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Love Horoscope For June 2023. Aquarius Yearns For Freedom

We are having an incendiary summer, from an astrological point of view. Good news is coming but also challenges in terms of love. Here’s what awaits us in June!

The love horoscope for the sixth month of this year comes with some pretty good news!

The Full Moon in Sagittarius, on June 3, and the New Moon in Gemini, on June 18, are two astrological events that bring us joy and romance. We are ready to open our wings and fly free.

The next notable event will be the move of Venus into passionate and glamorous Leo on June 5. The planet of love settles here for a while, considering that next month it will retrograde in the same sign. It’s a good time to enjoy a good party, fun, and flirting. Leo, after all, likes to be the center of attention. So, let it go and be a little indulgent with the pleasures of life! There is only one trap: at the same time that Venus passes into Leo, it forms an opposition with Pluto. This looks like a potentially toxic situation regarding love or money. Avoid drama.

Pluto arrives in Capricorn on June 11. It reveals certain fears but also makes us face our responsibility. It is possible that some natives feel the need to flee where the bonds are too tight. However, in cases where there is understanding and respect, relationships will be stronger than ever.

Saturn and Neptune will retrograde in Pisces on June 17 and June 30, respectively, which makes three planets retrograde, including Pluto. However, there is no cause for great concern! These slow planets are usually retrograde for at least half a year anyway. Sure, there might be some karmic tests, responsibilities, and limits that we have to work on.

Let’s see what the love horoscope announces in June 2023 for each zodiac sign.


You feel the need to move away from a current situation to make an important change. It is possible that this has to do with the professional plan, but there are greater chances that you will go to the love sector. So, you will want to eliminate something from the routine of your relationship or you want to bring another dynamic. Fortunately, your partner will be with you, whatever idea you have, and things could go in a good direction. Pluto in Capricorn is what makes you approach your relationship as a couple more seriously. Don’t forget that you have to be patient and don’t put pressure on your partner to adapt to the change as quickly as you!


Venus, your ruler, moves into an entirely new area for you this month, on June 5. In your luxury-loving zone, you should feel the need to make your physical space as beautiful and lush as possible. You will want to redecorate and invite people into your home. Your social area will be flourishing in the next period and you will spend time with friends or family. Venus will be here for quite a long time, which makes this an extra-special time for the home and family. Love is flourishing throughout June, both when it comes to giving and receiving. Open your heart wide and let the beautiful feelings enter.


It is the month in which you celebrate your birthday! What will you do with all this new energy, bright and full of life? What do you want most at this moment? What will you pour your energy into? It’s all up to you. The sun shines on you until June 21, helping you to manifest your best. The Full Moon and the New Moon are always important for you, which you must follow. The Full Moon in your routine area on June 3 and the New Moon in your spiritual area on June 18 highlight the beginnings behind the scenes. Beginnings related to love and inner healing. Maybe you have to give up a certain routine for your relationship to be better. If you are single, it is an excellent month to meet someone special.


An extremely favorable month for you, in terms of romance. The love horoscope announces reconciliations or new relationships. If you are alone, very good news! The one you lost will return to you or a new partner appears in your life. The New Moon in Gemini from June 18 is ready to give you everything you want. From that moment until the end of the month, your dreams will come true that you didn’t even dare to aspire to. There is a very special person who turns your world upside down. You will live intense moments together with this man, open your heart and let happiness enter.


Venus, the planet of love and beauty, moves into your sign this month, on June 5. She will give you the gift of self-love and the gift of loving others. In addition, you should feel more confident about your appearance and image. This confidence draws people to you like bees to honey. If lately you neglected yourself or didn’t have that desire to dress up, now you will want to buy new clothes, put on makeup and enjoy your charm. Go out into the world and have fun, meeting new people. If you are in a relationship, your partner will also enter the game and you will spend moments together, at different events or maybe even vacations. If you are alone, you have every chance to meet someone special.


Saturn, the planet of lessons and karma, enters retrograde this month on June 17. Given that it is in your relationship sector at the moment, this likely is where you will experience the determination of this planet. There are things to learn right now and, as hard as it may seem, it is good for your soul. This period refers to the routine in your love life. You might feel the need for a change and discuss the breakup. Yes, sometimes it is easier to run away than to face the situation. But is that what you want? Remember that Saturn is talking about taking responsibility. Did you do everything you could to make the relationship work? If the answer is no, it’s time to take control and discover what you want.


Venus is your ruler and, as of June 5th, she moves into your zone of friendship and community on June 5th, making this an extra-special month for new and old connections. Don’t be shy to set new big goals. With the help of someone from your close circle, you will succeed in everything you set out to do. Also, make travel plans, because there are good chances that everything you want now will materialize, sooner or later. If you are alone, go out and socialize because you will attract interesting people around you and, who knows, maybe among them is the person your soul needs. If you are in a relationship, no major events are announced, because it is a month in which it is more about you than about both of you. Make sure you involve your partner in all your activities and you won’t have problems as a couple.


It’s a pretty quiet month, maybe a little too quiet for your tastes. However, it seems that you need recovery and rest. Do the things that make your heart happy. Focus on expanding your soul through spiritual practices and tools. It’s a beautiful time for learning, teaching, or mentoring, with the Sun moving into this area of ​​your birth chart on June 21. Relationships could take a back seat this month, with some tests coming your way. There is nothing you cannot face, as long as you listen to your reason and take the appropriate measures where needed.


Start the month of June with great joy! The Full Moon on June 3rd takes place in your sign. This means rebirth, especially on a personal level. Whatever you wanted to change lately, you can do it now. If you made a vision board or a wish list for 2023, many of them may materialize this summer. There are some fabulous new beginnings for you, with the New Moon in your relationship zone on June 18. Relationships, in general, have a positive start, with new relationships coming into your world in the next few months. If you are already with someone, any problems you may have had with your life partner will pass like a miracle and you will both enjoy beautiful moments.


Saturn enters retrograde motion on June 17 in your area of ​​thinking and communication. Lately, you’ve probably thought about what you’ve learned and what you still have to learn. Do not forget that, most of the time, you cannot learn by standing on the sidelines and watching as a spectator. You have to get in the middle of the action, be a part of life, to learn the lessons you need. Your partner may be the one who brings you out of melancholy and puts you in some situations that turn your routine upside down. You will see that a breath of fresh air is exactly what you needed. If you are alone, someone may appear in your life as a lesson. Don’t leave your heart in anyone’s hands.


You have a little break now that Pluto briefly leaves your sign and revisits the sector related to rest and recovery for you on June 11. The pressure you felt should lift, helping you breathe easier. You feel the need for freedom, so you want to break the chains and go out into the world. If you’re in a relationship where you’ve felt like you’re being constricted lately, you may want to break up and say goodbye to your old routines. If your relationship is on a normal course, be careful not to cause problems for the couple through this incident. You can be free together, on a vacation or a trip to the mountains, for example. Be careful what you wish for because Pluto will return, and reality will hit you harder than you can bear.


Saturn is currently in your sign, and this month he enters retrograde on June 17. The tests and challenges you have faced so far will take a break. You will feel a little more relaxed, without pressure. This gives you the time you need to focus on the structures you are creating to take better control of the direction of your life. Which of them work so far and which do not resonate? Slow down in the next few months. Be open to the karmic lessons that seem to come your way. This is a moment of maturation for you, and you are evolving in ways that you probably don’t even see yet. Be careful to give your partner the attention he needs.

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