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Find out how to recover after a disappointment in love based on your zodiac sign.

Suffering for love is a painful experience that no one likes to have. One feels lonely, depressed, empty, and unable to feel positive emotions. Which becomes even more serious when the suffering comes from a refusal or from a great love that has chosen to leave or that has betrayed the trust placed with difficulty in him.

Whatever the reason, those who find themselves dealing with a broken heart almost always end up withdrawing into themselves, forgetting the many beautiful things that life has to offer every day. An aspect that should be resized and changed as soon as possible. Fortunately, each of us can do something about it. And today we will take the advice of the stars to find out how each zodiac sign can act to cope with their broken heart.

How to recover from a suffering of love based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Going Into Action
As much as you are a person of action when your heart breaks you end up closing yourself off by stopping doing so many things. It is a deleterious way of doing things that in the long run end up making you sick, distorting you, and making you believe you can never smile again. The only way to deal with it is to force yourself to act. Accept invitations from friends, organize a dinner at your house, and go to that business meeting you declined. Every single action, as long as it distracts you, will be one more step towards a whole new heart to show off and with which to go towards a definitely better life. A life in which you will soon be ready to get closer to someone to love again.

Taurus – Pampering
Yourself To you who love the comfort zone so much and want to experience only beautiful things in life, a broken heart weighs more than anything else. In addition to the bitter disappointment, you find yourself having to face a negative period and in which to feel the cold inside instead of the heat you aspire to so much. Well, now is the time to unleash your creativity. And that means starting to pamper yourself with as much energy as possible. Make yourself a good dessert, invite a dear friend to spend a few days with you, enjoy a good movie or an entire TV series that you couldn’t watch with your ex, and give yourself gifts. Gradually the heat that you seem to be lacking will return to warm you up and with it, your desire to do and be happy will also re-emerge.

Gemini – Giving the best of you
Within the zodiac, you are undoubtedly one of the most energetic people. And that makes you a true force of nature. When you find yourself suffering for love, however, you end up giving space to your negative side, the one that prefers to do nothing and that feeds only on negative emotions. To get out of this limbo you have to work hard and give your best. And that means getting into it with whatever can interest you. Whether it’s a work project, a hobby, a new workout to get back in shape, or organizing a special event, what matters is choosing something you like to do and putting in all the effort you have. In this way, you will keep your mind busy enough to distract yourself until you return to thinking about the source of your discomfort and find yourself a little more healed.

Cancer – Being with those you love
Ok, surely in a moment like this the only person you want next to you is the one who pushed you away. However, the fact remains that around you many people love you and who could make you happy with their closeness. For this reason, when you are feeling down you should try your best to be with those you love and to enjoy their closeness. This way you will remind yourself what true affection is and how precious it is to be surrounded by it on all sides. A way like any other to recognize that you are still alive, lovable, able to love, and therefore lucky. Perhaps, it will seem a little short for you to start getting better. But soon you will find yourself changing your mind.

Leo – Committing yourself to work
For you, reacting is the most immediate thing there is. And you know how to do it in the face of all kinds of disappointments. When it comes to love, however, you end up being a little less reactive, forgetting the many things you could do. To get a little reminder, then, try to look at what the work is like and try to invest your energy in that. Another possibility may instead be to carry out some project that you were forced to put aside due to lack of time and that instead, in a short time, you can make it active again. This way you will get tired (and load up) to the point that you hardly remember why you were sick anymore. And when you happen to come back with the thought it will be only to realize how far you have managed to put between you and your pain.

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Virgo – Finding Something That Gives You Peace
A love that ends always opens up old wounds that don’t do you good to keep open for long. And if we add to that your often negative being, it is easy to understand how bad you can be in such a situation. Fortunately, you have several weapons with which to fight lovesickness and one of them is to find something that gives you peace and serenity. Whether it’s meditation, a sport that takes away anger by instilling a will to live, or a book that can speak directly to your soul, what really matters is doing something that gives you peace. In this way, you will be able to slowly heal your heart, distance yourself from pain, and feel more serene and happy than ever. Just like before you met the one who made you suffer.

Libra – Sharing Yourself
Even though you may seem detached to most people when you love someone you do it with all your heart. And that means your heart is capable of breaking and even hurting. For this reason, when you suffer for the love you need more than anyone else to work on yourself. That means, taking time for yourself and the things you love, pampering yourself, and doing things that you feel are right and positive at this very moment. Once this is done, you will be able to start all over again and build a reality tailored to you. Perfect for focusing your energies on something new. And who knows, that slowly you may not even feel ready to embrace new love.

Scorpio – Pursuing Something
You Are Passionate About You are a person full of passion and this aspect tends to blur when you find yourself suffering for love. The anger and sadness become so strong that it prevents you from grasping everything else, increasing your discomfort even more. But by focusing on what you love and are passionate about, you can make a difference. This means chasing a passion by investing all your energy in it. A perfect way to feel alive again and to have something to think about when you wake up and when you go to sleep. Without a doubt the best way to distract yourself from pain as long as time can soothe it. Something that strong as you are will surely happen much sooner than you think.

Sagittarius – Experiencing new situations
A love that ends is like a book that closes. For this reason, to recover you need to live new stories. To do this, the best way would be to drop everything for a while and travel. Alternatively, you can focus on new things, change friendships, start cultivating a new hobby and make sure that the reality that surrounds you is always a little different. A way that has always worked for you and that you just need to customize a little to start noticing the differences immediately. Those that will make you more than ever full of desire to do and ready to smile again at life and the people around you. And who knows that among these there is also a new love.

Capricorn – Focusing on something you care
For you, the end of love is always a defeat. And it is even more so if it comes suddenly and unexpectedly. Unfortunately, however, feeling sorry for yourself will not change things. And the risk is that it will end up making them worse. To return to smile at life you, therefore, need to change your perspective. And that means starting to focus on what really matters. Whether it’s your job or someone you love and need, what matters is opening yourself up to the world. Slowly you will feel the pain getting lighter and lighter and all while the sadness begins to slip on you. A perfect time to start taking back what you deserve and with it your happiness.

Aquarius – Spending Time Alone
If the pain you feel is strong and the desire to take time for yourself is even more so, maybe you should indulge your need. By finding time just for yourself, you can in fact recharge your batteries. The ones you need to recover from the pain you feel and to recharge yourself at the right point. What matters is not to prolong the period of isolation too much, returning as soon as possible among the others. It will be a good way to test yourself and to prove to yourself that you have managed to take important steps forward.

Pisces – Giving yourself to creativity
Imagination and creativity are part of you. And they prove to be great companions for fighting a broken heart. If you feel that the pain is a lot, then, the advice is to give space to your creative being. Whether it’s painting, writing a book (a diary is fine too), or learning to play a new instrument, it doesn’t matter. Everything will be fine as long as it is something you like to the point of distracting yourself and pushing you to give your best. Merge your feelings into something creative will make sense of it. And this will help you recover from the pain you feel earlier, returning to re-emerge with more force than before.

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