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Astrological Signs Ranked From Most To Least Emotionally Distant 2022

People are emotionally distant for all kinds of different reasons: some are afraid of being heartbroken and others are just just like that.

What you might not know, however, is that your emotional availability has a lot to do with which zodiac sign you belong to.

That’s why we’re here to give you the list of emotionally distant zodiac signs, ranked from most to least.


Virgo is the sign that has the most trouble trusting the new people who come into their life. Virgos are often seen as cold and reserved people who don’t let anyone approach them.

Of course, this behavior makes Virgo dating partners very often feel emotionally neglected and unloved.

However, this does not mean that people belonging to this sign do not have the capacity to love. They just need to see that their partner is trustworthy before they can expose their vulnerabilities and show who they are.


The other sign that tops the list of emotionally distant signs is, without a doubt, Capricorn.

He is one of the signs who just love to be alone and do not need a partner to complete them.

While it’s a good thing that keeps them from becoming emotionally dependent on someone, on the other hand, it often makes them appear emotionally unavailable, which is anything but an admirable characteristic.


Even though you would never believe it about them, the truth about Gemini is that they are terrified of being rejected.

They can’t stand being taken for fools or using their feelings.

This is why, over time, Gemini have become masters at hiding their true emotions and masking them with irony, sarcasm and humor.


Aquarians are people who need time to be able to feel comfortable enough in front of other people in order to show their true colors.

However, beneath this cold exterior hides a caring heart full of love.

The overly cautious attitude of Aquarius is nothing more than a shield which he uses in order to protect himself.

He uses it as a filter to see who is patient enough to win his heart and prove himself worthy of his time and affection.


One of the main prejudices about Aries is that they are selfish and self-centered.

While in reality, people belonging to this zodiac sign, are in fact nothing but ambitious and focused on their goals.

Of course, in this pursuit of success, they sometimes forget to devote their time and energy to those close to them, which often makes them seem emotionally unavailable.


Leo’s emotional availability depends on the amount of dedication their partner invests in the relationship.

Their ego (which isn’t inconsiderate) will never stand to be the most caring one in a relationship, so basically a Leo will give you as much love as they get from you.


What Libras fear most is becoming too needy and too attached to their better half.

The last thing they want is to be seen by their partner as someone in desperation and in need.

That’s why they prefer to take their time when it comes to showing their true emotions.


Even though Scorpios have a bad reputation for only wanting romance in a relationship, the truth is quite different.

Yes, Scorpios have a great need for privacy, but that doesn’t mean they are only interested in physical privacy.

What they’re really looking for is someone they can connect with on a much deeper, much more intimate level.


One of Sagittarius’ biggest fears is engaging with the wrong person and giving their heart to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

So if you feel that your Sagittarius partner is emotionally distant, well, I have bad news for you because, that means you are not the right person for them.

Of course, that all changes once Sagittarius finds someone they deem trustworthy to fully open up.


Pisces are among the less emotionally distant zodiac signs.

Besides, they are even known to be quite clingy people and have a constant need to be with their partner.

Pisces floods you with emotions and shows you the kind of love you never thought possible.

The only thing you have to do in return is not to take them for granted and appreciate all they give you and the effort they put in.


Much like Pisces, Taurus are also known to be one of the most emotionally available zodiac signs.

They are people who carry their hearts on their hands, and even if being like that, has already brought them a lot of problems in the past, they do not know how to do otherwise.

People belonging to this sign would like their partner to come from heaven, that is to say, someone who looks like them and who knows that a relationship cannot function in a healthy way nor be successful in the long term, without a deep emotional intimacy.


There is no doubt that Cancer is the most sensitive zodiac sign and the one whose heart can be broken the most easily.

But that’s not all: Cancers are also the greatest empaths, so they are always in touch with other people’s emotions and their own and have no trouble expressing them.

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