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Comparing the Zodiac Sign You Adore the Most With the One You Can’t Stand


Adores: Leo

You are ambitious, passionate, and are a person of action. Leos are confident, playful, and fearless. You can’t help but be drawn to them! Leos don’t ask you to calm yourself down, and will actually be the person who hypes you up. You’re both independent, adventurous, and neither of you are very needy emotionally- you just get each other.

Can’t Stand: Scorpio

While you both share an intensity, it tends to be about the only thing you can relate to. You both jump to conclusions pretty quickly and aren’t afraid to argue- which is about all you do. Scorpios are mysterious and don’t open up easily, which is totally opposite of your outgoing and open book nature. Where Scorpios are deeply in tune with their emotions and are introspective, you are more connected to the physical world around you and prefer to take action. You both have a hard time finding much common ground.


Adores: Virgo

You’re dependable, practical, and like things to be a certain way. Virgos are organized, loyal, and know how to get things done. You can’t help but admire their ability to achieve what they set their mind to. You relate to their selectivity in what events they participate in and who they allow into your lives, because you’re the same way. You compliment each other well because your eye for aesthetics and beauty pairs well with their focus on functionality- you both are always put together and look great in the process. Virgos remind you of how you can improve, and you remind Virgos that it’s okay to relax sometimes. You work well together.

Can’t Stand: Sagittarius

You aren’t a fan of change, and Sags moving 90 miles a minute stress you out. Sagittarius is always stepping outside their comfort zones and challenging you to do the same, and even if it’s done with the best intentions, you can’t stand it. You aren’t one to draw attention to yourself and prefer to quietly form connections, and Sagittarius tendencies to be the life of the party usually annoys you at least somewhat. While you appreciate their blunt honesty, it doesn’t make up for the reality that you just approach the world in wildly different ways.


Adores: Aquarius

You’re social, intellectual, and always interested in learning more. Aquarius is introspective, a little mysterious, and continuously pursuing growth and understanding. The two of you tend to gravitate towards each other without trying. You appreciate the way Aquarius does deep dives into the things they are passionate about, and they appreciate your seemingly infinite database of facts and intense interests in subjects. You have some differences, but they work well together- you expand Aquarius’ worldview, and they help you to focus on certain topics that are exceptionally important rather than jumping to the next new thing. Your camaraderie is undeniable.

Can’t Stand: Capricorn

You try your best to understand others points of view, but when it comes to Capricorns you have a pretty hard time with it. You like deconstructing everything and understanding it better-you aren’t one to follow something simply because you were told. You lean towards the future and improving on what we already know, opening up a world of possibilities. Capricorns are very tried and true, and are by the book in so much of what they do. You just feel too restricted around Capricorn signs, and feel they are just too stodgy to be around long term. They view you as too scattered and unable to really commit. You just have fundamentally different ideas and it’s hard to reconcile them.


Adores: Scorpio

You’re intense, and you gravitate towards those who also feel things intensely- cue Scorpio. You are devoted, emotional, and always looking at the long term. Scorpios are intuitive, dedicated, and have a desire to establish complete connection. You both hold quite a few qualities in common, you just have slight personality traits that set you apart. Scorpios aren’t afraid to embrace their inner emotions, even the ones that are angry or darker. You lean more towards the optimistic side of things and try to not delve into negative feelings unless it’s necessary- but this dynamic works well together. Your biggest draw to each other is that you both feel things in such a big way, and in a world that is constantly calling you both too sensitive or misunderstanding you, you find a strong connection and safety with each other.

Can’t Stand: Aquarius

There just isn’t much common ground here. Where your priorities are stability, emotional expression, and comfort, Aquarius believes constant change, intellectual discussion, and personal growth hold more weight. You both hold an immense capacity for caring for others, there is no debate about that. Yet your needs and wants just don’t add up. You are very obvious and intentional in expressing how you feel, Aquarius is more withdrawn. Aquarius desires long periods of alone time, even in a relationship, whereas you want more consistency with your connections.


Adores: Libra

You two seem to hit it off no matter what the situation. You’re outgoing, loyal, and unafraid to take the lead. Libras are sociable, empathetic, and always open to others suggestions. Your strengths compliment each other well- you both love people and you’re both incredibly encouraging and supportive. While you might be a bit more prone to attention, Libras don’t mind at all- they tend to prefer being behind the scenes. Libras are solid fans of over-the-top romance and grand gestures, which you are glad to go for. You both just resonate on a level that is practically untouched by others.

Can’t Stand: Virgo

You two aren’t polar opposites, but you definitely butt heads- often painfully. You aren’t afraid to be proud of your accomplishments and you want validation and praise for them. Virgos aren’t ones to dole out affirmation- typically they focus on how to be even better. You tend to feel dismissed and nagged by Virgos because they make you feel a bit less about yourself. On the other side, Virgos are practical and down to earth, and you come off as too abrasive and dramatic for their taste. They don’t understand why everything needs to be spectacle, and you don’t understand why they just can’t loosen up once in awhile.


Adores: Taurus

You vibe best with others who are grounded and dedicated. Your connection with Taurus stands out because your slight differences truly do being out the best in each other. Taurus signs have an eye for things that are aesthetic and know how to bring things together- you know how to find the practical, put together options life has to offer. Taurus teaches you to be a little easier on yourself and encourages you- but not in a superficial way that you see through, but in a genuine, direct way you can appreciate. You also help Taurus not to settle and do more, and while they might get anxious changing things up, you know how to help someone improve within structure and routine. You’re unstoppable when you’re together.

Can’t Stand: Leo

Try as you might, Leos just aren’t ones you work well with. You can appreciate their confidence, but within a short time you tend to view them as flashy and arrogant. They desire attention in a way that you just can’t fathom, and they expect validation when they achieve something. You tend to be critical of yourself and others because you believe things can always be improved, which annoys Leos to no end.


Adores: Gemini

You can’t help but be drawn to Geminis- both of you have so much to talk about! You are both social and love to discuss things at length, and given your vast amount of interests, it’s hard to run out of things to say. You like people who are interesting and a little dramatic, because you like establishing harmony. Geminis are always open to hearing other points of view, even if it’s just to debate them. You like to understand where people are coming from so that you can get to know them more. You help Geminis get along better with those who might make assumptions about them, and Geminis help you care a little less on what others think about you. You’re a pretty great team.

Can’t Stand: Aries

Aries means well, but they tend to be a lot. With their “i don’t care” attitude that doesn’t seem to hold much reason, you don’t vibe well. While you appreciate Aries encouraging support, it just comes off as aggressive and overwhelming to you. They are spontaneous, and they definitely aren’t afraid of grand gestures- which you genuinely love- yet Aries temper can be a bit uncontrollable, and your sensitive spirit has a hard time dealing with their bluntness. While you believe in hearing everyone out and focusing on keeping the peace, Aries is often ready to blow up the situation regardless of how others feel. You have a hard time speaking your mind, and Aries is a bit of a bulldozer. You really want to like them, but they’re just too harsh for you.


Adores: Cancer

You’re deeply invested in others emotionally, you love to get to know people on a deeper level, and you are as loyal as they come. Cancers are nurturing, emotionally expressive, and goes out of their way to make others feel at home. You both just get each other in ways others don’t. You both are unafraid of expressing how you feel, and you desire long-term intimate connections that withstand anything. It’s hard to find another person who is as devoted and intense as you are, but Cancers fit the bill.

Can’t Stand: Gemini

Geminis can seem intriguing to you at first, but it’s often short lived. While you both can play the unattached, mysterious game, that is not what you want in reality. Geminis are interested in so many possibilities and people, and you want someone’s undivided attention. Geminis think you’re overwhelming, and you think they are flaky. They want to keep their options open, and you have a hard time trusting anyone who won’t commit to you 100%. Even as friends, you want to be able to open up and show them the heavy, darker parts of yourself, and Gemini’s just aren’t ones who want to handle that weight. It’s hard to really understand each other, even when you want to.


Adores: Aries

You’re adventurous, optimistic, and always ready to have a great time. Aries are passionate, honest, and always on the move. You have a great deal of respect for Aries, likely because you share quite a few similarities. You’re both exceptionally blunt and don’t see the point in dishonesty. You both tend to leap into action over dwelling on a situation. You both are always supportive and encouraging, which the other appreciates deeply. Aries can be a bit more temperamental than you at times, but you know how to communicate with them to cause disagreements to blow over. Aries also appreciate the vast amount of knowledge and intellect you hold, because they can learn from you without it feeling condescending.

Can’t Stand: Taurus

You’re always searching for growth and expansion, refusing to leave any stone left unturned. Taurus signs have created their own world and don’t have any desire to leave it. You’re flexible and open to anything, Taurus are stubborn and know exactly what they want- and they won’t settle for anything else. While you are both honest, you also don’t have the best tact when expressing your opinions, and it’s hard to keep things easy going between the two of you. You don’t understand Taurus rigidness, and they don’t get your lack of commitment to one place or person.


Adores: Pisces

While it’s no secret that you like earth signs, you have a real soft spot for Pisces. You’re grounded, dedicated, and have a strong work ethic. Pisces are empathetic, intuitive, and love deeply. While you may seem fairly different on the outside, Pisces brings out a side of you that you really want to uncover, you just don’t know how. Pisces uncover the softer, more romantic, silly side of you that is hard for you to show other people. They understand you without trying, and you love them for that. Pisces appreciate your grounded nature, and how you help them take their big dreams and passions and make them feel more tangible. You actually show them how to care about their own problems instead of everyone else’s. You bring out the best in each other.

Can’t Stand: Gemini

You believe that tradition and structure truly help people thrive, and you don’t feel the need to find a new way to do something if the current method is working properly. Geminis are always picking things apart and pushing to try something unconventional. You both just see the world too differently, and it’s hard to find something in common. Geminis are people oriented, and you prefer to keep to yourself. You believe in sticking to something until it’s finished, and Gemini’s lack of follow through gets under your skin. You see so much potential in them and it bothers you that they don’t seem to care. They see you as stuck in your ways and close-minded.


Adores: Gemini

You love exploring new topics through discussion, and you’re always interested in having your mind expanded. Geminis are the perfect person for you to do this with, and you can’t help but love them for it. They love your thorough dedication to understanding a topic and how you love the unconventional. You love their constant change of interests that keep things interesting. While they can seem a bit flaky at times, this doesn’t bother you much because you spend long periods of time alone and value your independence. You both just vibe well together.

Can’t Stand: Cancer

Cancers are emotionally intense, commitment focused, and prefer to stay at home. You’re independent, open-minded, and want to explore and better the world around you. You understand where Cancers are coming from with their love, but you just don’t feel comfortable with the amount of affection they give, and how much they want in return. Cancers prefer you to focus on the two of you and how to improve your relationship, but you feel a pull to focus on the outside world and how to improve it instead. You don’t want to be tied down, and Cancers aren’t subtle about the amount of commitment they want. You just don’t have the same interests or desires.


Adores: Capricorn

Truthfully, you love so many different types of people, it’s hard to choose. Yet a surprising sign you adore is Capricorns. While to others they seem rigid and pessimistic, you can sense that there is more to them than what meets the eye. You’re like their grounded presence and how dedicated they are to their loved ones. They appreciate your empathy and desire to take care of people. You both seem so different on the outside, but you are drawn to each other without trying, and you bring out the best in each other.

Can’t Stand: Virgo

However, some earth signs just don’t work well with you- Virgo in particular. You prefer to sit with how you feel emotionally before you can make a decision, where Virgos lean into the more practical options- despite how they feel. You are sensitive and like to avoid conflict when you can. Virgos are critical and can be harsh at times. Despite your best efforts, you just can’t fathom how Virgos can be so detached and unwavering, where Virgos believe you’re too emotional and indecisive. You do your best to get them to open up, but they refuse to let you in. Overall, it’s just hard to really resonate with each other.

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