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2022 has finally arrived. Find out what goal you should set for this new year according to the stars.

When one finds oneself between one year and another, it is almost natural to rethink the past 12 months and the goals achieved. Often, in the hope of improving one’s life, we find ourselves drawing up a wish list that soon turns into good resolutions for the coming year. The truth is that these resolutions are rarely achieved because the right motivation is often lacking at the base or because everyday commitments tend to take over, making us forget all thoughts about the new year, now in progress.
However, there is a way to improve at least a little and that is to focus on only one goal that is the best suited to your growth path. A goal that goes well with the road traveled and with the one in front of us.

And what better way to find out than to consult the stars?
Today, after having seen how 2022 will begin for each sign of the zodiac and what is the reason why each of us should love each other more, we will find out what is the best goal that each zodiac sign can set for 2022. In this way there will be the opportunity to grow and improve, finding at the end of the year with the satisfaction of having achieved a really important goal capable of improving life. Since this is something that often has to do with emotions and feelings, the advice is to also check the ascendant of your profile. This will give you a clearer idea of ​​what can be done to improve the year that has just begun.

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Astrology: Here is the goal for the new year that is right for you based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Take care of yourself
In recent times you have found yourself more focused on indulging others than yourself. It is a mechanism that you have set in motion to get out of an unhappy period but that you have no longer been able to shake off. Well, even if you may not have realized it yet, it is an attitude that fails to make you happy. You have always been a decisive person, who knows what he wants and who does not hesitate to take it and this hiding behind consent or kind words risks putting your real you aside, leading you to no longer recognize yourself. The goal for 2022 must therefore be to take care of yourself. If your experiences have taught you about empathy, it is right that you keep the positive aspects of it. At the same time, however, it is also right that before anything else you come back to account for yourself. Because as you well know,

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Taurus – Eliminate some defense
Those who know you well know that to enter your square meter it is essential to fight to earn your trust and your affection. These are things that you do not give easily and that you always try to make difficult to better study those around you. Even in love, you can keep the barriers high, even risking losing who you like but never taking a single step to change things. This depends on a mix of factors including certain insecurity, past disappointments, and a need for security. What you don’t know is that by going on like this you don’t avoid disappointment but you run the serious risk of not letting people who could enrich it or would know how to make you happy come into your life. The truth is that in 2022 you should change your armor, dropping it and making it less resistant. Of course, maybe you will run the risk of suffering a little but the emotion of the feelings will always be higher. Furthermore, only by opening yourself up to the world will you realize how by not doing it you were still suffering.

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Gemini – Learning to change course
Although you are a person who loves new things and who always enjoys experiencing new emotions when it comes to embarking on a path you always want to have everything under control. This leads you to make plans, decide how to move in preview, and freak out if any obstacles arise. The truth is that only by letting yourself go to change will you be able to explore the real thrill you seek and that you are now only deluding yourself into feeling. Changes, as well as unexpected events, are part of life, and only when you know how to accept them with enthusiasm can you say that you have lived each specific experience to the full. As fearful as this may make you, this should be your goal for 2022 because by pursuing it you will be able to discover new sides of yourself, get to know yourself better, and finally experience the emotions you have always pursued.

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Cancer – Letting go of your comfort zone
If there is one thing in life you can’t do without, this is your comfort zone. It is a need that you have always carried with you and that corresponds to never taking risks, preferring rather a life bordering on the banal. The truth, however, is that you don’t like trivial things and this leads you to feel often torn. Having both the comfort of a comfortable area and the possibility of always having new experiences, however, are not things that you can have at the same time. For this reason, you must be able to open yourself to the news without fearing its implications. By doing this, you may have a bit of anxiety at the beginning but you just need to realize how you can manage yourself even among many unexpected events to begin to appreciate the thrill that the unknown can transmit to you.

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Leo – Take your time
While moving at a frenzied pace is something you do very well, for 2022 you should aim to take your time. The continuous races to which you undergo have led you to miss some precious moments that you may regret in the future. Of course, focusing on your career and working on yourself to keep improving yourself are important things. However, knowing how to give oneself to others in an authentic way and having experiences that enrich the days as well as the soul is also so. Only in this way, in fact, can we grow. This, then, should be your next goal. The one to work hard and without delay. In this way, you will arrive at the end of the year discovering yourself different, more charged than ever, and full of resources that you will never be able to fully explore otherwise.

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Virgo – Relax
The type of relaxation we are talking about is not that of doing nothing but the inner one that unfortunately you always tend to miss. The anxiety that seizes you when there is something to do or when you do not feel comfortable with the reality that surrounds you leads you to live things very badly. A situation that is often also the basis of your pessimism and your lack of ability to let things slip on you. The goal you should set for this year is therefore to learn to relax. It doesn’t matter if going for a run, boxing, or learning the art of meditation. What matters is to commit to crossing this goal which, once reached, will show you a new you that you will find it hard to recognize. Your life could change for the better if you just made an effort to give yourself this opportunity.

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Libra – Free yourself from the opinion of others
In your being always so loved by others there is an aspect that risks making you unhappy and that is linked to your need to know that everyone always thinks something positive about you. This is an attitude that in the long-run risks making you lose sight of who you are, making you a slave to the opinion of others. The truth is that you are worth it regardless of what others think and you should put it in your head, facing life head-on and only caring about what you think first. If you set such a goal for this new year, you will discover a sense of freedom that is difficult to describe but which will make you immensely happy and confident. And then your serenity of mind will be truly total.

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Scorpio – Opening up to others
It is true, you are a person so tied to privacy that you make a huge effort even to reveal things that anyone would immediately say to a stranger. Yet in 2022 the goal you should aim for is precisely to open up more with others. In fact, by doing it you would be able to make yourself known better by obtaining greater appreciation from others. Furthermore, after the difficult years you have lived, being yourself also with the rest of the world will only bring you the serenity you have longed for. Even better if, in addition to opening up, you learn to ask for help and, above all, to accept what is offered to you. By pursuing these goals, a whole new reality will open up before you that will complete you, leading you to be happy as you have not been for a long time.

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Sagittarius – Dealing with you without excuses
The goal that best suits you this year is to get to know yourself better to understand what you want from life. Rather than pointing the finger at others, you should then start monitoring your every behavior to recognize which ones belong to you and which ones you should change. By doing so, the sense of dissatisfaction that has long since taken hold of your life would begin to change, giving way to certainly more pleasant emotions. All for 2022 in which every new day could be the right one to start projects to carry out for the future or just simply to enjoy what life offers you every day. Gifts that too often you risk not seeing because you are too busy with your thoughts on life (of others) and the world.

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Capricorn – Devote yourself to a hobby
Your winning goal for the new year? Find something that you enjoy doing that has nothing to do with work and give it some time. You are probably already wrinkling your nose thinking that this is a way to de-energize the important things. The truth, however, is that by doing so you could give free rein to your mind, rekindling that creative vein that too many times you tend to put aside and that without being stimulated ends up turning off. And creativity is useful for many things, including work, right? So, if you want to improve yourself and have more chances of success, in 2022 you should try to focus on something else, changing your perspective,

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Aquarius – Pursuing a dream
The ideal 2022? One in which to choose any dream and pursue it. Ok to the improvised life and to the things to choose only at the moment and according to your feelings. Sometimes, however, a little planning is not enough. And what’s more thrilling than making plans for a dream to come true? So, beyond the goal and magnitude of your dream, what you should do in 2022 is to choose something that inspires and excite you and pursue it. What matters will not be so much the result as the path you will take to achieve it. A path that will lead you to improve yourself, to know yourself better, and to understand how certain dynamics go that, to date, are still unknown to you. It will be like taking a journey inside yourself and such as to lead you to a new and completely unexpected point of arrival: the real you.

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Pisces – Becoming… yourself
Not that you are not already a spontaneous and sincere person. What you lack, however, is the freedom to allow yourself to be who you are in the depths of your heart. Yours is often an act of kindness because you are always afraid of hurting or hurting others and to avoid it you end up limiting yourself. The truth, however, is that for every person you make happy, there will still be one who is dissatisfied.
A natural that happens because the world is varied as well as the people who inhabit it. By simply being yourself, however, you will have the positive aspect of attracting only the right and compatible people to you. And for those in your life that must be there anyway? For employers, relatives, or acquaintances, so to speak, obliged, then you can opt for your usual diplomacy. But without ever overshadowing you. Being yourself must be your goal for 2022. The one that will allow you to improve yourself, to know yourself better, and to attract the happiness you deserve to yourself.

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