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December Starts Off Badly For These Two Zodiac Signs

Every week, we give you an overview of the least lucky signs of the week thanks to the ShineFeeds horoscope. Here are the flops for the week of December 7 to 14, 2023.

The stars have spoken and their sentence is irrevocable. If the beginning of December brings luck to certain astrological signs , others are not in the good graces of the planets this week. Don’t panic, however, if you are part of the least successful duo of the week, don’t forget what Franck Ribéry once said: “The road will turn around. » A maxim that suits astrology surprisingly well. The angles between the stars and planets are constantly changing, so that it is almost impossible to be in the “flops” for several weeks in a row. Even if you have the feeling that Saturn is personally angry with you (we know her, she washes her hands of it) and that Mercury retrograde is having fun with your Wifi connection. At the start of the school year, there are sometimes hiccups. Some would even say that the start of the school year itself is a major hiccup in life that recurs cyclically. But we are not here to question the calendar. Here are the two signs that will have to hold on a little more than the others, at the start of December.

Horoscope: A Return To School Under The Sign Of Introspection

If you thought the holidays cleared your mind like you drained those Spritzes, nope. Finding your usual rhythm and resuming your routine sometimes leads to questions: “But actually, why am I doing this? » Especially since Mercury retrograde forces us to rethink things, a lot of things. Because the planet of communication has not left to make its little spiritual retreat alone. She left in an organized committee with lucky Jupiter, serious Saturn, dreamy Neptune, rebellious Uranus and mysterious Pluto. All in retrograde, they push us to our limits and force us to pause a little: “How did I get here, again? » Do you find this back-to-school astrological weather forecast a little strong? You didn’t anticipate more than two existential crises this year, and you already have five? Tell yourself that it’s probably for a good cause. Astrology or not, Saturn retrograde or not, the start of the school year is often an opportunity to realize the changes that are necessary and to begin them. According to ShineFeeds, two members of the zodiac could prove a little reluctant to these adjustments: and they are not the ones you are thinking of.

Horoscope: This Sign Is Invited To Take A Step Back

Normally, they love back to school. Like Dalida on stage, that’s where they were born. Virgos should flourish in their own season, but there are some little annoyances that seem to take up all the space. Notably Mercury retrograde, according to Jean-Yves Espié. The smart little (and great prankster) of the planets is linked, in astrology, to the sign of Virgo. For the smart side, of course, the fun aspect is more the work of Gemini, the other sign ruled by Mercury. When it retrogrades, it puts its little protégés to the test. “’Kindness is a proof of great intelligence,’ writes John Joos, reflecting the persistent presence of Mercury in your sector, whose retrograde movement invites you to take a step back,” analyzes the astrologer in his horoscope. And taking a step back, that’s not what Virgo is known for. Her thing? The details. Even if her attention to detail and her perfectionism honor her, she would benefit from taking a few steps aside, from time to time, just to see the big picture. And realize, at the same time, that everything is not so serious. Jean-Yves Espié’s advice? Seek the companionship and support of your loved ones, more than ever.

Horoscope: The Week Is Full Of Annoyances For This Sign

They have no problem with taking a step back or letting go, it’s even their specialty. Pisces is nevertheless underwater this week, without wanting to make a bad pun (but a little all the same) . At least, usually. But the start of the school year is always a delicate moment for this astrological sign. For what? In the zodiac, each sign has a complementary opposite: that of Pisces is Virgo. So, we give it to you in a thousand words, when Virgo season is here, Pisces looks gloomy. Suddenly, they become aware of the accumulated delays, the messages they forgot to respond to, and… the artistic blur in which they spend most of their time. They try to organize themselves and inevitably, their patience is tested. “With the opposition of Mercury, you risk giving more grip to annoyances, even if they are only superficial,” says Jean-Yves Espié. Mercury retrograde in Virgo and for Pisces, it stings a little. “It would be best to avoid sensitive subjects and approach your discussions with the flexibility of a cat,” advises the astrologer before concluding: “Rely on your intuitive intelligence – an asset – to anticipate reactions and clarify any blur zone.

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