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A Tarot Reader Predicts What Each Zodiac Can Expect During 2024’s Taurus Season


Your Card: Nine of Swords, reversed

Rest easy, Aries, this Taurus season is going to see some of your worries alleviated, or at the very least you’ll finally be learning how to cope with whatever affliction you’ve been dealing with. If you’re still struggling with mental anguish, then this card shows up as a reminder to try to find healthy ways to manage and move forward. It’s up to you to find solutions and it’s also up to you to find hope. You have to believe it won’t always be this bad and you need to be willing to put in the effort to see your way through. Don’t let the past or your emotional wounds hinder your spiritual growth.


Your Card: Knight of Pentacles, reversed

You’re going to be tempted to be a little lazy and lax during this season, but don’t indulge too much in that temptation. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial that you’re willing to put the work in to achieve your desires. Finish what you started, Taurus. Stagnancy may have you feeling uninspired and unmotivated, but don’t let it discourage you from your aspirations. Take this lull as a sign to start taking different approaches and to let go of stubborn, old ways that may be hindering your progress. Make a serious attempt at taking more risks and going about accomplishing your goals in more unconventional ways.


Your Card: Seven of Swords

Gemini, tread lightly during Taurus season. The Seven of Swords warns of deception, manipulation, and dishonesty. It could be that somebody in your life might be lying to you or scheming for their beneficial gain, so if your gut is telling you that someone isn’t who they appear to be, listen to it. This card can also serve as a warning for you to maintain integrity in your actions. Be careful not to break the trust of those around you and give them the same respect you expect in return. Think about how your behavior may affect your relationships before misleading anyone in your life.


Your Card: Two of Wands, reversed

The Two of Wands is beckoning you to set up your long-term goals and figure out the steps you need to take to accomplish them. You can start small by identifying your aspirations and what it is that drives you. What’s important to you? What inspires your passion? Is it what you’re doing now, or something else? Your options may feel restricted right now and you may be disappointed in your progress, but things will start looking up once you get rid of your doubts and indecisiveness. All you need to do is take action.


Your Card: Ten of Pentacles, reversed

The reversal of the Ten of Pentacles indicates mismanagement of finances and resources. It might be hard to do, especially during the glorious season of spring when you’re feeling yourself, but you’re going to have to watch your spending to avoid any kind of financial instability down the line. Pulling this card can also indicate a shake-up in your relationship, so pay attention to the signs and practice openness and honesty with your significant other. Is it just a rough patch that you’ve hit with your partner, or is the relationship no longer fulfilling you?


Your Card: Three of Swords

Be gentle with yourself during Taurus season, and make sure that you’re practicing self-care consistently. You’re going to need to prioritize your mental and emotional well-being. The Three of Swords warns of loss, heartbreak, and sadness. Something may happen that’s going to deeply hurt you, or you may just be going through a rough period in which you can’t help but shake the blues. Don’t let yourself dwell on it too much. Do things that are going to bring you peace and joy. Remember that your pain isn’t going to last forever, and try to reach out for the comfort of loved ones when you need it.


Your Card: Queen of Wands, reversed

Don’t give into unkind thoughts you may be having about yourself this Taurus season. You might be feeling very unlike yourself, harboring feelings of insecurity and self-doubt. Be gentle with yourself and try to find your inner voice again—the one that knows your true potential. Try to do things to connect with yourself again. Partake in practices that bring you feelings of self-empowerment. It’s not often that you struggle with self-confidence, so while it may feel overwhelming, it’s not anything you can’t see your way out of. Trust that you will get through the obstacles you’re facing now and step back into your true power.


Your Card: Queen of Swords

Something is nagging at you, Scorpio, and you know that it’s time to discern the truth from illusion. You need to cut through the BS that’s stalling your progress. You’re going to have to set emotion aside and use your good judgment. Are you and your significant other coming from a place of openness and honesty with each other? Does your relationship allow for independence and self-sufficiency? Do you have a financial plan in place? How’s it going sticking with your budget? Are you happy with the way you’re proceeding in your career? You need to move through the uncertainty and pinpoint where in your life you’re having trouble maintaining personal autonomy.


Your Card: Eight of Wands, reversed

Taurus season is going to have you feeling like something just isn’t right. You might not be able to immediately identify it, so it’s going to be important for you to slow down and figure out why the pieces aren’t coming together. Things may not be moving forward as you expect now, but introspection will help you reevaluate your desires and plans. The reversal of the Eight of Wands is telling you to relax and trust the process. You’ll get to where you want to be with more ease after reconsidering your approach but remember to have some patience on your journey. Practice mindfulness in the meantime, maybe through journaling or meditation, and do things that you enjoy.


Your Card: Five of Wands

Buckle up this Taurus season, you might be experiencing conflict or feeling on edge. It’s nothing that you can’t handle, Cap. Be sure that you stay mindful about how you communicate with and respond to others. Practice grace and patience and be willing to hear others out in the same way you’d like to be heard. You will probably feel tempted to be defensive, but it’s important to think before using your words, or you might aggravate the problem. Don’t allow the competition you might feel at work (or elsewhere) to make you degrade yourself to feelings of envy or greed. Reframe feeling competitive as a way to challenge and improve yourself.


Your Card: The Moon

Taurus season is going to bring about the resurfacing of some deep-rooted fears and anxieties. There are things you’ve been repressing and hiding from yourself that you haven’t properly processed. You must let go of the control you’ve held over these inner disturbances and confront them. There’s no room for growth when we can’t face our shadows and liberate ourselves from the negative energies that torment us, like emotional wounds and traumas. Practice introspection to identify the subconscious blocks that may be causing you stagnation and self-deception. Once you determine what in your inner realm needs attention and healing, you’ll be back to feeling stable.


Your Card: King of Swords

You’re going to find yourself lost in overthinking this Taurus season. If you’re not careful, you’re going to spiral out of control with all the fake scenarios your imagination is running rampant with. Stop! Take your emotions out of it and maintain rational thinking. Use your logic and look at the facts. If you want clarity, then stop making assumptions and ask for it. It might feel intimidating to be direct, but you’ll be so grateful for the relief that comes after. Don’t torture yourself and approach who you need to with candidness.

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