Do your friends always have to wait for you or is it perhaps the other way around? Some people are always too late. No matter when and where you make an appointment, they are never punctual. You can get mad, but maybe you can not help it. Their punctuality could have something to do with their zodiac sign :


The Leo is almost always late, and not because he likes it. He decides to leave the house at a certain time, but he just can not make it, because he thinks of a thousand little things he has to do.


The Gemini quickly forgets time in good company. It may happen that he only looks at the clock much too late and realizes that he should have been somewhere else half an hour ago.


The calendar of Aries is full to the top since it can happen that his appointments overlap. That’s why he usually appears rushed and with a slight delay to a meeting.


Even the cancer is a classic latecomer. Unlike Aries, he prefers not to have a calendar. Unfortunately, he often forgets about one or the other appointment or appears far too late for an important appointment.

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