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The stars predict a catastrophe on a sentimental level for these 3 zodiac signs. If your couple is in crisis, you could be separated by the end of the month.

Astrologers predict a radical sentimental change in the life of some zodiac signs. Most likely these 3 signs will suffer or decide to end a relationship that has been dragging on for some time and that does not see improvement.

If you are one of these 3 zodiac signs, be prepared to face a situation that will be resolved definitively by the end of March 2022 with a separation or divorce.

These 3 zodiac signs are likely to be single again by the end of the month

The astral configurations predict that some signs this month will close it with a balance that will mark a radical decision. After carefully evaluating their relationship and the attempts made to recover it as well as any paths not yet attempted, these 3 signs could decide to permanently close their union or suffer this decision made by the partner. What is certain is that these signs are in a phase of questioning and doubt that could prove lethal for those couples who have not been able to recover from a crisis in recent months. If you are part of these 3 signs perhaps you should stay calm and postpone any radical decisions until the next month.

Here are the three signs designated by astrologers who are likely to be single again by the end of March 2022:


Cancer is known for its great empathy. This usually very understanding sign could radically change in these last days and decide to give priority to itself. This sign could strongly feel the need to prioritize its spaces, its needs, and its introspection. In the last days of March, she will reflect on what she wants and if her current relationship is read as an impediment to the realization of her well-being then she may decide to separate or divorce. The stars advise Virgo to wait for the emotional storm to end before making final decisions to be sure that the assessments made will not be questioned. If you are sure you want to leave your partner you probably need to close an important chapter to start a new phase in your life that we wish you to be very promising.


This sign as we all know is ambivalent. Solar on the one hand and capricious on the other, the last days of the month will be particularly torn and this mix of his could make him feel alienated. Gemini’s mood swings are routine but will become unbearable for the partner in late March, so much so that he may opt for a separation or divorce and put an end to years of forbearance. At the root of this Gemini, disruption is a lack of self-confidence that will be accentuated during this period. Astrologers advise Gemini to work on self-esteem before the situation worsens. They are walking a tightrope and the partner has warned them several times not to be patient anymore.


We know this sign for its extreme precision and for being among the most demanding signs of the zodiac. Those who partner with a Virgo know that making them happy is extremely tiring. Added to this is the fact that in these last days of March he will be more touchy and irascible than usual. His mood swings could spark a lot of discussions. Virgo will be so out of control that she will seriously risk losing her loved one. This sign will make the mistake of blaming the partner for all the ills of her and the latter may decide that he has had enough and no longer want to bear the innumerable criticisms that Virgo is used to making. The stars advise the Virgin not to underestimate the saying of the rope: “By dint of pulling the rope breaks”.

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