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Find out what is the secret that each zodiac sign jealously guards.

Human relations is a very delicate field, where everyone acts differently. Most of us always hope to make a good impression on others, even hiding parts of our character for fear of not being accepted. Ironically, even those who tend not to care too much about the opinion of others often end up behaving differently from what they are in private. Sometimes it can depend on a need for privacy, others on insecurity, still others on the need not to get lost in explanations. Regardless of the reasons, no one appears for what they are 100% and everyone, in one way or another, is hiding something. If it is true that this can depend for a good 80% on the past of life and on the character, also the influence that the stars have on each zodiac sign has its impact, so much so that each sign tends to have one or more usually hidden characteristics. and only shown to a few if not none at all. Today, we will discover what is the secret that, most likely, each zodiac sign tries to hide.

Discover the secret of each zodiac sign

Aries – A great need for affection
Those born under the sign of Aries tend to show themselves strong and imperturbable, so much so that they often seem cynical and with few feelings. In reality, behind their often aggressive attitude there is a great need for affection and recognition from others. Something that they struggle to communicate, pushing them to close in on themselves or to react with irony if they fear they have discovered themselves too much. A good way to help them open up? Approaching slowly, giving them the attention they need but without making them weigh it. In this way, once they have reached the right confidence, they could be able to open up, freely expressing their needs.

Taurus – An underlying insecurity Taurus
natives love to appear confident and always reactive. In fact, their need for security leads them to fear all sorts of changes, shaking them to the core when they think something is changing without their knowledge. For this reason, they tend to always organize everything and show themselves rigid with respect to possible novelties. Even surprising them can be a problem and the only way to solve things is to help them gradually fortify themselves from the inside, showing them how even the unexpected can hide something good. But be careful, because their way of being can be blunted but never completely changed. Insisting or exaggerating too much could lead to the opposite effect.

Gemini – The fear of not being considered
Gemini are difficult people and well aware of their strengths as well as defects. For this reason, aware that they are often difficult to decipher, they fear being alone or being abandoned by the people they love. Their greatest fear, however, is that of not having the right consideration. Within a group they always aim to be the center of attention and discovering that they have not hit everyone is a real blow to their self-esteem. Being close to them therefore means always having an eye for them and knowing how to make them feel important at all times.

Cancer – The Terror of Not Being Appreciated
Although they tend to be sweet and generous to everyone, the natives of Cancer hide a very strong narcissistic side. In life they need to feel constantly appreciated and admired and discovering that they are not can upset and irritate them to the point of making them sulk or push them into closed attitudes that are often difficult to understand. If you want to be their friends, then, you will have to deal with their susceptibility and with the awareness that, touchy like few others, they will weigh every moment when they do not feel important.

Leo – The need to feel protected
Yes, even those born under the sign of Leo, despite the air of a leader and the undoubted ability to cope with different situations, feel the need to be protected by someone. Although they may never admit it, not even to themselves, sometimes always having control of everything ends up being a burden. One of their greatest needs is therefore to be able to silently entrust themselves to someone, at least as smart as they are and able to never make them weigh it. The right person to support them must therefore be a sort of silent teammate but always ready to rush to their aid, without requiring any request.

Virgo – The fear of not making it
The natives of Virgo are among the most precise and organized of the zodiac and this is because, deep down, they hide a great fear of not making it. Often harsh towards others and endowed with strong criticism, they actually live by hiding their greatest fear from themselves and others. For this reason, they tend to always plan everything, avoiding changes in plans or unpleasant surprises. To be close to them you have to be very understanding and know how to live with their critical and often too negative spirit. By standing next to them in the right way, however, it is possible to contain their self-destructive nature, helping them slowly to understand that behind every obstacle there can be a simple solution.

Libra – Inner sadness
Those born under the sign of Libra live constantly trying to create positive atmospheres full of beauty around them. Critical of everything that does not conform to their taste, they hide within themselves a sort of sadness that they try in every way to keep away but that sometimes emerges with arrogance, destroying them from the inside and making things appear worse than they are. as they are not in truth. For this reason, to make them feel good, it is necessary to transmit empathy and closeness such as to make them feel confident in their affections and to push them to seek company in the darkest moments which, otherwise, risk becoming real bottomless wells, able to drag them into an infinite whirlwind of melancholy.

Scorpio – The Terror of Abandonment
Seemingly self-confident and self-reliant, natives of Scorpio are terrified of being betrayed and abandoned by the people they love. All too often this leads them to destroy possible relationships on their own or to suddenly become wary of people they fear becoming attached to. Theirs is just a form of self-protection that is not always understood by others and which therefore risks ruining social relationships, ending up convincing them more and more that they cannot trust anyone. The only way to help them is therefore to stay close to them, taking care never to lie to them and always be there in case of need.

Sagittarius – The fear of bonding
That the natives under the sign of Sagittarius are free spirits is a bit of a fact known to practically everyone. What still escapes many, however, is that their need leads them to fear lasting bonds which in their eyes are a weapon capable of suppressing all forms of freedom. In need of their own space and the awareness of being able to move as they want without having to give explanations to anyone, those born under this sign need to surround themselves with people like them free and therefore able to understand their particular needs. A different situation, in fact, would lead both parties to a forced relationship and destined to unhappiness.

Capricorn – A great anxiety towards life
Those born under the sign of Capricorn live perennially with a great anxiety that leads them to fear life in many ways. For this reason, even if they tend not to show it, they need someone who is close to them and who with strength and positivity helps them to see even the beautiful things, focusing only on the positive aspects of life. For this reason, being close to him can be quite difficult. Being sucked into their anxieties is indeed very easy unless you are quite detached and confident enough in your own means.

Aquarius – The need to isolate themselves
Introspective and reserved Aquarius natives often feel the need to be alone to get their thoughts in order. Aware of this, they tend to never get too attached to people, fearing to hurt them during their periods of isolation. To reassure them, therefore, it is necessary that to be close to them are people who are able to bear this way of being because it is an aspect that cannot be changed. Once understood and accepted, however, it can be limited to specific moments of the day that will know how to be enough, managing to find the right balance.

Pisces – Too much empathy
They often try not to show it but the biggest secret of Pisces is to have a strong empathy that makes them able to feel and sometimes to suffer for the emotions of others. Living among others, therefore, is much more difficult for them than you think, so much so that it pushes them to isolate themselves or surround themselves only with people who are able to understand or who know how to notice some of their oddities without asking too many questions. Being close to him, therefore, also means accepting sudden mood swings or extreme anxiety or sadness attacks, destined to fade as they arrived.

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