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Find out the level of addiction you have from your smartphone. The opinion of the stars.

Today, having a smartphone close at hand is something so normal that the opposite is strange. Until a few decades ago, however, owning something similar was almost unthinkable, especially if you think about the evolution that mobile phones have undergone in recent years, advancing hand in hand with technology and the advent of social media and becoming, in fact, a means of communication which is now almost impossible to do without. Whether you use it for work or in your free time, the smartphone is always present. With just one small object we can keep in touch with the world, go on the internet, play games, take photos or videos, and listen to music. All things that represent hobbies and needs often cannot be done without.
Thanks to these needs, more and more people can be said to be addicted to a smartphone. Some are aware of it, while others, even if they always have it in their hands, do not realize it. Since in some way, cell phone addiction can also be linked to the influence that the stars have on us, today after having seen if we are good neighbors and how complicated we are, we will try to find out whether or not we have a smartphone addiction.

Horoscope: Find out if you are addicted to your smartphone or are still in control of it

Aries – Almost Not Dependent
You like a smartphone and you know how to use it for sure. For you, however, it remains an object to use when needed and without which you could still live. Life for you outside of the phone and it’s basically about what makes you feel alive and active. Spending too many hours in front of a screen, whether it’s a TV, a computer, or, in fact, your smartphone, in the long run, bores you and makes you want to escape in any way. It is therefore very difficult for you to become addicted.

Taurus – Independent but in your way
You and technology have a strange relationship. You know well that it is useful and you do not hesitate to use it when you think it can help you in your daily tasks. However, you are still one of those who love to take notes on paper, who listen to music through the stereo, and who love to watch TV series on TV and not on the computer. As a good traditionalist you are, depending on a smartphone is the least of your thoughts. You could even live days without using it if it weren’t for the fact that it is useful to you as a phone.

Gemini – Half Addicts
Yours can’t exactly be said to be addictive as you have an ambivalent relationship with your smartphone. Sometimes you use it for hours without doing anything else, going from listening to music to reading, to games. Other times, the very thought of using it bothers you and you prefer to indulge in something more active like a walk in the park, a date with friends, or a session at the gym. In short, your mood, as often happens, marks times and situations, also going to govern your relationship with technology which, although it can attract you, always does it every other day.

Cancer – Almost not addicted to anything
Having a smartphone is useful but not essential at all. It matters little if others make use of it that you think is exaggerated. You prefer to have a face-to-face conversation, watch a sunset and watch movies in the cinema or front of the TV. This makes you a person not at all inclined to develop such an addiction which you consider, among other things, really difficult to understand, especially when people you know are experiencing it.

Leo – Absolutely addicted
The smartphone is practically indispensable for you. Better to say, to be so is the use of social networks through which you can satisfy your need to appear and get noticed at any time by showing your life and your passions. Taking pictures and sharing statuses on the web makes you feel at the center of the world and being able to do it through your smartphone fully satisfies you because it allows you to receive approvals practically 24 hours 24. For these reasons your addiction is almost total, to the point that a small detox from time to time could open you up to a world of new passions, all to be discovered.

Virgo – Moderately Dependent
Your relationship with your smartphone is one of pure comfort. You like to have something that allows you to pass the time in different ways and that often leads you to use it a little more than you should, making you dependent in your way. However, it is not something absolute because when you have better things to do you can do without it without missing it. However, things could also change. For this reason, it is important to be careful not to overdo it, by monitoring yourself often.

Libra – Really Unrelated
As useful and fun as having one is, you are not a person inclined to become addicted to smartphones. The things you like best are about the real world. That is made up of experiences to live and share life with the people you love and beautiful things to surround yourself with day after day. This, of course, does not exclude that the smartphone can also be part of your life. Shooting or photographing anything you like is a utility that is often difficult to give up.

Scorpio – Independent
In life, it is very difficult for you to find yourself in a state of addiction. The ability to control and the ability to self-analyze that have always distinguished you make you a person who is not very inclined to suffer an exaggerated fascination with things, including that of the smartphone that you use daily for its countless functions but from which you know how to abstract yourself all. as often as you want and without missing it. After all, among the many commitments and passions, you have, becoming addicted to something is almost impossible and this allows you to be able to use it freely without bringing the slightest problem.

Sagittarius – Addicted to what you need
Yours is not exactly an addiction as the need to always have your smartphone with you and everything for the different uses for which you need it. Typically it’s about keeping in touch with close friends and sharing whatever is possible for you. And this is where the risk of addiction sometimes kicks in. Because all this wanting to let others know what you think or see is sometimes a kind of way to express your need to always be the center of attention and to feel approved. A possibility on which it can be important to stop and reflect.

Capricorn – Addict but only for fun
Your relationship with the smartphone is purely playful. You use it more to play than to communicate. And it is precisely about games that sometimes you tend to concentrate a little too much, ending up spending several hours in front of the screen, perhaps to break a record.
Since all forms of addiction should be investigated, you should perhaps try to understand why playing makes you feel so good that it keeps you glued to your smartphone. Of course, doing it is a way like any other to distract yourself but be careful not to lose control or the risk of greater stress in the future is just around the corner.

Aquarius – Independent enough
The smartphone is for you like the TV or whatever else can entertain you. You appreciate it because it is useful for the purpose but it is always and only a means to be used to bring you well-being and never the other way around. It can be said, therefore, that you have a fair amount of control over your devices and, of course, also on the mobile phone which is always the most used, if only for the fact that it contains more possibilities to interact and all in very little space.

Pisces – (In) dependent on the emotions aroused
Having a smartphone that can contain the things you like most is a truly remarkable thing for you, which is why you are often tied to yours, so much so that you always have it with you and use it for several hours a day. Whether it’s keeping in touch with others, reading, listening to music, taking notes, or even sketching drawings, your smartphone is always ready to help you and this makes you feel more “complete”. Yours, however, is not an addiction because you can very well do without it without particular problems. When you feel particularly down, bored, or in need of hearing from someone, however, the use of the cell phone increases and with it the risk of addiction. The solution? Keep it away when your mood is at its most fragile. So you won’t take any chances.

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