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Are you by any chance one of those zodiac signs who always pull too hard? Let’s find out right away with today’s horoscope ranking: who knows if you are not in the first place!

Surely someone, in particular, comes to mind if you think of the expression ” too tight a rope “. Maybe it’s that high school classmate who addressed professors in a way that scared you or that colleague who could do anything but work. Who knows, maybe you too, once or in a while, have “pulled the rope a little too much” annoying your partner or your siblings. Today’s horoscope ranking will reveal the truth: will you be there too?

The zodiac signs that always pull the rope too much: here is today’s ranking

Irreverent, spiteful but also really too exaggerated.
The zodiac signs who always pull too hard are people you can’t joke with: you never know how far they will push the prank!

If you know one of the people in today‘s ranking means that you also know the “worst” side of their joke. Always take everything to the extreme, always ask for a little more than they might not get, just to see how it goes.

The zodiac signs who always pull too hard are people who may very well avoid behaving the way they already do.
There is only one problem: they don’t want to! They like to be the ones who always create a little bit of drama.
Let’s find out what are the top five positions?

Capricorn: fifth place

Such as? Are those born under the sign of Capricorn, who always seem so blameless and staid, to be found in today’s horoscope ranking? Well yes, dear Capricorns, you know very well that, when you want, you are truly able to pull the famous rope too much and too hard!

Capricorns are people who when they are at ease, especially in romantic relationships, end up becoming real ” pullers ” of ropes.
They do it to test you and also because they don’t know other ways to vent their emotions: funny, right? (Er, the answer is: no!).

Aries: fourth place

Aries also really like to pull the rope. So much so that they do it often and willingly, in an attempt to see what your reaction will be!
Aries like to see how others behave when they have been put in really difficult situations.

For this reason, dating an Aries means having to endure all the small or big problems that the Aries decides to be important at that moment!
You cannot escape an Aries who has decided to pull the rope with you: he will drive you crazy with his questions and his way of doing and then he will make you feel guilty if you dare to tell him something!

Cancer: third place

Dear Cancer, how could you miss in the ranking of the zodiac signs that always pull the rope too much?
You know very well that you are people who can’t wait to test the feelings of others, no matter whether they are friends, family or boyfriends!

Cancers are people who tend to pull the rope to make sure that those close to them are in some way .. worthy!
By dint of doing these “tests”, however, Cancers always end up exaggerating: shoot today and shoot tomorrow, sooner or later someone gets offended!
Cheer up, dear Cancerians: you could have ended up in the ranking of zodiac signs always upset … unless you are already there!

Leo: second place

We could have expected that Leos are people who often pull the rope. Accustomed as they are to always being the center of attention, those born under the sign of Leo are people who struggle to behave … without pulling too hard!

For Leo, being particularly demanding is a kind of life insurance. Pulling too hard ensures that he only deals with people who are worth it… right?

Leos are like this: for them, there is no one more important (also and above all in the lives of others) than Leos themselves.
That’s why they pull the rope: they think it’s normal to be able to afford to overdo it in any case!

Virgo: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that always pull too hard

Finally, we arrive at the first place in our ranking today: there you are, dear Virgo!
Accustomed as you are to always being “served and revered” by the people around you, it is no surprise that you always pull too hard … right?

The Virgin is a sign that has no problem being ” demanding “. Both when she is joking and also when she is serious, it is perfectly normal for Virgo to pull the rope.
Indeed, she expects others to do the same with her!

If you are dealing with a Virgo be prepared for requests that will seem truly out of the ordinary, impossible to execute, and completely exaggerated.
For Virgo they are normal administration and, as soon as she sees you “give in”, she will take a note of her in her mental archive of her … we assure you that it is very vast!

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