You cannot count on them, neither to surprise nor to receive them. Who are we talking about? But always impassive zodiac signs! Let’s find out if you are in the ranking!

How many times have you ever done something nice for a person and received in response … a shrug?
Or, on the contrary, how many times has it happened to you instead to receive a surprise or important news and… not to have an emotional response ? Today we are talking about a rather particular horoscope ranking : better know if you are in the top five!

The zodiac signs always impassive: here is the ranking of today’s horoscope

If your boyfriend or best friend is on today’s horoscope chart, we hug you tightly .

Well, because if you are in a relationship of any kind with one of the always impassive zodiac signs then you will need a lot of patience as well as luck!
These zodiac signs, in fact, do not show any kind of emotion and behave as if nothing is important.

Let’s find out who is among the top five positions: it’s not that you too are among the always impassive zodiac signs , are you?

Capricorn: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Capricorn know how to be particularly  cold and emotionless when they want. Capricorn
, in fact , is a sign that he does not mind “hiding” his emotions from others … even from himself!

Capricorn will always be impassive: whether you leave him after ten years or if you get married after five days of relationship. They are like that!

Aries: fourth place

For those born under the sign of Aries , showing emotions and feelings is practically like exposing yourself to the public pillory .
This is something Aries would never do, for no reason in the world!

Aries are generally people who can’t really help but avoid showing their emotions.
They get embarrassed at the very thought and prefer to pretend not to have any … and then end up being really detached from their emotions in general !

Pisces: third place

It seems strange that Pisces are always impassive in the ranking of zodiac signs , yet if you think about it you will realize that it is just like that.

Although Pisces are, in fact, generally famous for “loving love” and having a high regard for all emotions, people born under this sign are actually particularly impassive. Accustomed as they are to being often disappointed or treated with arrogance, Pisces are often very good at hiding their feelings. You will never know  what they really think about others or… even about themselves!

Leo: second place

How? Would Leos be in second place in the ranking of always impassive zodiac signs ?
But aren’t they always angry and ready to explode at any moment?

The answer could be yes: Leos are generally people who don’t hold back when they get angry or when they want to be loud but otherwise… they can be particularly unmoved!
In fact, Leo is a particularly impassive sign especially when it comes to love and emotions. Leos  consider it almost a weakness to show emotions and make sure to always be impassive in front of others!

Virgo: first place in the ranking of always impassive zodiac signs

Virgo is also a zodiac sign that is truly always impassive.
After all, this is the reason why it is in the ranking of the always impassive zodiac signs !

For the Virgo , in fact, it is important to always be as impassive, cold and emotionless as possible that others can judge or make fun of!
Virgo has a high standard to which to always refer: they want to be people who can be taken as a model or who can be envied. Showing off so many feelings or weakness is not really their business! That’s why, for Virgo , being impassive is an extra: they consider it a way to always be perfect and they exploit it thoroughly!


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