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The zodiac signs they never listen to are truly terrible: they always ask you for help but, then, they go their own way every time. They can really drive you crazy!

Come on, tell us the truth: it was enough for you to read about people who ” don’t listen ” to immediately think of that friend of yours who breaks up and gets back together with her boyfriend every week. On Friday night she cries on her shoulder, preventing you from going out because you have to comfort her at home. Saturday is with you at the disco, ready to go wild. For Sunday brunch, plan a girls-only vacation in Greece and make plans to meet up in the afternoon for some shopping. After lunch she starts not responding to messages and in the evening you get the confirmation: she has not listened to any of your advice or your input and has just returned with her ex. Sigh: But to you, who makes you do it?

The zodiac signs that never listen: find out who is in today’s ranking

How many times have you had to deal with people who, no matter what you are talking about, simply  do not listen to you ?
Maybe it’s your boss , a colleague , or a particularly stubborn friend .

Only one thing is sure: while you try in every way to pass a little common sense, for them it is only important … not to listen to you !
They pretend to do so and, in the meantime, have already decided how to behave.
Today we thought, therefore, of proposed the classification of the zodiac signs that never listen . Who knows that you will not find among them friends, relatives or boyfriends with whom you can stop wasting your breath !

Capricorn: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Capricorn are often people convinced that they really have the truth in their pocket .
They never question themselves and, even if they ask you for advice, deep down they have already decided what they want to do.

For Capricorns , listening to others is often a waste of time: why hear the opinion of others when the only ones who really know how things are are Capricorns themselves?
We have to break a lance in their favor, though: Capricorns are also able to admit they were wrong not to listen to you (sometimes).

Gemini: fourth place

Listen? And who? Because?
Those born under the sign of Gemini are very famous activators of the so-called ” deaf ears “. They listen when they want to listen or when they want you to believe that your opinion matters and then when they act … they forget everything!

Geminis are particularly creative, free and unruly people: they do what they want when they want and they certainly don’t listen to your advice!
Dealing with a Gemini can be really tiring so we urge you to really treat them with a grain of salt (and don’t waste too many tips on them).

Aquarius: third place

Is there anyone in the world more convinced than Aquarians that they are always right? We would like to meet him since the Aquarius are people practically impossible to reason .
For an Aquarius there is no advice that he takes: no one is able to help them but themselves!

Aquarians are like this: they don’t listen because you have no idea what they need! (Or, at least, that’s what they believe).
Even Aquarius , however, are able to realize when they make mistakes and often come back with their tails between their legs . Your advice, however, will not listen to them anyway!

Leo: second place

We have now ascertained that those born under the sign of Leo are particularly arrogant people and convinced that they are always on the side of reason.
Hey, dear Leos , don’t be mad: do you always want to be in the spotlight? There are some downsides and, in this case, it has to do with your flaws. They are there for all to see!

Leos are people who are particularly convinced that they are always right and can never make mistakes .
For this reason they are in second place in our ranking of the zodiac signs that do not listen : the person who will be able to be heard by Leos has yet to be born !

Dear Leos , we know that you consider it practically an offense to have to stoop to accept the advice of a friend but don’t think that friends are just there to… give you a hand ?

Aries: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that never listen

The more empathic zodiac signs of the zodiac would do better to keep away from Aries . Those born under this sign, in fact, are in first place in our ranking of the zodiac signs that never listen !

Aries are the classic example we talked about at the beginning of this article. They ask you for advice and always want to be with you… until the wheel turns and they can go back to doing whatever they want!
Hey, dear Aries , don’t be angry: at least have the honesty to acknowledge that you behave like this!

For Aries , not listening to others is a fact that has nothing to do with respect. They are simply people who tend to listen only to themselves, ignoring others.

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