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It happens to everyone to meet a person, in life, not very nice. But isn’t that one of the most toxic zodiac signs in the horoscope?

Let’s face it: some people would really be better not to meet!
It is not just the people who hurt us, they take in around or betray our confidence (of those, unfortunately, the world is full).
No, we are talking about people who have a truly disarming attitude and who can “bring you down” with them.

Who are we talking about? But simply of people ” toxic .” Everyone, in life, we have met at least one and, perhaps, we have not yet learned to recognize it!
Let’s find out which are the signs of the zodiac most at risk of “toxicity” and, maybe, we will have some (bad) surprises. Ready to know the top positions in the standings?

The most toxic zodiac signs: discover today’s horoscope ranking

Hey, are you really sure you’re not in today’s horoscope chart too? Maybe, without even realizing it, you are one of the most toxic signs in the whole horoscope.
It often happens, in fact, to have particularly heavy attitudes towards others: for us, perhaps, they are nothing but others perceive them as something truly toxic!

If you are sure not to be the most toxic of your company, we decided to compile a ranking of the signs most toxic of all the zodiac.
Maybe it’s just an attitude exasperated by a particular moment in life or something you do without even realizing it. It matters little, however, what the reason behind the toxic attitude is: it is still difficult to deal with them!

Fortunately, the zodiac helps us understand something more. In fact, stars and planets can show us the most toxic signs of the zodiac without problems: why not take advantage of them? You may find that someone very close to you is perhaps a more problematic person than you thought or see in black and white what your problems are.

In any case, it is a starting point for reflection is not indifferent: ready to know your (and others) capable of toxicity?

Gemini: fifth place

In a position that is certainly not low (but not too high) we find all those born under the sign of Gemini. This is a sign that struggles particularly when it comes to transparency and lucidity and it is no coincidence that it is in our ranking of the most toxic signs of the zodiac!

The Twins are accustomed to do as they want and when they want to: they have no respect or regard for anyone’s feelings. They do not even specifically not really able to think about the orientation towards the wishes of others. There are only … Gemini!

Aries: fourth place

Even if they are very aggressive people, at times, those born under the sign of Aries are also “afflicted” by rather strong insecurity.
The combo is, very often, deadly! L ‘ Aries is one of those signs that can not help but always put himself in comparison with others only to find ways to belittle or knock them down.

Aries friends are always valuedweighed, and criticized; at the same time, then, Aries will constantly ask you to evaluate, weigh and criticize others, bringing you to the same level!
L ‘ Aries is a really very toxic sign: beware!

Cancer: third place

On the first step of the podium we find those born under the sign of Cancer: even they, despite their appearance, are really toxic when they want!
Cancer has a tendency to judge really difficult to understand: spend hours criticizing others and have many opinions on virtually everything!

Those born under the sign of Cancer are particularly acrimonious people they can get angry over nothing and carry a grudge for years.
You can not figure out what to really think of you at first glance: it will be cancer itself to reveal the thoughts in ways direct and … definitely toxic.

Aquarius: second place

Yes, dear Aquarius friends, you have to stay there. You can be very toxic when you want to! (But only if you want: needless to ignore it!).
Aquarius is one of those signs capable of reducing others to their historical lows without even having to work so hard.

To hear the Aquarium, in fact, everything is difficult: go out and look for parking, get out by taking the bus, go on vacation or stay at home.
Since they are inclined to always think of the worst, they also constantly think about all the solutions for every possible situation: too bad they don’t realize that others don’t think like that!

L ‘ Aquarium is a sign that he takes very seriously its role in the lives of others: it is true that is often irreplaceable but is also a sign that strives to be.
A person born under the sign of Aquarius will try in every way to make you “unable” to do anything: he wants to be the only one to give you solutions. More toxic than that!

Libra: first place in the ranking of the most toxic zodiac signs of the horoscope

At the top of our ranking we find all those born under the sign of Libra; have you ever met someone more toxic than them?
The balance, in fact, is a sign that may be registered in the category of positive toxic: laughter, laughter, and even laughter to mask a temper pretty good!

Even if they pretend not to be absolutely judgmentalLibra always makes sure to make others understand what they think of them.
But Libra will never be direct and clear and will never take responsibility for what they say or what they do! He gossips behind others makes decidedly biting comments in an “innocent” way or goes out of his way to get in the way of relationships or couples he doesn’t approve of.

Even though it may seem hard to believe, take a good look at the Libra by your side. It is never satisfied with what he does, it takes the merits that are not to compete for jobs that maybe he did not, and often is very toxic towards people she does not like. Other than laughter and happiness: Libra is truly the most toxic of all the signs of the zodiac!

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