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Find out how honest the signs of the zodiac are and what to expect from each of them.

When it comes to people and their characteristics, one of the most difficult to find and recognize is certainly honesty. Everyone pretends to be honest people but in reality, finding that they are is increasingly difficult. There is also the fact that honesty is something much broader than you think and that it is not always found in all situations. Thus, there can be people who are honest with themselves, others who are honest in their work, others who are honest in love, etc… Being honest depends on many things and not always only goodness is involved.

You can be honest with those you love but consider yourself at war with the rest of the world, act honestly only with people you deem deserving of this, and choose not to be so with anyone. What matters is learning to recognize what sets truly honest people apart from those who just pretend to be. And to do this it can be useful to consider the zodiac sign and, of course, the ascendant, of those around us. At least in part whether or not to be honest also depends on this detail.

The zodiac signs that are honest and those that are not at all

Aries – Those who are honest only when they have to say what they think
Those born under the zodiac sign of Aries are not among the most honest people in the zodiac. Highly competitive and always ready to aim for the goal, they can deceive those in front of them and everything just to be able to take a few more steps towards their goal. When it comes to saying what they think, however, the natives of the sign end up being more honest than ever. And they are to the point of being almost brazen and heedless of the feelings of others. The truth is, they don’t know how to keep things to themselves. And this aspect tends to emerge often, also giving a false illusion that they are people you can always trust. The truth is, it is very important to learn to be careful in their presence. Aware of the impression they make, they tend to take advantage of it to set traps at the first opportunity.

Taurus – Those who are honest with the people they love
Although they are usually calm and always well disposed towards others, the natives of Taurus also know how to deceive those around them. And if they feel they have to do it, they don’t hesitate of any kind. Their honesty only emerges with the people they love and trust blindly. With close friends, relatives, and long-time partners, they give their best. In general, however, it is not always to be trusted. Even if they are not used to tailor-made lies, the natives of the sign are very good at deceiving the truth, inserting variations that in the long run represent great lies. One thing they do so well and with such innocent ways is not to instill the slightest doubt in those who are listening to them. A detail to which it is good to pay attention,

Gemini – Those who are honest only when they want
Those born under the sign of Gemini are famous among the signs usually best at deceiving others. This is because they know how to do it in ways that are difficult to grasp and always acting after having won the trust of others. This attitude, which belongs to him from various points of view, tends to manifest itself according to the mood and circumstances of the moment. They usually tend to be dishonest with people they don’t care about or have disagreed with about something. If relationships are good, they always strive to maintain a certain underlying honesty and all because they know that if they start to break this covenant with themselves, they risk losing control of it. Fortunately, these are signs that can know each other enough to understand how to move from time to time and to get to make important decisions even thinking about the relationships they have with others. Certainly, however, figuring out if and when they are lying or when they are having dishonest behavior is difficult. And this is what if you have known them for a long time.

Cancer – Those who are honest in small doses
The natives of Cancer are not among the most honest signs of the zodiac. This is because even if they rarely manage to lie completely, they usually tell many small lies that mix with as many small truths. All mixed with omissions of different types leads them to create rather dubious situations which are difficult to control. So, even if their way of doing it may suggest that they are always sincere, it is good to remember that the natives of the sign have their moral conduct. And if they decide that someone deserves unethical actions on their part, they are ready to do them without feeling the slightest guilt. Indeed, in doing so they will always act with a smile and in completely unsuspected ways. Which they are ready to do even with people they love but with whom they disagree or in the middle of a fight. Aspect to always remember when dealing with them.

Leo – Those who do not stand out for honesty
Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo are not dishonest. It must be said, however, that they are not even people who stand out for their honesty. When they have to do with others, they always try to pull water at their mill. And if they need to manipulate things to do it, they don’t hesitate to do it. This, therefore, leads them to rarely be completely sincere and to reserve treatments for others that are more related to their moments of need than to the relationship between them. Trusting 100% is therefore never recommended. And this is because, as sincere as it may appear, they are people whose mind is always in turmoil. This means that at any moment there may be some surprises that need to be managed and that it will be quite natural for them to have put in place. After all, in love and war, everything is fair.

Virgo – Those who are honest on the surface
Virgo natives are not among those who can be called dishonest. Nevertheless, they do not even stand out for honesty. Their way of understanding life is very particular and makes them people who must be taken from time to time and according to the situation of the moment. Although they always say what they think, the natives of the sign are always ready to change the cards on the table to make things turn in their favor. They do not like to lose and even less to pass for those who are in the wrong. And this particular makes them more in need than ever to change things. An attitude that they implement first of all with themselves, justifying themselves and creating a reality that is only theirs and that is comfortable for their mind. A reality on which all the things they will do and say depend. Well, even if they do not always do it consciously, to make true what they have decided to believe they are ready for everyone, even to be not very honest with those around them. An attitude that is in some ways dangerous but, fortunately, also quite predictable.

Libra – Those who are fairly honest
Those born under the zodiac sign of Librathey love to live their life with serenity. For this reason, they try to spend their time building relationships that have value. To do this, they always strive to be honest and to maintain a certain underlying honesty. The attitude they expect from others as well. Of them, it can therefore be said that they are quite honest even if this way of being can change (and even quickly) in front of people who do not seem to appreciate it. Although they are used to dismiss people who they consider uncomfortable or unsuitable for them, the natives of Libra, if cornered, can decide to assert themselves. And when this happens they may, albeit sporadically, have some less honest attitude than usual. Leaving aside the few and due exceptions, however, within the zodiac they remain among the most honest signs of all.

Scorpio – Those who are honest, except with enemies
The natives of Scorpio are among the most honest signs of the zodiac. Lovers of truth, usually carry it forward with conviction. This makes them one of the signs that can be trusted the most and from which to always expect honest attitudes. Even when in trouble, they always tend to keep their word, keep the secrets of others and always act in the light of the sun. Their attitude changes only when they are faced with people who have harmed them. Vengeful as they are the natives of the sign have a different way of acting towards those they consider enemies. This means that while always remaining honest, they give themselves a few more licenses if it can guarantee them the satisfaction of revenge. This is an aspect to always keep in mind because if they want, those born under the sign of Scorpio, can be incredibly dangerous. And what is holding them back is, often and willingly, their need for honesty. A
need that in very rare cases they can put aside.

Sagittarius – Those who are not always honest
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius have a good relationship with honesty and when they can (in addition to demanding it) they try to implement it. However, this does not make them totally honest signs, placing them more or less halfway between those who are and those who are not at all. It all depends on their always wanting to prevail and appear better than others. If they have to change things up a bit and tell a few lies to do that, they are more than ready to do it. Fortunately, this is behavior they don’t always engage in. And when they manage to do without it they turn out to be people, after all, quite honest, at least with the people they love. When it comes to strangers, things change a lot. Distrustful by nature, in fact, before starting to open up and treat those in front of them with the right honesty,

Capricorn – Those who are rarely honest
The natives of Capricorn, a bit surprising given the idea they give to just looking at them, are among those signs that are too often between honesty and dishonesty. While not reaching who knows what excesses the natives of the sign have a particular vision of life. This leads them to behave as best they can but without going too crazy. If they do, then, they don’t hesitate to act for their best. And if that means stepping over someone, they do it without fretting too much. The natives of the sign, in fact, among other things are also very good at manipulating situations to make them turn to their advantage. Something they don’t feel guilty about and almost seem to be proud of. For them, what matters is to have the upper hand in every situation. And if they have to come to terms with their moral integrity to achieve the hoped-for successes, they are always ready to consider the pros and cons and eventually launch themselves completely. An aspect that those who frequent them should always keep in mind.

Aquarius – Those who are never quite honest
Those born under the Aquarius zodiac sign hardly care about how they may appear to others. This means that in all circumstances they are more predisposed to think about themselves than anything else. Theirs is a way of doing things that constantly jeopardize their underlying honesty. And all because, regardless of others, they have no parameters on which to base themselves. That said, if they don’t have real reasons, they don’t usually act dishonestly just for pleasure. Otherwise, however, they do not hold back, and if in situations that are important to them they are ready to give their worst. In these cases, lying, manipulating facts and situations, and omitting important information are just some of the things they are willing to do. And this can happen both with simple acquaintances and with their loved ones. What matters to them, after all, is that they feel good in their world.

Pisces – Those who are incredibly honest
The natives of Pisces are among the most honest signs of the zodiac. For them, honesty is a moral issue for which they have a lot of attention. In everyday life, they continually strive to give their best and always show themselves up to the situation. One thing they do not do for others but only to feel in harmony with themselves. For this reason, it is really difficult to see them acting dishonestly or unfairly towards someone. It is a way of being that some mistakenly confuse with weakness. And that instead represents one of their greatest strengths. Always able to say what they think, the natives of Pisces are perfectly able to know and understand each other. And at the same time, they seem to understand the world and everyone around them. Their honesty is unique and able to make them the best version of themselves. And the rare times they have to act against their principles are usually for the greater good. A test that helps them grow and become stronger and stronger. Pisces natives expect just as much honesty from others. And when this is disregarded, they tend to feel bad about it, ending all relationships.

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