Find out which autumn look is best for top hair. The opinion of the stars sign by sign.

With the arrival of autumn, the desire to change your look and renew yourself is on time as every year and concerns both clothing, make-up and hair. Dwelling on the latter, the arrival of more sparkling temperatures, the change of clothes, and a lifestyle different from the summer one, push us to change and want to feel different. And what better way to do it than to cut it out or even change its color? Since the way of seeing oneself and the style with which to feel most at ease are influenced by the stars, after having seen which is the right man for each woman of the zodiac and what are the characteristics of those born under the sign of Libra, we will find out what is the most suitable hair look for this new season, to see yourself more beautiful and feel at ease in every situation. Since we are talking about ways of being and feeling, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant.

Horoscope: the perfect hair for the fall season for every zodiac sign

Aries – A medium and cheeky cut
Short hair in autumn could end up getting tired quickly but the desire to give it a cut is always around the corner. For this reason, the most suitable choice is that of a medium cut, of those frayed able to make you look feminine and allow you to feel practical and therefore able to face any situation without feeling uncomfortable. With a cut like this, you will feel glamorous at the right point for your worldly outings and all without giving up your innate need for comfort that pushes you to choose quite spartan looks very often.

Taurus – A hit of color
To face autumn perfectly at ease, the best thing you can do to your hair is to change color. This will make you feel different than usual, giving you a feeling of novelty that you will appreciate that will inspire you to renew the rest of your look a little too. If you have short hair you can opt for a fringe to be arranged differently each time. Otherwise, just style your hair and the effect will certainly be incredible, especially if combined with clothing that makes you feel in tune with the new season, with which you have always managed to get particularly in tune.

Gemini – Highlights
A winning choice for your hair? Make highlights that allow you to change highlights several times so that you always have different strands of hair. You could start with a warm orange for autumn, then move on to a copper for the winter, or even try stronger colors like purple or an even more extreme pink. Being able to constantly change color will make you feel at ease, allowing you to never get tired of your image that you can change more with always different hairstyles or, in the case of short hair, with the use of headbands, hair, or scarves. The choices available to you are many and varied and you just need to follow the instinct of the moment to always be at the top and, consequently, happy.

Cancer – A special hair care
To be honest, it doesn’t need to twist your hair somehow to feel different or more in tune with autumn. After the summer, however, special care based on keratin or products that can make your hair softer, will help you feel more beautiful and appreciate your image in the mirror more. If your hair requires it, you can cut the most damaged ends, adjusting the cut a little bit without making major changes. Seeing yourself as always is the best thing, as long as you can come to a better version of yourself.

Leo – A new cut
For you, any excuse is a good one to change your look and bring a little innovation to your image. Thus, with the arrival of autumn, you could feel in full shape thanks to a different cut than usual that maintains the current lengths but plays with volumes and with the final result. Going for a fringe or creating a fringe where there is none could be a perfect solution to give you that extra touch. A side tuft could also be for you. Even better if, thanks to a brush and a hairdryer, you will be able to play with the cut to obtain always different effects. After all, amazement is what interests you the most, isn’t it?

Virgo – Just a little fix Upset
changes are not for you and on occasions like the change of season, the thing that suits you best is a session at the hairdresser that allows you to take care of your image without changing anything. Just keep the cut and color, but take them back, to have a more orderly effect than usual. In this way, you will feel new and ready to dive into the new season and the many commitments that characterize it. If you already have a color, you can opt for the same one, perhaps with a lighter or brighter shade, to have that extra touch that will help you feel different without excess, even if it doesn’t stand out much.

Libra – An illuminating film for the hair
Your hair is certainly already in order. After the summer holidays, however, a nice cure is the most pleasant thing you can give yourself. Applying protective films or special creams that can make the hair brighter will be more than enough way to feel radiant. A gloss effect, for example, could brighten you more than you think, making you feel beautiful and making you appreciate more the image that the mirror sends back to you. In this way, you will feel more than ready for the new autumn challenges and the change of clothing that you will find even more fun because it is supported by simply perfect hair.

Scorpio – A nice fringe
Want to change your look? The change of season often leads you to this need, however blocking you for fear of changing your image too much. A good solution could be that of a fringe to be cut long on the eyes and to be managed both as a fringe and as a tuft. In this way, you will perceive yourself differently without changing your usual cut much. To this, you can choose to combine a good highlighter, to give more shine to your hair and to see you more cared for and perfect for the new clothes you are already starting to wear. A more than perfect way to embrace the new season, which goes well with your way of being.

Sagittarius – A shorter cut
As always against the tide, the way to feel more comfortable this season is to give your hair a nice cut to experiment with something new. This way you will feel stylish and be happy to perceive your different image in the mirror. This will give you a breath of fresh air that will make you feel like just before a trip, leading you to appreciate more all the news you will encounter and that you will live with more energy. Even a new color could give you an extra boost, especially if, while remaining on the usual one, you will find a way to revive it, playing on tones.

Capricorn – The Longest Hair
If you have a shortcut, a good choice may be to apply strands that make you feel long hair again. It will be a momentary change, which will make you feel more glamorous without having to go after the care that long hair requires. New hairstyles will allow you to experiment and play with different looks, some more suitable for everyday life, others at work, and still others for mundane moments. That way you’ll always be on the spot, more aware than ever of your image, and with multiple ways to introduce yourself to others at your fingertips.

Aquarius – A classic cut
To you who love to amaze and always go against the tide, a classic cut and completely different from the fashionable ones is what suits you best for the autumn season. Whether it is long or short, you will surely know how to always make it perfect for your style, thus accentuating your character and the ability to always look your best by simply being yourself. A bright color that plays with slightly strong shades could give you that extra touch, making your cut more than glamorous, emphasizing your way of always being over the top but at the same time classic as few could do.

Pisces – A jaunty cut
For you who love to always feel at ease and create a style that looks like a good mix between hairstyle and clothing, the jaunty cut can be the perfect choice for autumn in which you feel freer than ever but at the same time chic and able to look elegant too. You can opt for both medium and medium-long lengths, mostly playing with a layering that allows some movement to the hair, such as to allow them to appear casually messy or to be styled in a little more sophisticated way but never too much. formal. This is a cut that you could make even perkier with the use of color. The most suitable for the season? Those tending to mahogany or if you prefer darker tones to chocolate, warm and sensual at the right point.

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