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Find out what kind of woman you are based on your zodiac sign. The opinion of the stars sign by sign.

Each woman is a world of her own to be explored and known. It is said that understanding a woman is a very difficult art and that even when you think you know everything about her, she can always surprise you by acting in a completely unexpected way. Each woman has her characteristics, her way of seeing the world, tastes, particular qualities, and ways of doing that make her unique and, needless to say, extremely complicated. Yet there is an aspect through which it is possible to get to know women at least a little and this is linked to the stars and the influence they have on each of us. It seems that some particular characteristics are closely linked to the day of birth and thus confer some aspects that, once understood, can help to better decipher, even if never completely,
So today, after seeing what is the Christmas gift you should never give to the women of the zodiac and which are the zodiac signs that have a strong Christmas spirit, we will discover what kind of woman is hidden behind each zodiac sign.

Astrology – Let’s discover the women of the zodiac together

Aries – The impulsive woman
The Aries woman has no time. She lives in the moment and in doing so she always tries to make it the best of all. Active and with a decidedly adventurous spirit, she loves to dive into the fray, explore, get to know those around her, and assert her rights as a woman. Feminine like few others, always knows how to stand up to facts and people and she does so by claiming her rights as a woman. She has no difficulty with men and if she meets someone she is interested in, she is ready to unleash her weapons of seduction to conquer him. At the same time, however, he runs the risk of getting tired soon and when this happens he tends to give up immediately, sometimes without even giving explanations. For her, life must be lived with lightness and joy, and, hating difficulties, she often tends to escape them. Thrill lover, she is not afraid to enter dangerous situations and when she does she feels so alive that she never wants to stop. Conceived for sport, she lives everything on the spur of the moment, listening more to instinct than to reason and always finding a way to win, even when things seem to turn against her.

Taurus – The staid woman
The Taurus woman is a woman full of charm and aware of her means. Rather reserved, she tends to pay attention to people she knows and loves. In life, she likes to explore different opportunities but tends to always stick to rather quiet things, which make her feel at home and in line with her way of being. A lover of good food, she knows herself so well that she always knows what she needs, so much so that she is very good at pampering our rewarding herself when she is going through a difficult period. Traditionalist, she always likes to maintain a certain tone and give others an image of herself that is sometimes a little more constructed than she is. In love, she is romantic and tends to bond in particular with time. She doesn’t like quick stories because she prefers to get to know everyone around her. When she falls in love, she knows how to be both a friend, a partner, a lover, a mother, giving a series of incredible shades of her way of being a woman. Very skilled in everything that has to do with art, she has a very refined imagination that helps her to make everything she decides to modify more beautiful.

Gemini – The vital woman
The Gemini woman is a woman full of life, who loves to experience everything and who immerses herself in everything she does. Passionate, he knows how to live every situation even in extremes, laughing or crying without feeling ashamed and always showing what he feels at the moment. Often able to change his mind at any moment, when he is in the company he is always the life of the party and can attract others with his dialectic and always sunny and energetic ways of doing things. In love it brings with it a breath of joy which is difficult to resist and which tends to bring joy to others too, becoming almost contagious. Sometimes difficult to decipher, she is completely transparent with those who know her and shows that she does not want to judge her. With others, however, she may decide to assume ways that can confuse her so that no one ever really knows her thoroughly. A sort of defense that he puts in place almost without realizing it and that is absurdly part of his great charm.

Cancer – The affectionate woman
The Cancer woman is romantic by nature and has an inordinate need for affection and attention. This way of being is reflected in the relationship with others with whom it can sometimes be possessive but always and only for the great affection it has for them. In love, this way of making her an unforgettable companion, able to love and give affection like few others and all without ever asking for anything in return, at least apparently. In reality, with his transmission of attention and love, he expects that also from others there is the same thing and when this does not happen it tends to withdraw into itself, becoming hostile and difficult to understand. Touchy as few, she doesn’t like being contradicted and tends to stamp her feet like a child when things don’t go as planned. Nonetheless,

Leo – The showy woman
The Leo woman is a woman who always knows what she wants and who is ready to do anything to get it. Self-confident, she always loves being the center of attention and is willing to do anything to do so. For her, a life without positive experiences to show others as a sign of success is a half-lived life. For this reason, he will always do everything to chase success, achieve it and show it as a trophy. Sunny and cheerful, she always tries to appear optimistic but she is not that good at overcoming the real difficulties of life. Nonetheless, she is aware of her limitations and tries to make them non-existent by working alongside people who can support her. In love, she needs someone to support her and, above all, to make her feel loved and special. When he feels a strong feeling he knows how to give a lot, taking care of those who love with extreme attention. At the same time, however, it is a woman who demands. Flashy and eccentric, she loves to appear and be admired by others, which is why she will try to make every moment of her life special.

Virgo – The rational woman
The Virgo woman is extremely rational and manages to think about everything, analyzing it with extreme clarity. His is a way of doing that is reflected in everything he does, including human relationships. Although she is so firm in her things that it can be defined as almost “square”, she is a woman who loves surprises and who always tries to surround herself with people who can stimulate her intellectually and surprise her with their diversity. Often pessimistic, he tends to let himself go easily to discouragement, but once he has let off steam he knows how to give his best by showing himself to be a true strategist able to solve all kinds of problems. In love, it can be quite difficult to understand. Nonetheless, she will be able to give love to those she believes deserve it but will always have a claim in return and this means that being with her is a constant adventure. A lover of news, she is extremely curious and tends to stay informed about everything and everyone.

Libra – The charming woman
The Libra woman is full of an innate charm, difficult to explain but that only by attending one can you grasp and understand. A lover of beauty, she spends her entire life trying to make the world a better place and does so with both ideas and aesthetics, striving to beautify herself, those around her, and even the environment in which she lives. Kind to everyone, he is also a wise person, which is why he is an excellent confidant able to listen and express sensible and often useful opinions to those in search of advice. In love, she knows how to be kind and caring, making her partner feel loved and also giving her all if she believes that hers is true love. Always available,

Scorpio – The magnetic woman
The Scorpio woman has a decidedly magnetic charm on her side that manages to attract others without saying a word. An empathic, excellent observer, and lover of everything that is not visible, she often appears as a mysterious person that anyone she meets would like to know better. In love, she knows how to be indulgent and kind but she is always attentive to what the other person is doing and if she feels she is not receiving the right attention she can suddenly close, leaving a void in those who until recently had been in her good graces. Passionate and sensual, she is a woman rich in resources, who always knows how to get by and who can look beyond and thus grasp effective solutions to any type of problem. Lover of beauty, she is a faithful friend and companion but can be extremely vindictive if she is wronged badly enough to make her close ties with the people she loved. Her strength of character makes her a person who hardly changes position and who always knows what she wants, from herself and others.

Sagittarius – The funny woman
The Sagittarius woman has a sense of humor on her side that is hard to find around. A lover of the good life, he always tries to get the most with the least effort and he does it with the utmost simplicity. In life, she likes to win and get everything she wants, which is why she may find herself upset when this, at least in her eyes, doesn’t happen. In love, she is jealous and possessive but she knows how to make those around her happy, filling their life with novelties and experiences to be lived. Lover of travel, he would be able to take the flight to the first available destination, leaving everyone at home to take some time alone. Adventurous and fun like few others, she always makes friends with extreme simplicity, and even if she doesn’t always manage to bond with others, she knows how to stay in company and reveal herself, if needed, the soul of the party.

Capricorn – The cold woman
The Capricorn woman is often considered cold because of her ways of being a bit old-fashioned and such as to push her to show herself for what she is only after some time. Lover of safe things and able to give them a certain comfort zone, he tends to prefer serious people who know how to show that they always want to work to get what they want. In love, she is initially cold but if she falls in love she ends up giving her all, showing herself very protective. Serious and determined, he is a person who appears to everyone to be reliable and able to give even important advice. Her way of being leads to having many friends with whom she tends to establish solid relationships. Despite her initial coldness and the short time she often has for others, she knows how to make the people she loves to feel important.

Aquarius – The charismatic woman
The Aquarius woman is often difficult to decipher because of such an extremely particular character. Endowed with very subtle and acute intelligence, she knows how to kidnap people thanks to a strong dialectic, and ways of doing that make her as interesting as few. While she loves to be on the sidelines, when she wants to, she knows how to get attention and enjoys doing it, especially to observe the reaction of those around her. In love, he is a person with whom you never run the risk of getting bored, especially for his eccentricity and for the way of seeing things differently from the conventional one. A quality that leads her to have more friends than she would like, which is why she often appears shy when the only thing she needs is some space to be with herself.

Pisces – The woman more than bewitching
The woman of Pisces has a charm of her own that makes her able to bewitch people. Her way of seeing the world makes her appear as a sometimes reckless dreamer but with the ability to see things that others cannot notice. Passionate and passionate about life, she loves to surround herself with people who are similar to her or who she considers such. In love, she has always been all herself and launches herself without worrying about getting hurt. When he loves he is therefore with the utmost feeling and passion. Even in friendship, she knows how to give a lot and this makes her a person extremely loved by everyone. A dreamer like few, she can see beauty in practically everything and has a vision of the world so special that she can give enthusiasm to anyone who tries to see things through her eyes.

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