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Aren’t you curious to find out how hot you are? Thanks to the ranking of the most passionate signs of the zodiac we will immediately discover the first five!

Perhaps, before deciding to say yes to that match you have to ask him what sign it is and also check our horoscope ranking for today.
You don’t want to end up with someone who isn’t passionate or adventurous at all, do you?

Today, in fact, we have decided to ask the opinion of stars and planets to draw up the ranking of the zodiac signs that are the wildest in the horoscope.
Aren’t you curious to know if you are in the rankings or if your partner (or the future such) earns a spot on the passionate list? Here are the top five positions today!

The most passionate signs of the zodiac: here is today’s horoscope ranking

Being passionate, we know well, is one of the characteristics that are most sought in others, especially in couple relationships. In fact, who would like to deal with a totally flat and inexpressive person, who never wants to do anything?

Of course, in addition to passion, there must also be a certain chemistry between two people but we know well that the horoscope can help us when we talk about personality characteristics. Today we decided to find out which are the most passionate signs of the zodiac: do you think you will be in the ranking?

Let’s find out together the first five positions and get to know the most passionate zodiac signs better. Today’s ranking could help us not only understand who we are in front of but also avoid bad burns!

Leo: fifth place

Even if such a “strong” sign should be higher in our ranking, those born under the sign of Leo deserve “only” the fifth place today.
In fact, Leo is a truly passionate sign but only in a few, very few moments in life.

Nothing can keep his attention alive for too long and surely a person never has this effect on Leo!
Leo, in fact, may be passionate about one of his many interests of him but even these are often replaced by a new, vibrant, passion. For Leo, passion is a burning flame: in an instant, instead of him, there is only ash and wind!

Pisces: fourth place

Pisces, despite their often decidedly “above the clouds” attitude, knows how to be truly passionate.
You don’t believe it, do you? So it means that a person born under the sign of Pisces has never courted you and has never shown you what kind of passions he can arouse in others!

Pisces, in fact, are extremely lively people who stimulate in others a desire for the passion that aims to equal theirs.
Often, however, the unfortunate who try to compete with Pisces end up succumbing to their genuine and unattainable passion for life!

Cancer: third place

Even those born under the sign of Cancer can and are extremely passionate when they want. Certainly, however, this is a sign capable of showing a strong passion especially when it comes to people and feelings.
We are not just talking about love, even if, in this field, Cancer can be disturbing and sensualmaternal and irreplaceable.

If you have ever enjoyed the friendship of a Cancer you have also discovered his complete passion in defending you with the sword, in helping you in any situation, and in attacking your enemies.
Cancer loves with all its heart and hates with all its body and brain: their ” disfavor ” of them can be truly frightening and chilling!

Aries: second place

Before handling an Aries remember to use oven gloves or to equip yourself with rather a strong aloe cream. The risk of getting burned, when you relate to an Aries, is really very high! Those born under this sign, in fact, are among the most passionate people in the zodiac: the stars say so!

Aries is a sign that often hides this characteristic; it absolutely never seems cold or unemotional but certainly, few know what kind of passion it is able to show off!

This is a sign with easy tears, capable of dramatizing everything and nothing, of wrapping you in its net and capturing you forever. Many believe they are right, thinking that the weaknesses that Aries exhibits are the key to “subduing them “. Aries, however, is far more passionate and completely out of control than she will ever show. Every day, with an Aries, is a surprise!

Capricorn: first place in the ranking of the most passionate signs of the zodiac

Before an army of zodiac lovers comes looking for us armed with pitchforks, we really need to clarify our position. Yes, Capricorn is the most passionate sign of the whole zodiac and for this reason, even if you will not be happy with it, we have decided to put it at the top of the ranking!

Capricorn is often and mistakenly mistaken for one of the coldest and least able to relate to others in the zodiacThe reason, of course, is only one: Capricorn is extremely passionatePassions, of course, are not only “ positive ”, we must recognize this.

Capricorn is a sign capable of feeling a cold hatred, a pungent indifference, or a love without borders, loyal, passionate, and disruptive! Anyone who does not stimulate his imagination or his feelings will always see him detached and uninterested; whoever is loved by Capricorn but then separates from him will experience both sides of your passionate character. In any case, we can assure you that, with Capricorn, you really get on a roller coaster!

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