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A famous astrologer indicates where you should live according to your zodiac sign

The world we live in is very vast. Multiple landscapes, heterogeneous cultures, and different lifestyles. And when we decide to live somewhere, there is one factor that should not be overlooked: the personality of the city. Indeed, a correspondence between the characteristics of a person and the specificity of his environment could have beneficial effects on his well-being and his feeling of satisfaction.

They say your home is where your heart is, but what about yours? A famous astrologer uses your zodiac sign to answer the question.

For Kelli Fox, a well-known astrologer, each zodiac sign blooms in specific destinations around the world, as he explains for FEMAIL. At a time when we can travel half the globe in hours, many prefer to flee their home country to fulfill their dreams and thrive in more distant lands.

Furthermore, according to a study conducted to examine the correlation between the profile of a city’s residents and its “atmosphere”, a correlation emerged between the personality of each individual and his mood based on where he lives. as a more important sense of belonging would lead to better self-esteem.

Here’s where you should live based on your zodiac sign

1) Aries

The native of this sign aspires to live freely without constraints. Ambitious, he needs to thrive in a place that can highlight his sense of competition and hard work. To be happy, Aries would have to live in Argentina, Australia, Texas, or Alaska.

2) Taurus

The Taurus likes to take the time to stop and appreciate the beauty of the things around him. Taurus can only thrive when they establish a routine that fits their way of life. Close to nature, the native of this sign should live in Tahiti, the Dominican Republic, New Zealand, or Mauritius.

3) Gemini

Curious and passionate about renewal, the native of this sign loves to discover new cultures and expand his knowledge. Sociable and good, he needs to be surrounded by jovial and caring people. Geminis are expected to live in Chicago, Dubai, Estonia, or Hong Kong.

4) Cancer

Wherever cancer goes, it must feel at home. Indeed, the native of this sign has a hard time moving away from the family cocoon and therefore needs to feel the presence of warm and welcoming people around him. He should live in Greece, Hawaii, Jamaica, or Colombia.

5) Leo

The native of this sign would thrive in a place that allowed him to freely express his unhindered being. Hedonistic and outgoing, Leo should live in Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or Mumbai.

6) Virgo

Perfectionist, the Virgo native is efficient and organized. Therefore he must live in a place that gives him the ideal atmosphere to carry out all his projects. The Netherlands, Boston, or Singapore would be in favor of his personal development.

7) Libra

The native of this sign is fascinated by beautiful things. Love luxury and dream of a rich and sumptuous life. Passionate about art, he needs to live in a place where culture is at the forefront. Paris, Milan, Stockholm, or Prague would be a great destination choice.

8) Scorpio

Like the animal that represents him, the native of this sign likes dangerous, mysterious, and atypical places. A formidable negotiator, Scorpio is a real shark when it comes to business. Shanghai, Amsterdam, Bangkok, or Washington would be perfect for him to grow his projects.

9) Sagittarius

Greedy for travel and new adventures, Sagittarius loves wide-open spaces that allow them to satisfy their thirst for discovery. His multiculturalism and openness allow him to thrive no matter where he is in the world. However, Canada, Norway, South Africa, and Costa Rica are the most popular destinations for this zodiac sign.

10) Capricorn

Ambitious, Capricorn craves power and supremacy. He, therefore, tends to want to live in cities that can be a source of wealth and development. London, Switzerland, Berlin, and Qatar are places that will promote its development.

11) Aquarius

Dreamy and idealistic, the native of this sign thrives in unconventional and futuristic places. He would like to live in cities with technological trends such as Tokyo, Seoul, Israel, or Iceland.

12) Pisces

Quiet and reserved, Pisces loves places that offer peace and serenity. This water sign would thrive in New Orleans, Wales, Peru, or Bali.

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