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Autumn Depression Hits These Three Zodiac Signs Particularly Hard!

Approaching the fall of 2023 Many people are afraid of lack of energy and mood disorders. Seasonal depression, also known as the “fall blues,” affects a large number of people each year. Several factors can cause this situation, some of which are related to our zodiac sign.

In this article, we will look at three zodiac signs that are particularly prone to autumn depression. Let’s find out together the reasons for your vulnerability during this time and give you some tips on how you can better face the dark season.


Born under the sign of Cancer, this sensitivity can mean that these individuals are often more prone to mood swings in the fall. This water sign is hit particularly hard by the reduction in light and shorter days.

The Causes Of Autumn Depression In Cancer

  • Heightened Receptiveness: Moon-ruled Cancer is very in tune with their emotions and deeply senses the changes in their environment.
  • A need for security: The loss of orientation associated with the start of a new season can be disruptive to Cancer, which seeks stability and protection above all else.
  • Nostalgia: As a sentimental sign, it is not unusual for the Cancer-born to feel a certain melancholy in the fall, a time that encourages retreat and reminiscence.

Tips For Dealing With Cancer During The Fall Depression

To better survive this difficult period, Cancer is recommended:

  1. Create a comforting cocoon by taking care of your home and surrounding yourself with calming items and reminders.
  2. Maintain a calming and structured daily routine by organizing your schedule and maintaining regular schedules.
  3. Prioritize human contact and moments of sharing with loved ones to offset the isolation caused by falling temperatures and outdoor activities.


Under the influence of Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline, Capricorn often experiences the autumn period as a reminder of their commitments and goals. This persistence can lead to a state of exhaustion and stress, leading to seasonal affective disorder.

The Causes Of Autumn Depression In Capricorn

  • A critical mind: Capricorns often judge themselves harshly and can develop a sense of dissatisfaction and failure in the fall, which is synonymous with an assessment of this sign.
  • The Burden of Responsibility: Constantly anxious to succeed and establish themselves in their field, Capricorn tends to take it upon themselves without knowing how to ask for help.
  • Fear of Loss: Capricorn natives are attached to traditions and control and sometimes find the changing seasons a threat and cause for concern.

Tips For Capricorn During the Autumn Depression

To reduce psychological stress and prevent seasonal disorders, Capricorn is recommended to:

  1. Set realistic and achievable goals while avoiding unnecessary pressure and comparisons with others.
  2. Agree to delegate certain tasks and give yourself some rest to recharge your batteries and get fit again.
  3. Create a work-life balance to enjoy the simple pleasures and social moments that fall festivals offer.


Pisces, the last water sign of the zodiac, is also prone to autumn depression. Due to their dreamy and imaginative nature, they can become overwhelmed by their emotions during the dark season.

The Causes Of Autumn Depression In Fish

  • Empathy: People born under the sign of Pisces are sensitive to the feelings of others and are easily influenced by the general atmosphere of a season or a period of autumnal blues.
  • Increased Creativity: Guided by Neptune, the Pisces native may feel a strong need to escape and a growing frustration at the limitations imposed on them by everyday life.

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