, generosity is replaced by a form of selfishness that risks becoming stronger and stronger, pruning them to restrain themselves and dedicate themselves only to themselves, the people who love more than anyone else.

Virgo – Generous Virgo
natives are quite generous but when they give themselves to others they expect a form of gratitude that if it doesn’t come in the right way makes them feel upset. For them, every smallest gesture should be recognized and reciprocated in the right way and when this does not happen they feel resentment that tends to grow over time, leading them to focus only on themselves. It is a modus operandi that they put into practice almost without realizing it but that is noticed by the other species when they are involved.

Libra – Generous enough
When they love, those born under the sign of Libra tend to be quite generous, especially if they feel they can trust their partner with whom they always hope to have a unique and indissoluble relationship. Lovers of beauty and everything that recalls the very concept of harmony, they dream of a feeling that can elevate them and when they think they are close to us, they open up, showing all their generosity which is not small, especially when compared to their being. often closed. For them, therefore, being generous is something that comes from within but they feel natural only when there are the right conditions without which, they prefer to stay on their own, avoiding exposing themselves to unnecessary suffering.

Scorpio – More Generous Than You Think
The natives of Scorpio have a reputation for being difficult people and in part, it can be said that this is also true. When they love, however, they tend to show themselves completely differently, revealing their most intimate part and showing a generosity that is difficult to attribute to them. For them, loving means giving themselves 100%, always being there, and working as a team with their partner. From the same, however, they end up expecting trust, altruism, and above all loyalty without which they could not go on. Being with them is like riding a roller coaster but if you give them what they ask for it will always be a pleasant ride. On the contrary, it will be a nightmare from which you will want to escape as soon as possible.

Sagittarius – Not Generous
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are people so focused on themselves that even when they think they are generous to others, they are just pampering themselves. This happens both with friends and with the partner towards whom they have concerns that end however when they do not get the desired feedback. For them, love is something to be shared but also to be experienced in a very personal way. The same thing they carry out in every context, to always feel in tune with themselves.

Capricorn – Not very generous
Capricorn natives love to consider themselves generous and they are quite so. When it comes to the facts, however, a lot depends on the time and circumstances in which they find themselves. If it is true that in love they tend to give and sometimes even to turn a blind eye for the sake of peace, it is also true that when they feel involved in the first person they cannot help but put themselves at the center of the situation and consider things first. everything from their point of view. When this happens every purpose tends to vanish, leaving it as the only prerogative to satisfy mainly oneself. Which, by the way, they’re pretty good at.

Aquarius – Almost not generous at all
Those born under the sign of Aquarius have a strictly personal vision of things and, useless to go around it, put themselves at the center of everything. Speaking of generosity, therefore, is quite complex in their case, especially when it comes to love. When they bond with someone they always manage to maintain a certain detachment that allows them not to get involved at all. This is also the main reason why they manage not to express generosity in the relationship. For them, loving must be a pleasure. Something capable of enriching their life and not impoverishing it. Being generous is something they would find out of context. Exceptional cases can depend on a very opposite ascendant to theirs and extreme circumstances or very high feelings towards the partner. For the rest,

Pisces – Too generous
The natives of Pisces are so ready to give and spend themselves in love that they are all too generous. For them, loving someone means making them happy and they are generally willing to do anything to do so. Sometimes they even go so far as to step aside, especially if the person involved makes them feel loved in turn and therefore part of something greater than they cannot in any way give up. Being with them means always receiving and feeling at the center of attention. And this is true for almost everyone. Their way of doing things could change only in the presence of people who show that they want to take advantage of it. As honest and pure of heart, Pisces can guess things ahead of time and this is also and above all in relationships, where when they feel disappointed they tend to close the door, mentally isolating themselves and raising walls that become more and more impassable with time, to the point of creating insurmountable distances. Generous yes, in short, but if this means being exploited.

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