Zodiac Signs


1. For their honesty.

For telling you the truth even if it hurts, for telling it like it is, for telling you exactly how they feel, for keeping it real with you no matter what.

2. For their loyalty.

For being your friend since you were 5 or 10 or 16, for defending you fiercely when someone does you wrong, for being there for you through thick and thin and for always showing up when everyone else walks out.

3. For their free-spirit.

For inspiring you to forget about the rules and create your own, for pushing you to follow your dreams and believe in yourself, for telling you to tell someone how you feel because life is too short and for showing you that life is meant to be lived.

4. For seeing the best in you.

For appreciating your bizarre talent, for seeing your hidden potential, for noticing the little details about you that everyone else fails to see. For looking at you like you’re piece of art and admiring you for who you really are.

5. For pushing you to follow your heart.

For telling you to text first, to say ‘I love you,’ to fall for someone outside of your type and for reminding you that fairytales exist, that you shouldn’t settle, that love should be fantastic and it should be beautiful. That love should come from the heart even if it seems unreasonable or complicated.

6. For accepting you as you are.

For not caring about what you do or how you dress, for not judging you based on your choices or your past, for allowing you to be who you really are and still love you just as much.

7. For letting you see life through rose-colored glasses.

For letting you know that you’re worth it and you’re born to do something great, for believing that your ideas can change the world, for being your fan when everyone else makes fun of your dreams, for always supporting your oddest and most unconventional ideas. For letting you see the light when it’s dark.

8. For letting you know your worth.

For being the first to point out that you deserve better, that your partner should respect you more, that your boss should appreciate your work, that your parents shouldn’t stand in your way. For reminding you of your potential and what you’re really capable of doing.

9. For their kindness and compassion.

For their big hearts that can feel your pain, for their empathy and their intuition. For understanding you without words, for reading your mind when you thought no one would and for helping you when you didn’t ask for it.

10. For being your partner in crime.

For being the source of entertainment in your life, for being the class clown, or the one who is always down to do something crazy, for going with you on spontaneous trips and random adventures. For always cheering you up when you feel down.

11. For being a fighter.

A fighter for their dreams, for their friends, for their loved ones and for themselves. For standing up for you when you can’t stand up for yourself and for always getting back up when someone knocks them down.

12. For giving you your space.

Because they love their space too and they need it, they let you take your time without complaining. They will still pick up the phone even if you haven’t called in months and they’ll always welcome you back into their lives with open arms.

13. For loving you unconditionally.

Whether at your worst or at your lowest. Whether you’re being hard to love or easy to love. Whether you’re rich or poor, whether you’re hot or cold. Once you’ve found your way into an Aquarian’s heart, you never really leave.

14. For trying to change the world.

Or at least your world. Aquarians are humanitarians by nature and they love to leave a powerful yet heartfelt impact on others. They love to leave the world a better place, even in the smallest way possible. They want to fix things, they want to fix people, they want to fix themselves and they want to fix the world.

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