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When you are with him (or with her) are you always afraid that he will make fun of you? Maybe it’s because your partner is one of the scariest zodiac signs in the horoscope; let’s find out together!

Jokes, teasing, criticism, and even a way of making a noise that you just don’t like. What are we talking about? Oh, but simply the attitude of that specific person that makes you sick every time!

At this point you may have understood very well who we are talking about or simply be confused: maybe your jokes aren’t as funny as you thought.
Well, we’ll quickly find out which side you are on thanks to our horoscope ranking today: ready to find out who are the ” mockers ” chosen by the stars?

The most mocking zodiac signs: here is today’s horoscope ranking

Let’s get it clear: anyone who claims to be funny cannot possibly be mocking. It would be a contradiction!
Those who behave in a ” mocking ” manner make fun of others with a good dose of cruelty and bitterness.

These are people who have learned that teasing must be stinging, mocking, and mocking a person while in a difficult time . We are absolutely not talking about people who make a few jokes or who simply ca n’t stop joking !

Today we decided to ask the stars and planets if there are any mocking zodiac signs and rank them for us. What do you say, do you think you could be in our horoscope chart today? Here are our top five positions!

Aries: fifth place

Dear friends of the sign of Aries: you also know very well that you should be much higher in this ranking, right?
Fortunately for you (and unfortunately for others ), there are so many people who are more mocking than you or who know better this practice of making fun of others.

Aries , in fact, are always amazed at the ease with which they manage to be mocking others and get away with it. They are
people who target the insecurities of others before they even see their merits. They just wait until they feel slightly threatened to start mocking you – better be careful around Aries. You never know how they can react!

Cancer: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Cancer can be really mocking when they want: the “problem” is that they don’t want it very often!
What happens with Cancer often is that they get mocked before they realize they have a problem with you.

At that point, however, it is already too late: Cancer knows that his jokes are absolutely not jokes but simply a way to hit you!
Those born under the sign of Cancer, then, are extremely sensitive and emotional people: they know very well how to hurt others and are not afraid of being mocked. Later, perhaps, they repent: but in the meantime, they can really make you suffer!

Leo: third place

Even those born under the sign of Leo are capable of being truly mocking and, often, they do not even realize it.
Arrogant and capable of thinking only able, those born under this sign do not really have problems making jokes and comments out of place, in an attempt to “put you in your place”.

For Leo, in fact, there is nothing more dangerous than someone threatening their authority. How, then, to ” destroy ” it?
Simple! With a couple of well-thought-out jokes or comments, made specifically to point out the difference between you and them but pretending to joke or say things lightly. Those born under the sign of Leo can be truly cruel when they get into it: be careful!

Libra: second place

How? Are those born under the sign of Libra so high in our ranking today?
Yes, Libra can be really mocking even if they often behave as if they don’t know what they are doing!
Those born under this sign are true masters at making poisonous little jokes or digs that often hit the mark.

Libra, in fact, is one of those signs that struggles to get in tune immediately with others and that keeps away from it thanks to its way of doing, mocking without appeal!
To avoid being rude, however, Libra hides her wickedness under a ” patina ” of jokes: a really “smart” way to make you understand that they are in charge!

Libra is a very intelligent sign: look carefully at its victim and try to understand what are the arguments that could bring it down.
Then, without warning, Libra suddenly indulges in a cruel and well-placed comment. The result is often devastating: not expecting it from a Libra, here is the arrow that hits the mark, sending the others completely into crisis!

Virgo: first place in the ranking of the most mocking signs of the zodiac

Hey, who would have thought that those born under the sign of Virgo would have occupied the first place in our ranking of today’s horoscope?
(Maybe all those who know the Virgin well or who spend their time with her: for them, it is certainly not a surprise ).

Those born under the sign of Virgo have only one flaw: that of being truly mocking!
Since, generally, their sense of humor is not very developed and also that they are very lonely people, those born under the sign of Virgo have decidedly ” wolf ” humor.
For them there is no fun except at the expense of others: they have no idea what it is like to relate to other people without offending when they joke!

The main reason is that those born under the sign of Virgo are people who aim, in no uncertain terms, for perfection and beauty.
For them, therefore, the mockery is made only on these two elements and always emphasizes how the others are not up to par.
In short: the Virgin, is very difficult to deal with… given how mocking they are!

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