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Find out if you are made for a lasting relationship. The answer comes from the stars.

When it comes to love it is really difficult to be able to say that you know each other one hundred percent. Many times we let ourselves be taken by emotions, following the impulses and completely forgetting the reason. A modus operandi that is triggered almost automatically and that can sometimes lead to losing sight of one’s own reality which, promptly, returns to reappear after some time, that is, when the period of falling in love has passed and the couple is starting to really know each other and to deal with everyday reality. Well, among the aspects that often tend to be underestimated or do not know enough is that relating to their needs in relation to the management of the relationship. If on the one hand there are ultra-romantic people who dream of nothing more than to find their soul mate, on the other there are in fact others who, while cultivating the same dream, need to understand what they really want and still others who, while loving, know well about not be made for a lasting relationship. Whatever the thought behind it, it is essential to be honest with yourself and with your partner and, given that the stars can influence a strong desire for freedom or the need to live a long-lasting love story, today after seeing how much we are reserved and what is the perfect winter afternoon for each of us, we will find out if we are made for a love story destined to last over time.

Find out if you are one of “forever” or if your nature requires you to have relationships destined to end

Aries – Forever is not for you
With the necessary exceptions which are also the surprising side of life, your way of being makes you a person unsuitable for a lasting relationship and this despite the fact that deep down you have a romantic part that has always dreamed of meeting great love. The problem is that for you a story should always live on the roller coaster of the early days, which is why when things start to stabilize, you feel boredom set in. A problem to which is added your lack of desire to relate to the problems from which you prefer to escape, thus avoiding certain pains but also precluding other things such as a story destined to last. To make things change it is therefore essential to work on yourself.

Taurus – Destined for forever
For your heart there is no doubt, when it is love it is right that it is forever. Your temperament has always led you to a destiny for two where the couple is the center of your world. With a romantic soul, a very rigid personality and a love for traditions and for the home, for you every love story should be crowned with a forever. For this reason, you tend to always engage in the relationships you undertake, giving your all in order to make them work and to resolve any possible hitch. A way of doing that does you honor and that many envy you as well as the ability to love without restraint. But remember that all of this is fine as long as love is present.

Gemini – In love with the idea of ​​infinite love
Even if it is difficult for you to admit it, inside you beats the heart of a romantic woman who has always dreamed of meeting her soul mate with whom to share every important moment of her life. This dream of yours collides with the duality that characterizes you and that leads you to get bored easily, feeling the need to often change the air and make new acquaintances. Don’t worry though, the chance to be happy with the person you love is there for you too. In fact, to succeed you only have to work on yourself and on your need to always try new things and if you really don’t succeed you can always hope to meet someone very similar to you, creating together moments of life in constant evolution and proof of boredom.

Cancer – With forever in the heart
Romance is in your DNA, which is why even forever seems written in your destiny. If on the one hand you love the mere thought of spending time with the person you love, filling them with attention and pampering, on the other you also expect the same treatment and this way of living and planning things well in advance can create basic misunderstandings that in the long run can make even the greatest of loves diminish. If you really want to make your dream come true, then you will have to work a lot on yourself, trying to smooth the edges too many and learning to live things for the day. Only in this way, in fact, will you be able to savor the emotion of a surprise or a special moment that has come by chance, managing to live the forever that you have always carried in your heart.

Leo – Hopeful in Forever
Being taken as you are by your busy life you don’t have much time to devote to the search for great love. Nevertheless, one of your dreams is to extend your success also in the sentimental field, feeling happy and satisfied even outside the workplace, perhaps with a story destined to last over time. For this to happen, however, you have to pay close attention to the person with whom to start this journey. Your leadership temperament leads you to focus all attention on yourself and this involves having to work alongside someone who can handle such a burden without experiencing it as a pain. Once this is done you will only have to dedicate yourself to love and the possibilities of making yours forever will get bigger and bigger.

Virgo – Rather fatalistic when it comes to feelings
Establishing a priori the future of a love story, in your eyes is the same as wasting time. Although in love, in fact, you never know how to put aside your innate rationality, finding yourself preferring the idea of ​​an evolving story rather than one with the future already written. That said, you are not against the idea of ​​sharing a large part of your life with one person. The thought even manages to fascinate you but it stops there and otherwise you will certainly not be the one to make a tragedy of it. In short, your approach to love is rather fatalistic.

Libra – In love with the idea of ​​forever
Love is for you an important feeling and able to move seas and mountains. For this reason you often find yourself fantasizing about it and when you do, there is no doubt that your fantasy extends into a future time in which to live for a long time with the person you love. That said, you are also practical enough to understand that dreams and reality don’t always coincide. So, even if you need to feel loved and have someone by your side, you also know how to resign yourself to the thought of not finding the right person, limiting yourself to many encounters that are destined to go wrong. Perhaps, to prevent this from happening you should just believe in it a little more and also be ready to fight to get what you want. This way the world could really start smiling at you showing you a reality very similar to your dreams.

Scorpio – Linked to the idea of ​​forever
To see you so strong and sure of yourself you would not think but despite being a perfect free soul, in your heart you have always dreamed of meeting great love. When this happens you tend to give your all, concentrating on your story and everything to try to lay the right foundation for a lasting relationship that is destined to last forever. Faithful and inclined to experience the relationship as an eternal dance between lovers, you are also inclined to consider both part of a team capable of defeating any adversity. In short, your way of living and conceiving love makes you a person particularly suited to forever.

Sagittarius – Too free spirit to bond with someone
Your need for freedom and the search for ever new stimuli lead you to see yourself better alone than in company. Of course, you too yearn for love and when you think you’ve found it you can’t help but give in to the charm of forever. This, however, ends up moving you away from your true nature which sooner or later risks coming back to put your back to the wall. In this case, only a great love shared with someone very similar to you can materialize. The alternative is that of a timed story, destined to make room for your way of being.

Capricorn – Better suited to living alone
It is not that you mind the idea of ​​love, the fact is that you are fine alone and you always know how to organize your life, to the point of not feeling the need to do it with someone at all. Your chances of having lasting love therefore depend on the person who crosses your path and who will make your heart beat faster. For example, someone who can respect your space can help you build something solid. Otherwise, however, fate sees you more inclined to cultivate friendships to carry on over the years than a single love with which to share your life.

Aquarius – The lonely soul
Let’s face it, as much as the idea of ​​a movie love tickles you, your nature makes it really difficult for this to materialize. Your need for personal spaces in which no one can enter and the silences in which you often and willingly lock yourself up make you a person to live with can be difficult. At the same time, it can be very difficult for you too to be able to bear a very close proximity to someone. Of course, in the case of great loves and particularly good compatibility, things could change but basically you are more a person suitable for living alone or with stories that are not exactly lasting than the opposite.

Pisces – Voted to forever
For you, living as a couple is something unique and for which you are willing to fight with all your strength. You have always believed in love and thanks to the empathy that distinguishes you you can also give a lot from a sentimental and emotional point of view. All this leads you to dream of a forever that you can very well realize. To do this, you just need to be yourself and give the love you have inside and that if destined for the right person will be the perfect basis on which to build a love story destined to last forever.

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