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Despite Retrograde — These 3 Zodiac Signs Are About To Have The Best Week

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Last week harbored some chaotic energy thanks to the extremely emotional full moon in Cancer, so if you’re struggling with your New Year’s affirmations or resolutions, don’t fret. There is a reason, and it’s only being intensified by the current Mercury and Mars retrogrades. However, the Universe is lovingly stepping in, and it will start to pour a little balance back into this new year. Hold on out there, and don’t worry if you’ve been experiencing some disorientation, writer’s block, misunderstandings, etc — you are not alone.

Cosmically, this week is starting off on a light-hearted note as Venus begins to dance with her divine counterpart Mars, all while moving through Aquarius. This means that the planet of love, beauty, money and relationships, is going to be prioritizing freedom and independence. When this happens, social and collaborative energy is intensified, and experimentation and empowerment are favored by the cosmos.

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Mars, however, is going to continue retrograding through Gemini, meaning that a lot of signs will have an eye-opening encounter with their past. It is advised that all signs practice their discernment, which simply translates to — please don’t text your exes. Or do, just be gentle with your hearts. (But … don’t.)

When the moon enters Virgo on the 10th, you are being encouraged to step outside of your comfort zone. Taking risks when it comes to your daily routines or your health habits could benefit you deeply during this transit, and could help to energize you in unique ways. Be on the lookout for opportunities to shake up your patterns — you might just discover something beautiful.

However — if your sun sign and/or rising sign happens to fall under any of the below zodiac signs, your week is going to be extra special. Here’s why:

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Gemini — the energy in your life hasn’t exactly been light over the last few weeks, mainly due to the Mars retrograde. It might have felt like you would never shake it, but you’re in luck this week as that comes to a close on the 12th. You’re going to feel lighter, and you’ll start to feel more grounded and confident as the days press forward.

Despite the rocky start to the year, you’re going to understand why you had to navigate this recent disorienting energy, and a lot of clarity is going to flood into your life. You’ll start to read between the lines, and a lot of truths are going to bubble to the surface for you. Closure brings new perspectives, and when Venus dances through Aquarius your ninth house of expansive adventure ignites, and you are going to be spilling over with newfound hope and confidence in the future. Gemini, this week is your guiding light. Release all the heaviness you’re carrying within yourself, and watch how the Universe fills your cup.

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Libra — your charm is dazzling this week. Your celestial ruler, Venus, is transiting through your sister-sign Aquarius, which is activating your exuberant fifth house of love, passion, and creativity. On January 9th, Venus will start to circle through Mars, and your relationship sector, alongside your sense of adventure, are going to be deeply magnetized.

Whether you’re choosing to use this energy to captivate those around you, or utilizing it to call in the kind of love that has been on your mind lately, the energy surrounding you right now is extremely stimulating, and there is a synergy within your world this week that feels like a muse. When the Moon slips into Scorpio and your money sector on the 15th, themes related to your finances and your self worth are also going to experience a surge of inspiration. Everything is being ignited in your life right now, Libra. Buckle up!

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Aquarius — this week is all about giving back to yourself. When was the last time you truly rested, and indulged a little? Doing the things that bring you back home to yourself are important right now, and when Venus is dazzling through your sign, you’re going to feel empowered to seek out a little more decadence in your life. Venus will be harmonizing with the Mars retrograde, and your fifth house of love, passion, and self expression is going to be highlighted on January 9th. This is the perfect opportunity for you to slow down, and to partake in old hobbies, or to even message that person you have had your eye on.

Right now, you may feel inspired to harness the current energy in your life in a creative way. Listen to the part of yourself that dreams, and go in the direction of the things you want to build within your life. The Universe is working hard to release any stagnancy in your life, and it wants you to choose yourself, and to focus on your unique talents and desires. Don’t let it down, Aquarius.

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