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If you like fleece blankets and slippers, you probably don’t know any of the riskiest zodiac signs, and maybe that’s just as well! 

That there are people who have an innate taste for risk is practically undeniable. In fact, ever since the world began, there have always been people willing to climb inaccessible mountains or jump out of a plane with a small parachute.
In short, you understand who we are talking about: all those people who just can’t help but love the risk ! For all these people it is easy to deal with the signs in the rankings today but this does not mean that you have to do it too: let’s find out who are the most “risky” of the whole horoscope !

The riskiest zodiac signs of the horoscope: discover today’s ranking with us

How much do you think you love risk ? Let’s do a little test: have you recently entered an ancient Egyptian tomb, looking for some pharaoh’s treasure? Or have you tried to wait for the sales to start before that pair of boots you have been aiming for for months appears?

If you answered yes to the two questions we asked you above, congratulations. For you , going out with one of the zodiac signs on today’s chart will be a breeze !
Okay, we know that the risk is not just waiting a moment before going wild shopping but also… er… nothing else comes to mind, wait.

Better to ask the first five zodiac signs that are competing for the crown of the most ” risky ” sign of all, they will know what we are talking about! Ready to find out how “at risk” you are (especially if your partner is in the rankings)?

Gemini: fifth place

Dear Gemini , there is a reason why you are in the ranking of risk-loving zodiac signs and also in today’s ranking. You are truly “risky” people!
Going out with you can mean jeopardizing everything in your life: not that this is always a bad thing, mind you!

Gemini are people who will make you truly live “on the edge” and, therefore, if you want to deal with them please fasten your seat belts.
Don’t mess with Gemini !

Sagittarius: fourth place

Even dating a Sagittarius means taking a really big risk! Sagittarians , in fact, are certainly not recommended for those who are faint of heart.
Sagittarius is a sign capable of making you experience unique emotions … but also frightening!

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are like this: take it or leave it! Adventure, enthusiasm but also many, many, risks. Do you feel like trying them with them?

Scorpio: third place

Those born under the sign of Scorpio , on the other hand, are almost always adventurous and risk-loving people.
For this reason, therefore, they are in the ranking of the riskiest zodiac signs of the whole horoscope !

Being with them will expose you to the risk (precisely) of having to make decidedly ” scary ” decisions. The Scorpios , in fact, hate being in a situation that is “static” or too little adventurous. If you are with them you will have to show that you are risk-takers and follow them in their ideas … sometimes a little crazy!

Capricorn: second place

Those born under the sign of Capricorn are people who are truly capable of taking risks… and also of making others take them!
If, like these signs that are real mammals, you think you don’t want to feel the thrill of never knowing what your next move will be, we do not recommend Capricorns.

Those who know a Capricorn , in fact, know very well that it is very difficult to deal with them! They get bored quickly, they always want strong emotions and can’t wait to test you! Capricorns are among the riskiest zodiac signs because being with them means exposing yourself to the possibility of it happening … really anything!

Yes man and yes woman , Capricorns are people who hardly say no to adventure and, if you are with them, you will either have to get used to it or take your risks with them. It’s not always easy!

Leo: first place in the ranking of the riskiest zodiac signs of the horoscope

And no, dear Leos , we are not talking about the fact that you would bet on the outcome of anything, challenging anyone to blame you.
Whether it’s physical tests , intelligence or even just simple luck , Leos are able to challenge anyone: they are true risk takers!

Leo , therefore, ends up in the ranking of the riskiest zodiac signs in the horoscope precisely because he absolutely does not want others to think that Leos are cowards!
There is no worse insult to a Leo than this.

Taking risks, making them run to those close to them and winning is a real icing on the cake for Leos : you have to be really careful with them, they almost never think about the consequences of their actions!

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