A Long-Distance Relationship Is The Ultimate Test Of Love

Long-distance relationships are hard work and that’s nothing new. But they are also the best way to see if you and your partner are meant to be together.

A long-distance relationship tests your love in ways you couldn’t even imagine. It’s the most difficult test you will ever take and if you pass it you will know that you found the one.

Yes, you are prepared for a long-distance relationship to be difficult but you have no idea what it’s really like. You really can’t know how difficult it can be until you experience it in your own skin.

A long-distance relationship gives you a series of midterm tests that you have to pass with flying colors to have a true evaluation of your love

Test of patience

You think that person you are with is worth the wait. So you are prepared to face whatever comes your way and wait for as long as it takes.

But when you find yourself in that situation you realize time is something abstract and that one day feels like a week, a week like a month and a month like a year.

And even though you didn’t spend every waking hour together when you shared the same location, the feeling is simply not the same.

It basically feels like it’s been forever since you were close to them and it can physically hurt how much you miss them

Test of trust, respect, and loyalty

You are prepared for your relationship to be based on a series of long Facetime talks or any other type of online communication.

They make things easier when you can’t see one another in person and want to talk about this and that.

But they make it harder because you are listening to their voice and seeing their face but you are unable to hug them or to kiss them. You miss their presence.

Not to mention the physical part of a relationship. The long period of abstinence sure makes it feel like you are celibate.

It’s extremely difficult but when you are waiting for the right person, infidelity doesn’t even cross your mind. You want them and only them. Cheating is totally unacceptable.

Test of love

If you pass the first two tests you will have no problem with the last one, which is a combination of things to show if your relationship has been strong enough to survive, to pass every obstacle it encounters on the road.

If you don’t make it and your relationship falls apart, you will at least know where you stand. It happens sometimes that you fail.

Distance shows you things you didn’t see when you were too close. Maybe you realized it was wrong from the start. At least you tried.

So what if it didn’t work, it enabled you to see what you and the other person were made of. It tested your patience, your mutual trust and the limits of your love.

If your love reached the limit, it was never meant to be. Be proud of yourself for trying and giving it a chance. Be grateful for distance because it allowed it to end.

However, if love is true, there will be no limits and distance can’t do any harm. ‘Distance is just a test to see how far true love can travel’.

If your relationship survived distance, it will make you even closer when you are finally back together.

It will be the most amazing feeling you have ever felt. The blessing of hugging your entire world after so much time apart is something priceless.

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