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Virgo Man In Love And Relationships: 10 Things To Know

The symbol of Virgo is the Virgin, which depicts innocence and spiritual purity.

However, the Virgin symbol doesn’t imply that a guy belonging to this horoscope sign can’t have all the masculine characteristics needed for a strong and mature man.

According to astrologers and natal chart readers, Virgo is an Earth sign. ruled by Mercury, which makes people belonging to this sign practical, observant, realistic, and perfectionists.

They are usually logical, helpful, and down to earth. Virgoans are good at solving problems and are always trying to keep the peace.

When you look at this Earth sign, the first thing you notice about them is how modest and shy they are.

At a first glance, they give off the impression of being cold and distant to everyone around them.

However, when a Virgo man loves you, he does it with all of his heart.

Not all men are the same, but they do all share ONE JUICY SECRET – the one thing that can help you get any man you lay your eyes on, even a tricky Virgo. Find out what it is RIGHT HERE And this is exactly what you’ll learn while reading this article: everything you need to know about this man when it comes to romance and relationships.

No, you aren’t about to read a Virgo man love horoscope today, you’re about to see everything his natal chart says about the Sun and the Moon in Virgo man in love.

Is my Virgo man in love with me? Are we compatible? What did it mean when my Virgo man said I love you? How does he behave when he is in love?

Is my Virgo man still in love with his ex? What are the signs of a Virgo man falling in love with you? Read on and find the answers to these questions and more!

How To Make A Virgo Man Fall In Love?

So, you know that a Virgo man likes you. But, what can you do to make him go crazy for you and let you in his heart forever?

You need to play your cards right so you better learn how to do exactly that with a fascinating course called Infatuation Scripts. Make him yours – forever.

  • What gets him to the point that a Virgo man says I love you?

In the beginning, the Virgo man in love pulls away because he has trouble showing his feelings the way you are used to.

However, if you show him you’re worthy of his time, effort, and – most importantly – love, you will have him for eternity. Here are the things you should do if you want to win him over:

  • Be honest
  • Be loyal
  • Respect him
  • Don’t be a drama queen
  • Show him your intelligence

How Do You Know If A Virgo Man Really Likes You?

It’s really not that difficult to tell when a Virgo man likes you. Love is something all Virgos long for and when they finally fall in love, they’ll be pretty obvious about it. 

When a man born under this star sign likes a woman, making that woman feel happy, appreciated and respected becomes his only goal in life.

He’ll remember every little detail about her, spoil her with attention and make her fall in love with him every single day. 

The truth is that it takes time for Sun sign Virgo to fall for someone, but when they do, they are the most committed and loyal partner you’ll ever have.

How Does Virgo Man Act When He’s In Love? 

When a Virgo man starts falling in love with you, he’ll become a true romantic gentleman. He’ll spoil you with gifts and some romantic surprises, shower you with compliments and try to prove his love through his actions. 

Along with Aries men,  Virgo males are known as stubborn perfectionists too. That’s why your Virgo guy will carefully plan all your dates. 

He’ll want every little detail to be perfect just as his love for you will simply be flawless. I’m telling this to you straight from the heart; you’ll feel the deepest and most sincere kind of love with a Virgo man. 

Looking for traits of a Virgo man in love? Wondering how a Virgo man acts when he’s in love?

Is this guy the same in his love life as in every other life aspect? Do Virgo men follow their heart or their mind and are they truly perfectionists at all times?

Well, you came to the right place because you’re about to read some surefire signs of Virgo man in love with you.

He notices everything about you

Sun sign Virgos all about the details, and one of the first personality traits you’ll notice about this man when he is in love is the fact that he starts noticing every little detail connected to you.

When this man is truly interested in you, he remembers all the little things you once mentioned and he really pays attention to you.

You may be surprised when this guy notices some things that men usually don’t notice about you or even things your girlfriends haven’t seen.

He will see it right away if you’ve changed your makeup, the color of your nail polish, if you are wearing new shoes, or if you cut your hair.

Not only that, but he’ll also notice even the slightest change in your mood.

A man belonging to this sign always knows when something is wrong with you, even before you tell him, and you can’t keep anything a secret from him.

He reaches out a lot

One of the ways to see if a guy likes you is to observe his texting habits.

When a guy is hitting on you and wants to make a move, it is likely that he’ll look you up on social media, like your photos, and eventually text you. To be precise, he’ll do everything except call you.

However, this is where male Virgos are different. Another characteristic of this guy when he is in love is that he gets an uncontrollable urge to hear your voice, if he can’t see you in person.

All of a sudden, he starts calling you on the phone on a regular basis just to hear what you’ve been up to and chat with you.

This doesn’t mean that a male Virgo will become too pushy or boring, he just prefers to hear you when the two of you talk rather than stare at an empty screen, waiting for your reply.

Trust me, this will be quite refreshing after all those guys who were too scared to call you.

He becomes more relaxed

These men are known to be a little bit stiff and closed, especially when it comes to new people.

It’s not that they consider themselves better than everyone else, it’s just that being guarded and careful is one of their personality traits.

A Virgo man doesn’t let just anyone in nor does he open up to all the people around him.

This is a zodiac sign that carefully chooses the people who will be a part of his life.

That is why one of the first signs of a Virgo man in love is that he becomes more relaxed around you.

He slowly starts to open up to you because he feels like he can trust you; he regards you as someone unique and a girl worthy of his time.

When a man born under this sign starts telling you his secrets, there is no doubt that he is in love with you.

This lovestruck guy sees you as someone who understands him and a girl he can be himself in front of.

What you need to know is that something like this rarely happens to him and you should consider yourself pretty damn special, because I assure you, this means you are one in a million.

He admires your brain

No matter how great-looking you are and how much you turn this guy on, this man will never truly like you, let alone fall in love with you, if he doesn’t feel attracted to your mind.

Being ruled by Mercury, this man appreciates intelligence more than anything.

The best way to notice that is by the fact that he is truly interested in everything you have to say.

He wants to know more about your opinions and attitudes toward life so he can see how much you two have in common.

Although he enjoys s_- as much as any other person, a Virgo is not someone who is led solely by his impulses.

He is looking for a life partner, someone who will hear him out and someone he can talk to.

A Virgo (and especially a Virgo Libra cusp man in love ) is looking for someone with whom he’ll connect on a deeper level.

If this man has fallen for you, it means that he has fallen in love with the entire package – your soul, body, and mind.

He becomes romantic

Virgo is not known to be a romantic zodiac. But all of this changes once they find someone they truly love.

This guy will rarely be romantic in the cheesy, typical way.

Instead, he will make an effort to constantly surprise you with the little things that are special to you.

He is able to do this because he has been paying attention to everything around and inside you.

This guy will buy you something you mentioned ages ago that you would like to have.

He will know your favorite color and flowers before you tell him. He’ll remember that one restaurant you mentioned you’d like to go to and take you out to dinner there when you least expect it.

If a man belonging to this zodiac is head over heels for you, he will never forget your birthday or the anniversary of your first kiss, and he’ll never fail to surprise you on these dates.

He is shy when it comes to physical contact

In the initial stages of dating, this guy will never be pushy or test your boundaries.

Even though this is a great thing, it can also lead you to think that he doesn’t find you attractive.

However, the truth is that he is simply not one of those men who can’t take their hands off their loved ones.

He is a shy guy when it comes to physical contact.

Sadly, this doesn’t change much as your relationship progresses, no matter how hard this man falls for you.

The truth is that Virgo men are not such creative lovers and they like to keep things simple and traditional in bed.

He will be quite insecure with s_-, especially in the beginning, and he always prefers making love over it being rough and kinky.

He takes care of you and spoils you

This zodiac sign doesn’t fall in love often, but when he does, there is nothing he wouldn’t do for his other half because your happiness will always come first to him.

A Virgo male is one of the least selfish signs in relationships, one who will always take care of your well-being.

He won’t have trouble prioritizing you and he’ll always look after you because his only goal is to build a tender and loving relationship with you. 

Besides, this guy will go out of his way to pamper and spoil you in every way possible. He’ll buy you random gifts and make romantic gestures.

A Virgo man likes when his woman is happy, as well. He can never feel good about himself unless he knows his romantic partner is happy too.

When he is in love, he puts all the effort and energy he has into the person he is with and he goes out of his way to please his loved one.

He is critical

However, a serious relationship with Virgo isn’t all that perfect and that is usually due to their high standards.

If you’ve ever met a Virgoan, you know that they spend their entire life aspiring to perfectionism in every possible aspect.

When a Virgo man loves you for real, he also wants you to be as perfect as possible because he thinks of your well-being.

In the beginning, you see him as your number one fan and as the person who pushes you forward and inspires you to be better.

But as time goes by, these characteristics of his may get out of hand. Soon, his perfectionism and high standards turn into criticism.

The truth is that he always means well and just wants you to reach your full potential, but sometimes he tends to cross the line and often overdo it by trying to mold you so you can fit his standards.

Virgos want everything to go their way, but sometimes this quality of theirs becomes exhausting and tiring for their romantic partner, even though it is one of the surefire signs of their enormous love for you.

He is honest and clear about his feelings

Even though he is shy when it comes to physical contact, everything is different when it comes to their verbal abilities.

As soon as a Virgo guy realizes he has feelings for you and decides that you are worthy of his time and affection, he won’t have any trouble saying it straight to your face.

This is the type of man who will be direct about his emotions if he thinks of you as his love match. A Virgo male doesn’t enjoy playing mind games or sending mixed signals.

He doesn’t enjoy chasing someone or being chased, so he’ll rarely play hard-to-get.

He’ll seldom ignore you to get your attention and he won’t try to read your mind to see if your feelings are mutual.

Also, he is not the type who loves drama and constant breakups and make-ups. Instead, this man will always know what and who he wants.

He wants to know where he stands at all times and he sees all of those games – where he is expected to act cold when he is not, or where he is expected to hide his feelings – as a pain in the ass.

He is loyal and committed

This might sound too good to be true, but all Virgos, including men, are not into casual flings and are especially not looking for someone just to have s_- with.

Instead, what Virgo males are after is a serious relationship and this is something they always aspire to have.

Don’t get me wrong, this guy doesn’t have any problem with being alone.

Nevertheless, when a Virgo guy dedicates himself to someone, he doesn’t plan on wasting his time or energy on something meaningless and without a future.

Another sign that this guy really loves you is his commitment and dedication to you and to the relationship.

He doesn’t mind labeling things and when he is taken, he acts that way.

This is not the type of man you’ll catch texting other girls or cheating on you in any other way.

You won’t even catch him staring at other women while he is with you, nor is he likely to have emotional affairs outside of the relationship.

Remember, for him, fidelity is mandatory and can never be questioned.

What Does A Virgo Man Like In A Woman? 

Honesty, intelligence and agreeableness are the top three qualities all Virgo guys look for in women. However, honesty is the quality we should put the biggest emphasis on because it is definitely a major turn-on for Virgo males. 

Virgo man wants a woman who’ll support him, be there for him no matter what and be able to share deep and philosophical conversations with him. 

Just like Taurus man, Virgo males are also a little bit stubborn and they’re completely aware of this trait of their personality. So, other qualities they’ll look for in a woman are understanding and tolerance. 

Virgo man also wants to find a woman who’ll accept and love him for everything he truly is. He needs to feel the comfort of a stable relationship, so he can be sure that it’s the right thing. 

As you can see, Virgos aren’t demanding at all. An honest, intelligent, understanding and independent woman is the real girlfriend material for a Virgo man. 

Compatibility With Other Signs

A couple’s love life depends on both parties’ involvement in a relationship.

That is why it’s crucial for two zodiac signs to be compatible with each other (which depends on their natal charts ), in order for their romance to succeed.

Virgo Man in love with Aries Woman

If you follow the tarot reading for this couple, you’ll see that Aries and Virgo are everything but a good match.

They don’t share the same s_-ual desires, because an Aries woman is known to be wild and prone to experimenting, while a Virgo is a polar opposite.

On the other hand, they share some common life values, so they could work very well as friends.

Virgo Man in love with Taurus Woman

A Taurus woman and Virgo male are a great zodiac match, mostly due to her patience and ability to make a Virgo more relaxed and flexible.

Once the two of them see they can trust each other, their relationship becomes almost perfect.

Virgo Male and Gemini Female

One thing is for certain: you can expect literally everything volatile from a Gemini and Virgo combined.

They are ruled by the same planet but represent opposites, Earth and Air, which is usually difficult to unite in a peaceful way and makes the couple a match made in hell.

Virgo Man in love with Cancer Woman

According to the horoscope, a Cancer woman‘s sensitivity is usually the biggest problem between this couple.

Cancer is simply too romantic for a down-to-earth practical Virgo and this difference causes problems between these signs sooner or later.

Virgo Man in love with Leo Woman

A Leo woman and Virgo guy don’t usually have a problem with love. Instead, they often lack respect for one another and that is never a foundation for a healthy relationship.

Both of these zodiac signs have a huge ego and can’t stand their partner being better than them, in any sense.

However, if they manage to surpass this problem, they can be a match made in heaven.

Virgo Male and Virgo Female

A Virgo woman is one of the most picky in the zodiac. That is exactly why a Virgo woman can find everything she is looking for in someone who is similar to her: a man belonging to her sign.

The problem in this love relationship usually lies in the bedroom.

Both of the partners are often too stiff and neither parties bring excitement under the sheets.

Virgo Male and Libra Female

Despite all of their differences, astrologers claim that these two signs actually fulfill each other more than expected.

On one hand, there is an indecisive Libra woman and, on the other, there is a man who enjoys fixing people.

At first glance, they appear like a match made in hell, but actually, they are each other’s missing part of the puzzle.

Virgo Man in love with Scorpio Woman

A Scorpio woman brings excitement to a Virgo’s life, while a Virgo gives tranquility and stability to her.

This way, both of the partners get the balance they need. However, problems between them often occur when it comes to establishing control.

Both of them want to be in charge and sometimes, the relationship turns into a real game of power.

Virgo Male and Sagittarius Female

Sagittarius and Virgo are not considered to be good couple. Both of them are rational and a relationship between them usually lacks emotion.

Of course, even though they don’t make a fairytale couple, the relationship between these two star signs can be a healthy and successful one if both parties are ready to put a great amount of effort in.  

Virgo Male and Capricorn Female

According to the tarot reading for this couple, Capricorn and Virgo are an amazing match, both being Earth signs.

These two understand each other completely and once they meet, they feel like they’ve found their other half.

Virgo Man in love with Aquarius Woman

A Virgo guy and an Aquarius woman have completely different personalities.

When it comes to them, opposites don’t attract and, even when they do, they do not last.

While the woman is led by her emotions, the man mostly follows his reason, which causes disharmony between the two.

Virgo Man in love with Pisces Woman

Against all odds, sensitive Pisces manages to find common ground with rational Virgo.

Instead of arguing about their differences, these are actually what makes the two of them grow fonder of each other.

To Wrap It All Up

I hope my little guide on Virgo man in love has helped you figure out if your Virgo guy loves you or not. And I also hope that the answer you got is positive, of course. 

The bottom line is that it’s not that hard to realize all the signs of a Virgo man in love. When he falls for a woman completely, he’ll be a caring, attentive, understanding, sensitive and thoughtful partner. In short, he’ll be true boyfriend material. 

When a Virgo man starts falling in love, he’ll do everything to make and keep his other half happy. He’ll be winning his women over every single day, again and again. 

If you’ve managed to capture the heart of a Virgo male, consider yourself a very lucky gal because you’ve got a man who’ll stay loyal, stay committed and love you until the last breath leaves his body.

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