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A Detailed Explanation For How The April 8th Solar Eclipse Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

Monday, April 8 will mark a huge event for astrology junkies—it’s the year’s first solar eclipse! It’ll also be the year’s only total solar eclipse, which makes the event more astrologically important. It’ll be the first time that a total solar eclipse has happened over the continental US since the summer of 2017. The eclipse’s path will start in Mexico, enter the US through Texas, and trace an arc up to Maine and then into Canada. For those who are in the eclipse’s direct path this year, it probably won’t last much more than four minutes.

A solar eclipse occurs during a New Moon when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are perfectly aligned in that order—with the moon temporarily blocking sunlight from reaching Earth in the middle of the day. It is one of nature’s most awe-inspiring experiences. You’ll see the sun’s bright corona rimming the moon, stars twinkling in the dark daytime sky, the temperature will suddenly drop, and if there’s any wildlife in the vicinity, they’ll start raising a ruckus.

Because astrology is based on the movement of the celestial orbs, a solar eclipse can spur monumental events in your life. It is typically a harbinger of a disruption, a tremendous change of path. Whether you’re ready for it or not, eclipses have a way of shoving you in a new direction.

Eclipses that occur in the same element as your sign generally point to a positive outcome. Since this eclipse will occur in Aries (a fire sign), that sign as well as the other two—Leo and Sagittarius—can expect good news. Your horoscope will also hinge on how close the eclipse is to your natal chart. This time around, Aries will be most affected, especially those born on April 8 or five days on either side of it.

Here’s how the upcoming solar eclipse will affect your zodiac sign. Let this serve as your formal notification. There’s still some time to prepare.


This will be an Aries solar eclipse, where the Sun and Moon barge into your house and occupy it whether or not you even invited them, so it’s time to harness the energy of these giant space balls and chase your goals. The most immediate and obvious effect of this extra-special eclipse will be a sudden and dramatic improvement in your confidence and overall mood. There will be a spring in your step, a twinkle in your eyes, a smile on your face, and a song in your heart—your life will suddenly transform into some corny musical from the 1950s where everything’s coming up roses. Just don’t get so lost in all the giddiness that you accidentally get pricked by the thorns. The thorns are never far away from the flowers.


I’m not seeing a completely antiseptic, safe, and encouraging solar eclipse for you this time around. This solar eclipse, don’t try to gore any matadors. For your safety and peace of mind, stay in your bullpen and lay low on April 8. You should be OK if you don’t make any rash decisions. In one way or another, you will receive a tidbit…a morsel…a nugget of bad news on that day. But you will receive clarity about something that’s been bothering you, so take the bad with the good. Stay out of the eclipse’s direct path and, to the best of your ability, try not to even think about the eclipse. I know it’ll be hard. Especially if I keep mentioning the eclipse. OK, I’ll stop now.


There’s been a giant dark void in your life as big as the Moon blocking the midday Sun. Time to fill it. Do whatever is necessary. Get in shape. Fix your finances. Cut the toxic people from your life like the tumors they are. Apologize to someone you hurt. Thank someone who helped you. Be nice to someone who looks like they need it. Treat your problems like the unwanted intruders they are and evict them one by one. Tell the Bad Twin to hush their mouth, and let the Good Twin do the driving this year. You won’t regret it.


I’m well aware that you’re more emotional than all of the other signs put together. I wouldn’t ever want to say something that might trigger or worry you, so I’ll just say that the solar eclipse on April 8 will either have a minimal effect on you, or maybe even no effect on all! If you get sad, the blues you feel will be no darker than those of a robin’s egg. If a sudden feeling of happiness comes over you, it won’t be so extreme that innocent passersby will think you just won the lottery. Overall, this solar eclipse will be just like any other day. Nothing to be concerned about. I swear.


Since you are ruled by the Sun, it upsets your equilibrium to see it blotted out from the sky during a solar eclipse. How dare that weepy Moon get in between you and your ruler? You feel enraged but also exhilarated. You’re a little annoyed, but you’re also oddly energized. This eclipse will bring some great news for the Mighty Lion of a new opportunity—it’ll either be financial or romantic—that may require some much-needed travel and a change of scenery. You’ve grown tired of looking at the same four walls, the same supermarket, and the same dull landscape. This eclipse will give you a hard push somewhere else; and for at least a little while, you’ll love the new place.


Take care of interpersonal problems before they get worse. You know exactly what “problems” I’m talking about—there’s still time to save your relationship with that person, but first, you have to decide whether it’s worth saving. This solar eclipse will serve to push that tangled attachment to the breaking point. They’ll either do something or fail to do something, that will tell you whether they can be redeemed or are a hopeless cause. At some point on April 8, a light will switch on inside your head. It’ll be either a red light or a green light. Obey that traffic light, or risk a very bad accident.


This solar eclipse will place the Sun and Moon in your seventh house of relationships, which means it’s time to take things very easy: Stay calm and don’t mess anything up. If your troubled relationship is meant to last, something will happen on April 8 that gives you faith in its future. Maybe they’ll rise to the occasion and do something that reminds you why you liked them in the first place. If it’s doomed to fail, the same applies—a significant event will happen that very clearly tells you to run from it as fast as you can. It could be a tone in their voice, a dismissive comment, or worst of all, a thoughtless and careless act of passive neglect. If you truly care about someone, it hurts less when they insult you than when they aren’t even thinking about you.


Though you tend to lurk in the darkness and the shadows and cloak yourself in an air of “mystery” that if you were honest would admit is only because you’re really shy, the Sun and Moon will meet for brunch in your sixth house on April 8, and this eclipse will be a portent of brighter days ahead. The spiders, snakes, bats, and black-velvet druid costumes are fine and all, but this spring and summer it’s time for you to branch out and mix up your style. Hug a rabbit. Adopt a hamster. Wear matching shorts and a top and go roller-skating. Sit on the beach at sunset. Realize that the reason we have day and night, Sun and Moon, is so we can enjoy both.


When the giant ball of fire known as the Sun crosses paths with the Moon on April 8, it’ll be like lighting the flame at the opening ceremony for the Olympics—let’s GOOOO, fire signs! This eclipse will bring light rather than darkness into your life. The changes may not be drastic, but they will be positive. People you thought were indifferent will make you feel appreciated. City workers will finally fix that gaping pothole on your street. It may be something so simple as eating a perfect donut—the size, shape, texture, and especially the way that multicolored explosion of gooey carbs hits your tongue. Don’t laugh—most people spend an entire lifetime and never get to taste the Perfect Donut.


The Sun and Moon are in your fourth house this eclipse, providing you with the rare, once-in-a-generation opportunity to heal past wounds and start looking at what lies ahead of you instead of what will forever linger behind you. Depending on the severity of the wound and the emotional metabolism of the wounded, some people get past traumas far more quickly and completely than others. We’re all built differently for these sorts of things. But this April 8, right as the Moon blocks out the Sun, think of how you have the inner strength to slowly nurse your painful wounds to where they become extra-tough scar tissue.


Once the Moon is done passing over the Sun, temporarily dominating and humiliating our solar system’s central fixture in the middle of the day when it’s their time to shine, a cloud of confusion will lift regarding an important life decision you’ve been postponing. You’d weighed all the options and hesitated for so long because you hadn’t been sure before. But now you’ll be sure. The answer will be as bright as the daylight that comes beaming back once the Moon has vamoosed and the Sun reigns supreme in the sky again. The only question: Now that you know what the right thing to do is, are you gonna do it?


This magnificent celestial realignment, where day suddenly becomes night for the mere twinkling of an eye, will give you a chance to reassess your emotions and get a firm grip on them. Which ones are wasted? Which ones are valuable? Which ones do you feel too much? Which ones are not enough? Are you too optimistic? Pessimistic? Do you reveal too much of yourself when you first meet someone? Not enough? Is it ever worth obsessing over old heartaches, or is it a healthy way of processing trauma? If you know what’s wrong with you, why are you so lazy about fixing it? Finally, for the sake of your sanity, do you think maybe you should stop asking yourself so many questions?

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