If you are one of the zodiac signs always embarrassed you will surely hate being in this ranking … right under everyone’s eyes!

Hey, don’t blame us.
Stars and planets have told us which are the five zodiac signs that most of all are always blushing and in trouble and we felt obliged to share today’s ranking with you. Think about it: if your friends find your mark on the leaderboard, finally, they’ll stop embarrassing you all the time! Or maybe not?

The zodiac signs always embarrassed: find out if you are in today’s horoscope ranking

Hot cheeks , inability to utter even a single word , sudden dizziness, increased sweating . No, we are not talking about a heart attack but simply about you as soon as you feel embarrassed and that is… almost always!

Today, in fact, the horoscope ranking deals with all the zodiac signs always embarrassed . Hey, we know you will feel “caught in the middle” even more but we certainly can’t pretend you don’t exist! If you too have wallpapered at parties in an attempt to avoid talking to someone, or blushed in front of a charming stranger who bumped into you on the subway, then in all likelihood we will find you in today’s ranking.

If you want, you can deprive yourself of asking for help from the most casual zodiac signs of all or even those who could even talk to a wall: they will probably know how to give you a hand!

Capricorn: fifth place

Dear Capricorn , it doesn’t happen every day to find yourself in a horoscope ranking that can be ” negative “, isn’t it? You always think that you are the smartest and most intelligent and that no one notices the fact… that you are really and almost always embarrassed!

Used to being seen as silent and taciturn, Capricorns just don’t believe that others consider them shy.
Too bad, however, that this is the case: not only do others think that you are shy, dear Capricorn , but you are also really shy!

Taurus: fourth place

Are you always embarrassed because you are afraid that someone (anyone) may think badly of you? When you get on the subway car do you feel all eyes are on you and are you constantly thinking and rethinking about how to sit down without making a ” bad impression “?
Well (or rather, badly for you!) In all likelihood you are a Taurus !

Taurus are people who really get embarrassed very easily and in any situation. They cannot help but consider themselves always at the center of attention but not in a positive way: they are very afraid of the judgment of others and this makes the Taurus victims of an almost sacred embarrassment!
Could it be because Taurus are people who always tend to judge everyone else, even very poisonously?

Pisces: third place

Dear Pisces , you knew that you would not have escaped the ranking of zodiac signs always embarrassed throughout the horoscope , did you?
After all, you are always embarrassed, even if you never show it… or so you think!

Pisces are people used to emanating an aura of grace and elegance … which can often break, especially considering how many “embarrassing” situations can arise every day!
For Pisces , therefore, it is very important to avoid doing something ” unpleasant ” or ” funny “: their reputation would be affected!
Here, then, that Pisces get embarrassed by the slightest kind of “unscheduled” and hardly find a solution that is not that of total silence!

Aquarius: second place

Dear Aquarius , we really have to tell you: sometimes your embarrassment creates really unpleasant situations !
Even if you are spontaneous , cheerful and kind people , always ready to get busy for others, when you find yourself embarrassed everything changes!

Especially in the beginning, when you don’t know someone well, you Aquarians can really create scary situations!
Your embarrassment , when it takes you, is able to make you speak in a much higher tone of voice than normal and, in the meantime, also to make you say things that are neither in heaven nor on earth!

In short, dear Aquarius , it is time for you to deal with your embarrassment. It certainly can’t get the better of you!

Leo: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs always embarrassed

That Leos are at the top of today’s ranking is almost a given.
Dear Leo , do you really want to tell us that you didn’t know you were the most embarrassed zodiac signs in the whole horoscope?

Although they can be in a bit aggressive and also very arrogant, those born under the sign of Leo owe everything, in reality, to their embarrassment.
Indeed, this embarrassment spurs Leos to always behave as if they were… well, the kings of the jungle !

Leos , especially when they put themselves at the center of attention, raise their voices and praise each other and squirt in the center of the ” square “, are actually trying to disguise the fact that they are always, perpetually, embarrassed!

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