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Discover the jeans that best suits your way of being according to the horoscope.

Who doesn’t have at least one pair of jeans in their wardrobe? The perfect garment to wear in any circumstance (or almost), jeans lend themselves to different looks and combinations and, like a good quick-change garment, it adapts to the day and evening by becoming sporty or super elegant. Almost all women are fascinated by it and this means having more than one model available. After all, there are so many to choose from. And here the problem arises. How to address the choice? Sometimes we let ourselves be guided by the mirror, looking for the one that fits best, but it may happen that there are models so similar to each other that the aesthetic differences are very few. What to do in these cases? If you feel like playing a little, after you could try to read which jeans the stars recommend you. And who knows, on the next trip to your favorite store you won’t find your perfect model. After all, trying doesn’t hurt, right?

Jeans for every zodiac sign

Aries – The low-rise jeans
For you, the most suitable jeans should be comfortable and able to offer you an excellent experience in terms of movement. For this purpose, palazzo jeans lend themselves well but lack that touch of femininity that is essential to you to feel truly at ease. Here, then, that the low-waisted jeans takes over which, regardless of the model, manages to focus attention on a part of you and, especially in summer, manages to make you feel to the fullest, while also being comfortable. Which, of course, does not hurt.

Taurus – The flared jeans
Your being always tied in some way to tradition makes you the perfect candidate to wear the classic flared jeans. A real must never really gone out of fashion and able to return to alternate cycles, bringing with it something new that you can capture to make a look even more intriguing that, regardless, is destined to fit you perfectly.

Cufflinks – Jeans with applicable decorations
For you, even jeans must always be able to look differently. The perfect one for you, therefore, is not found in a specific model but in a style that, in your case, must be able to change whenever you wish. A jeans with rips can be a good example but the best option is to accessorize the jeans of your dreams by yourself, choosing patches, rhinestones and other decorations to insert and if possible replace if necessary, or when you are already tired and you will want something new.

Cancer – Shorts
Your being feminine leads you to be at the top with a pair of shorts or a dungaree all in jeans. A look that you can obviously show off only in the summer but that in winter can be translated into a pair of tight jeans ready to highlight your curves without ever exaggerating. In addition, a nice shorts are the best you could wish for on hot days, especially those spent at home lounging around or enjoying a short afternoon walk.

Leo – Skinny Jeans
Never say you can’t look your best even when wearing just a pair of jeans. What is better, then, if not a tight-fitting model capable of enhancing your femininity and embellishing your look? After all, skinny jeans lend themselves to practically every look, they look good both with boots and with high heels and in the latter case will give you momentum, making you perfect for a social evening in which to look casual but always trendy. In short, in your case, this is the practically perfect model.

Virgo – The regular jeans
Your being meticulous and not very accustomed to following certain fashions makes you the best person to wear regular jeans. This model, in fact, is comfortable, without too many pretensions and lends itself to being worn without particular thoughts. Just what you need from a jeans. If you’re not wearing it already, it’s definitely worth a try, isn’t it?

Libra – The embroidered jeans
For someone like you, always attentive to beauty, a jeans alone is too simple to be worn on various occasions. Therefore, it is better to opt for a model that has embroideries on which to focus attention, perhaps combining bags and shoes with the same colors as the designs of your jeans. A way like any other to always be on the spot and to always bring a little elegance with you.

Scorpio – The boot-cut jeans
This is a straight jeans that tends to flare at the bottom. The perfect trousers to wear with boots or with boots to put under. A look that goes well with those born under the sign of Scorpio who alternate an aggressive temperament with a decidedly sweeter soul than what they tend to show. A jeans that can be adapted to any occasion is therefore the most suitable to be chosen and worn by you too.

Sagittarius – The alternative jeans
It doesn’t matter what, but your jeans must look different and possibly whimsical. For a look suitable for you you need an undoubtedly sporty model perhaps with some studs or with particular designs and able to make you feel fully at ease with what you wear.

Capricorn – The trendy jeans
What matters most to you is that the jeans are trendy and make you feel at the top on every occasion. No problem with the choice of the model, therefore, as long as this is the latest and able to make you competitive in its comfort. After all, any jeans are comfortable for you and the only thing you really need to worry about is their ability to be on trend.

Aquarius – The jeans with many pockets
A jeans with many pockets is what suits you best, allowing you to carry a lipstick or handkerchiefs with you even when you choose not to want a bag. In some cases, practicality is very important and a jeans is born to be both comfortable and practical. So why not just ask for a few more pockets?

Pisces – The short ankle-length jeans
In the summer, what makes you feel particularly at ease are the jeans that stop shortly after the calf leaving the ankle uncovered. A way to look more charming even just wearing a pair of jeans. In fact, it is enough to change the shirt and accessories to go from a sporty look to a much cooler one, especially if combined with the right shoe. And all without ever distorting your jaunty and at the same time feminine air.

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