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If you were born under one of these three zodiac signs, know that bad news could come. Someone will break your heart

Receiving bad news is never good, especially when it comes to sentimental matters. Forgetting a disappointment in love is impossible, even if it often helps to “keep fit” for the rest of one’s life. How do you react when someone breaks your heart? Are you someone who quickly becomes melancholy or do you react with anger?

Some zodiac signs are bound to receive some bad news this summer. In particular, these three zodiac signs will suffer for love: someone will break their heart and it will be important to be ready. Hoping your sign isn’t on this list, here are the zodiac signs someone will break their hearts for this summer. Do you think your sign is on the podium?

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The zodiac signs someone will break their hearts

Aquarius : in third place in the ranking we find the sign of Aquarius. Those born under this sign of the zodiac do not get along with everyone and this aspect can ruin some relationships, especially in the sentimental sphere. This sign is very romantic and can’t handle a disappointment in love, because they trust the person around them too much. Aquarius would react badly if left, better be ready, you never know!

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Sagittarius : in second place in the ranking is the sign of Sagittarius. Those who belong to this sign of the zodiac easily become a betrayal but suffer a lot if someone breaks their heart. This sign may not be reciprocated by someone in the next few weeks and will have to learn to manage the sensations caused by this big disappointment. There will be time to find the right person but now you absolutely must not get down. Enjoy the summer, if he doesn’t want you it’s his problem.

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Cancer : the first place in the ranking is occupied by the sign of Cancer. People born under this sign of the zodiac are experiencing a particularly stormy time with their partner. Things have not been going well for some time and a separation will be inevitable. Cancer may find themselves heartbroken at any moment but should understand that a relationship that has long since ended cannot be dragged to the bitter end.

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