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Find out which diet snack is best for you based on your zodiac sign.

The arrival of spring inevitably led to the first diets, especially after the end of the Easter holidays. However, this sudden deprivation of sweets and satisfying foods always risks making you a little nervous and making you feel the desire to eat something good too often. Given that to lose weight it is not necessary to go hungry and that the advice is always to contact a good nutritionist, to obtain a food plan that adapts to personal needs, today after having seen which is the most suitable spring hairstyle for each sign and what is the most suitable pastime for this season, we will try to figure out what a diet snack could be able to cheer up every zodiac sign.

Horoscope: discover the most suitable snack for each zodiac sign

Aries – The baked potato chips
One of the things you miss the most when on a diet is probably the option of a savory snack to eat with friends or simply enjoy in front of the TV. Something like fries in bags and foods that are prohibited in certain situations. Fortunately, there are dietary solutions that, while not completely replacing the taste of their original versions, allow you to enjoy a snack that is different from the usual and still good. An example? The baked potato chips. Just take a potato and cut it into thin slices to be placed on the pan. At this point, you can sprinkle the slices with a spice such as a turmeric or paprika (better to avoid salt or put only a pinch) and cook them until they appear golden. Turn them over and do the same. You will have a good snack in a healthy version.

Taurus – Diet chocolate
pudding Is chocolate pudding what you miss most? A good alternative is a light version to be prepared with egg whites, unsweetened cocoa powder, and vanillin. Put everything in a saucepan, add some skimmed milk, and stir until it thickens. The flavor of the egg whites will be covered by cocoa and vanillin and you will have the consistency of a protein pudding, free from fat and with very few calories. This way the greedy afternoons will be safe and all without jeopardizing your diet.

Gemelli – The fake tiramisu
If you want to eat something good, you can have light biscuits, Greek yogurt, coffee, and unsweetened cocoa powder. At this point, put in a cup a layer of yogurt (sweetened with honey or sweetener), one of the biscuits soaked in coffee, and then again yogurt and coffee. In the end, sprinkle everything with bitter cocoa and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours. The result will be a sweet and satisfying snack but certainly dietary and able to help the diet. Also, for you who love to change, the option is to try different textures by varying the type of cookies or replacing them with rusks.

Cancer – Cocoa
Milk Latte and Nesquick were your favorite break as a child and now that you are on a diet do you regret them like never before? Don’t worry, just take some skim milk, add some unsweetened cocoa powder and add a pinch of honey or vanillin (alternatively you can also add some sweetener). This way you will have a diet version of your favorite drink and you can go back to being a child as often as you want, savoring that pinch of sweetness you always need and that will certainly make your breaks more enjoyable.

Leo – The fake banana ice cream
Is the craving for sweets always lurking? A nice light ice cream that is good to eat is the one obtained with a previously frozen banana. In practice, a ripe banana is cut into slices and frozen. When the craving for ice cream goes wild, you take it out of the freezer to blend it with two tablespoons of semi-skimmed milk. The consistency will be that of ice cream but with a simple fruit snack. The sweet tooth can sweeten the nana ice cream (this is the name by which it is known on the web) with a pinch of honey. Anyone who wants can add cocoa powder to create a sort of totally light chocolate ice cream.

Virgo – Rice crackers with avocado
A healthy and delicious snack that can satisfy you is one based on crackers to be served with soft avocado cream. Crackers can be made at home with simple rice flour and water. Alternatively, you can buy them in shops that are organic and alternative products. For the avocado cream, on the other hand, just mash a ripe avocado with a fork and add oil, ginger, and lemon. You will have a soft and tasty cream in which to dip the crackers, for a tasty and healthy snack. Ideal for passing off the craving for normally more harmful foods with an alternative that can satisfy the palate and mind.

Libra – Greek yogurt with honey and nuts
A healthy and at the same time delicious snack is the one based on Greek yogurt to which you can add a teaspoon of honey and a handful of nuts. It is a balanced snack that includes both carbohydrates and lean proteins and fats. A way to recharge your batteries without sacrificing taste, while removing the need for dessert. If you want you can also add apple or banana into pieces. Another version is that of Greek yogurt with cocoa powder, honey, and pistachios.

Scorpio – A piece of dark chocolate
The perfect snack for you? Good dark chocolate, organic ones, and with a quantity of chocolate that is at least 75%. Eating it will make you feel like new without harming any diet. It is now known that dark chocolate is a real superfood rich in polyphenols and beneficial properties that are good for the body. Why not indulge in some, then? It will be the perfect source for a full of both physical and mental energy and will remove the need for sweet foods making you feel super satisfied.

Sagittarius – A slice of bread with organic hazelnut cream
If the desire to eat something good does not leave you, a slice of wholemeal bread with organic hazelnut cream will be a real panacea for the spirit. Organic creams based on hazelnuts, or peanut paste (which is different from common peanut butter as it is based on healthy ingredients and without added fats) if consumed in small doses can be an excellent snack, able to satisfy the palate and satiate in a few bites. In this way, staying on a diet will certainly be less heavy and certainly easier.

Capricorn – Amaranth Popcorn
If the thing you miss most is the snack to eat while watching your favorite show, now you can try amaranth popcorn. Just buy some amaranth grains and cook them in a pressure cooker just like you do with corn ones. The aesthetic result will be different because the amaranth popcorns are much smaller. The taste, however, is great and makes this snack a valid alternative to be consumed as often as you want.

Aquarius – The protein bar
If you love to combine business with pleasure, the protein bar is definitely for you. In addition to being a healthy snack (if you choose the right ones or, even better, you choose to prepare them at home), protein bars can give a sense of fulfillment and all thanks to the presence of cocoa, dried fruit, or berries which in addition to being good are also healthy. To prepare them at home, just combine puffed rice with honey, dried fruit, and protein powder or egg whites. There are several recipes on the web that allow you to prepare them according to your tastes and individual needs.

Pisces – Dried fruit
For you who love simple things and at the same time can give you a sense of satiety and satisfaction, dried fruit is the ideal snack. A handful of walnuts or pistachios is the perfect way to quench both the sense of hunger and the need to eat something different. Alone or in addition to yogurt they are a cure-all that can be good for the body and mind. The role they play on mood should not be underestimated and that makes them, in fact, perfect for those who are following a diet and tend to feel a little down for the lack of sugars.

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