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5 Zodiacs Who Can’t Stand The Talking Stage In 2023

The talking stage is when you’re both sure you’re interested in each other, but you aren’t ready to put a label on the relationship yet. All you’re really doing is talking and seeing where things go. You’re leaving the future open-ended. While some zodiacs are comfortable moving slowly, some absolutely despise the talking stage.


Aries are impatient. They aren’t the type to take the relationship slowly, to sit around wondering when their crush is going to finally make a move. They will make the move themselves. They will blurt out how they’re feeling and ask their crush whether they feel the same. Aries are too restless to decipher texts and dance around their feelings. It’s easier for them to blurt out the truth, to get everything out there in the open. If someone doesn’t want to date them, that’s fine. They would rather know now than spend weeks (or months) talking to someone only for things to fizzle out.


Cancers are only interested in serious, committed relationships. They don’t see the point in talking to someone if there’s a chance the connection isn’t going to go anywhere. They want to put a label on the relationship. They want to know that they’re the only person their crush is interested in dating. After all, they don’t want to compete with anyone else. They aren’t the type to play the field. When they’re talking to one person, that’s the only person on their mind – and they would like those feelings to be reciprocated. They don’t want to be committed internally while the other person is talking to a dozen other people too.


Leos want to be showered in affection every moment of every day. They want their love to be screamed from the rooftops. That’s why the talking stage is too subtle for them. They don’t want their crush to be dropping small, vague compliments. They want the flirting to be more hardcore. They want to be told how incredible they are on a frequent basis. They want to be swept off of their feet and spoiled rotten. Leos cannot stand the talking stage because they want a passionate love, not a timid one.


Small talk is incredibly boring to a Capricorn. They want to talk about deeper topics, whether it’s about the world as a whole or what makes you tick as a human being. Capricorns aren’t interested in wasting their precious time, which is why the talking stage bothers them so much. They don’t want to put all this effort into someone for nothing. They would rather make a commitment. They would rather turn the relationship official since they both already like each other. They don’t really see the point in moving slow. After all, they prefer serious relationships to casual ones. They prefer the comfortable, committed stage to the puppy love stage.


Taurus like to move slowly in relationships, so you would think that they’d love the talking stage – but that’s not the case. After all, Taurus hate uncertainty. They hate the idea of opening up to someone without knowing whether they are planning on sticking around. Taurus would rather make a commitment, so at least they know where they stand. At least they know this person is serious about them. If there isn’t a label on the relationship, then a Taurus is going to be worried this person will leave soon. They will have trouble relaxing around them due to all the unknowns.

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