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According to astrology, our karma can depend on our zodiac sign. Find out more

According to Hindu philosophy, the fate of every living thing is influenced by karma. This law resulting from Indian thought induces that every action has consequences on the events to come. Therefore, a previous life could affect our current life if our behavior was virtuous.

“I don’t know what’s happening to me now. I must have bad karma ”. This phrase, often tainted with a hint of irony, makes sense if one adheres to Hindu beliefs. These are also similar to the Judeo-Christian ideals that every evil deed never fails to be sanctioned. According to the celestial configurations, each sign of the zodiac has specific karma that conditions its destiny. Here’s yours

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The natives of this sign lack a lot of patience and have the ability to become easily irascible. This readiness to anger can go against their interests and bog them down in sensitive situations. Aries should work on their impulsiveness as they may face a formidable opponent.

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Bulls are consistently stubborn enough to appear limited. This propensity to do only what is on their mind can have a strong impact on their relationships that are in danger of breaking up. The loneliness that will fall on him risks making him lose the security typical of the natives of this sign.

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Sparse and distracted, Gemini will lack focus which will seriously affect their life. Their inability to take things seriously will lead to the failure of their projects.

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Cancer tends to be perpetually nostalgic. This visceral attachment to the traumas of the past will lead them to neglect their present which will be tinged with regret and bitterness.

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Leo’s lack of humility will not be without consequences. This tendency to rest on our laurels will leave the adversaries of the natives of this sign free to overcome them.

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Virgo is extremely hard on herself. This obsession with control will prevent them from relishing the small victories of everyday life.

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The passivity of Libra will tend to drag them into a vicious circle. Without positive initiatives, natives of this sign cannot hope to reap the rewards of success.

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The vengeful side of Scorpios will inevitably end up shooting them in the foot. To sow hatred, we end up reaping hatred, the natives of this sign will, unfortunately, learn this lesson the hard way.

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Sagittarius’ boundless spontaneity can prove to be an obstacle to their success. They should be careful not to say anything they think, or they will be suspicious of those who test them.

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The paranoid instinct of Capricorn will inevitably play against him. They expect so much to be betrayed that they will eventually provoke this event without even realizing it.

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Aquariums tend to be ruled by their jagged moods. This willingness to react to their emotions can compromise the feasibility of their projects.

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Pisces’ expectant attitude can be a real hindrance to their personal development. Water natives can be overwhelmed by events if they don’t show a sense of initiative.

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